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Marvel fans have been waiting a long time Secret invasion Coming to the MCU, but now that the series is here, it’s landed with a barely audible boom instead of a huge fanfare welcome. Viewing figures for the first episode were released last week by Samba TV And the arrival of Nick Fury’s new main show has shown to be the second-lowest-rated premiere of any MCU TV series.

And according to the numbers, Secret invasion It landed with 994K US households tuned in to see how the Skrull invasion of the MCU begins, just above the 775K tuned in to Vision Ms. Marvel It made its MCU debut. While this is still significantly higher than many regular offerings, compared to Loki 2.5 million, Moon Knight And The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1.8 million and WandaVision’s 1.6 million, this is another blow to the Marvel machine given the poor performance of films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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In fact, when it comes to Marvel’s live-action shows, he’s even come under fire Strong woman Attracting 50% more viewers when it debuted, making it Secret invasion The numbers are more than a head-scratcher for Marvel Studios and Disney. The only other series that has appeared around a level Secret invasion The animation was what if…? The series that attracted 1 million.

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Secret Invasion isn’t your typical MCU show

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While there are certainly elements of the action-based MCU that everyone knows and loves Secret invasion, the series takes the opportunity to try something new. Having already tried a few other things, this time around the MCU takes a shot at espionage and Shadowplays.

Some people were certainly happy to see this kind of story coming to the MCU, though it does come with the need for patience that some critics and viewers just don’t have when it comes to a TV show. Secret Invasion is off to a slow start As he builds his introduction, he breaks down some details about Nick Fury’s time out of the spotlight and begins to reveal the story he’s getting ready to tell over the remaining episodes.

This is another thing to note when dealing with the MCU TV shows. Many of them, like any TV show, can be seen as a very long movie. Essentially this means that the opening episodes will usually be a bit slower, with subsequent episodes then picking up the pace. This is likely to be the case with Secret invasionThis may also be one of the reasons why a good number of people weren’t quick to jump on board with the series right away.

Early Disney+ shows like WandaVision And Loki He took advantage of coming on the heels Avengers: Endgame And Spider-Man: Far From Home, which left everyone on such a high that whatever Marvel followed was going to be a hit, even if it was something awful. Now, fans aren’t quite as excited to binge on the shows as soon as they air, preferring to wait and watch them later. A good indication of how true this is will come later this year when Echo became the first MCU series to drop all episodes at once In November.


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