Major franchises are now the norm in the movie world, and have led to many great series. Some of these strings use the ternary format. While some movies may not need a full trilogy, there are others that use the format beautifully and cohesively. Trilogies are a great way to develop a story across three films, or to connect three films that are thematically and conceptually similar. While there are many well-known trios such as Lord of the ringsThere are also lesser-known devices that are worth a look. Here are some great trios that deserve more recognition.

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10 The Red Curtain Trilogy (1992-2001)

Twentieth Century Fox

Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy is a conceptual trilogy of films that share similar themes. include movies Strictly dance floor in 1992, Romeo + Juliet In 1996, and Moulin Rouge! in 2001. Luhrmann said that each one follows a specific style and contains a theatrical idea. Strictly dance floorabout two dancers who compete in a competition, features dance as its element. Romeo + Juliet Poetry is characterized by its adaptation of the classic play. Moulin Rouge!It is a jukebox about two lovers in a cabaret, and it contains music. They all center around love and its various forms, with great music, costumes, and visuals.

9 Irish Folklore Trilogy (2009-2020)

A scene from The Secret of Kells
Buena Vista International

Like the Red Curtain trilogy, the Irish Folklore Trilogy contains films connected to similar location, themes, and animation. Consists of the year 2009 Secret of Kells2014 Anthemand 2020 wolfwalkers. Secret of Kells Featuring Brendan, a young boy searching for the magical Book of Kells. sea ​​song It tells the story of Ben, who resents his younger sister because he blames her for their mother’s death. finally, wolfwalkers It explores the friendship between a human girl and a werewolf girl. Each film adapts elements of Irish history and folklore, showing their significance. It breathes new life into history, paired with beautiful hand-drawn animation that feels like original art.

8 The Mexico / Mariachi Trilogy (1992-2003)

A scene from the movie El Mariachi
Columbia Pictures

This trilogy begins in 1992 mariachi, about a traveling musician who is mistaken for a killer on the run, and endangers his… Made on a low budget of $7,000, it was so well received that an American studio picked it up for distribution. Mariachi’s tale of revenge continues after the loss of his loved ones Desperado In 1995 and Once upon a time in Mexico In 2003. The main character was first played by Carlos Gallardo, but this changed to Antonio Banderas in the last two films. Each movie features great performances that bring the characters to life, with excitement and spirit that evoke classic Western characters.

7 The Mighty Ducks Trilogy (1990-1996)

A scene from the movie The Mighty Ducks
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Mighty ducks It centers around Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), a lawyer who gets caught drunk driving and must coach a youth hockey team as a community service. The team is underfunded and always ends last in the league, but with Bombay’s help, the team comes close and succeeds. The second movie D2: Mighty Ducks, sees the team participate in the Junior Goodwill Games, a tournament featuring teams from around the world. And conclude with D3: Mighty Ducks, where players deal with the challenges of joining a middle school hockey team. Considered one of the best kids’ sports movies by Collider, it’s sure to keep you satisfied.

6 Three Cornetto Triple Flavors (2004-2013)

A scene from the movie Shaun of the Dead
Rogue Pictures

Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy features three comedies led by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. 2004 Shaun the dead He sees the two take on a zombie infestation. 2007 hot fluff It features them as police officers investigating tough murders. Finally, 2013 the end of the world It centers around a pub crawl that is derailed by an alien invasion. Movies make great use of running jokes and reiterating themes. A plus is the chemistry and friendship between Pegg and Frost that’s carried through each film, along with the unforgettable supporting characters.

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5 The Three Colors trilogy (1993-1994)

A scene from Three Colors Blue
mk2 spread

The Tricolor Trilogy is a series of French and Polish films, each one centered around a color and a word from the French motto: liberty, equality and fraternity. 1993 blue Juliette Binoche stars as Julie, who struggles after losing her family. 1994 white It tells of Carol, a divorced man heading down a dark path. 1994 red Covers a supermodel who faces several mishaps until she survives a boat crash. The other survivors of the crash are Julie and Carol. Their stories intersect at times throughout the trilogy, showing how close their lives have been throughout.

4 The Jersey Trilogy (1994-1997)

A scene from Clerks
Miramax Movies

Kevin Smith’s Jersey Trilogy is the debut of beloved characters Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). Since 1994 clerks – which Den of Geek movie does Smith consider the best? – We watch the pair hang out outside the Quick Stop, getting sucked into trouble. 1995 Mallrats happen the day before clerks, and sees the two spending their day at a mall, trying to destroy the stage of a friend’s game show. Finally, in 1997, Chasing Amy It brings a little depth to their story; The two become popular comic book characters, and Silent Bob explores his past relationships. The characters would continue to appear in Smith’s films, but this is the original trilogy, and captures the humor and irreverence of the time.

3 The Millennium Trilogy (2009)

A scene from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Nordisk Film

Based on the book trilogy, the Millennium Trilogy begins with The girl with the dragon tattoo. It stars Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander, a hacker who teams up with journalist Mikael Blomqvist (Michael Nyqvist), who is investigating an unsolved murder. The second movie The girl who played with fire, continues the duo’s story when Lisbeth is falsely accused of murder, and Blomkvist tries to help her. And conclude with The Girl Who Kicked Hornets’ NestAs Lisbeth goes to trial against her murderer father. Each one is gritty and intricate, creating an exciting mystery brought to life by the excellent lead duo.

2 Night at the Museum trilogy (2006-2014)

A scene from the movie Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Twentieth Century Fox

This trilogy begins in 2006 Night at the Museum, which stars Ben Stiller as Larry, who becomes the nighttime security guard at the History Museum. During the service, all of the museum’s exhibits come to life, and chaos ensues until he gains control and earns their trust. The second movie Smithsonian BattleHowever, he takes Larry and the exhibits to the Smithsonian, where they run into more trouble. finally, The secret of the tomb He sees the collection in London, hoping to protect the tablet that brings the exhibits to life. The trilogy features an interesting history and humor, and has several notable performances, including Theodore Roosevelt’s Robin Williams.

1 How to Train Your Dragon trilogy (2010-2019)

A scene from How to Train Your Dragon 2
Twentieth Century Fox

How to train your dragon It tells the story of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), a Viking at odds in his village with fierce dragon-slaying warriors. This concern grows when he befriends a dragon, which he is supposed to kill. Although their friendship brings risks, it still went strong in 2014 How to train your dragon 2, where Hiccup takes the Dragon Hunter. 2019’s hidden world He takes both of them on a journey to find a secret world of dragons. Each one pops with colorful animation, great characters distinguishing between them, as Hiccup grows and matures. It’s a fun trilogy and it’s also a great human story.


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