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Dark Star Pictures has released the official trailer for the supernatural horror movie sasquatch spirit summoning. The film, out on Digital and DVD in August, imagines what might happen if a pair moved to a remote area inhabited by a cult with a leader who claims to have a telepathic connection with Bigfoot himself. The scary thing is that he might be right. See what we mean by watching the new trailer below.

John Garcia and Zack Carter wrote the screenplay for the film spirit summoningDirected by Garcia. Crystal Miley Valdes and Ernesto Reyes (American Gods) Lead the acting team. The film is produced by DarkStar boss Michael Rebesch, Joe Gatko, and Lacey Todd. It was produced by Carla Berkowitz (Critical Thinking), six-time Tony Award winner Jim Kerstead, three-time Emmy Award nominee William Fernandez, and Michael Rubin.

The official line of the spirit summoning As follows:

SUMMONING THE SPIRIT follows Carla (Valdes) and Dean (Reyes) as they decide to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, and buy a home in the remote jungle. They have big plans for their new quiet life, only to find something far more sinister. The pair soon realize they are on cult land, and the leader claims a telepathic connection with a mythical, flesh-eating beast deep in the forest surrounding them. Carla and Dean are forced to uncover the terrifying truth of a cult prophecy.

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Encounter the sasquatch cult’s soul summoning

The film premiered to positive reviews at the Miami Film Festival, and was described by Reel Reviews as a film that “has fun at its best and is full of paranoia”. spirit summoning It has also garnered some high praise from Blair Witch project Producer Greg Hill.

STS is a great addition to the Bigfoot horror subgenre,” Hill says of the movie. The film turns tradition on its head with a fresh take on sasquatch while still offering fun and scares.”

Dark Star’s Michael Rebesch also talked about how excited he was for the movie when it was first announced last year. At the time, the film was being offered in the American Film Market by Silk Road Entertainment when it was acquired by Dark Star Pictures. It had a plot which made the studio very intrigued.

“It’s such a pleasure to be working again with John Garcia on his foray into the film business, after reading the script we knew this was a project we could really get on board with,” Ribisch told THR. This is more than your typical creature feature – it explores the depths of the human psyche, the thirst for power and the desire for control… all along with some amazing practical effects and creature audiences won’t soon forget. “

You can check spirit summoning When the sasquatch horror movie was released on Digital and DVD on August 8, 2023, courtesy of Dark Star Pictures.


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