the insidious The franchise returns to its roots with the return of the original cast and a direct sequel to the Lambert family story: Insidious: The Red Door. Directed by one of the masters of contemporary horror, James Wan, the first two insidious The films were an instant hit, revolving around the Lampert family’s attempt to defeat the evil spirits that have invaded their home.

The family was a deciding factor and made the audience care about the characters on screen, while the other two films, Insidious: Chapter 3 And Insidious: The Last Key, were prime pieces that worked in isolation, exploring the franchise’s mythology and disturbing “future”. Fans of the first two films will be happy to know that the Lambert family will be returning 10 years after the events of the first two chapters. Insidious: The Red Doorwhich will also introduce new characters.

Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert

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Patrick Wilson Not just a star Insidious: The Red Door, but he’s also taking the reins of the franchise as a director, marking his directorial debut. The actor plays Josh Lambert, who has overcome his childhood trauma in… Insidious: Chapter 2but they will have to return to Theblood again in order to protect his family.

Among Wilson’s best shows is Nite Owl at guardsKing Orm V Aquamanand Lou Solverson in the anthology series Fargo. Most famously, Wilson plays real-life paranormal investigator Ed Warren in The Sorcery, who was tooDirected by Wan, likewise insidiouschanged the horror genre by launching a successful franchise.

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Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert

Insidious Rose Byrne
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Renai Lambert, played by Rose ByrneIs the mother determined to do everything she can to protect her family. Byrne got his start in television with a cameo role in Australian TV series Echo Pointwho unleashed it on the world. I went to play my role in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the ClonesDuchesse de Polignac in Marie Antoinette’s nameand Moira MacTaggert in X-Men: Apocalypse. insidious Not her only connection to the horror genre, in which she also starred After 28 weeksDirect sequel to Danny Boyle’s zombie movie After 28 days.

T. Simpkins as Dalton Lambert

Dalton Fromerm insidious
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Dalton Lambert was the catalyst for the events insidious Seasons 1 and 2, slipping into a coma inexplicably after a confrontation with a dangerous entity from further. 10 years later, Dalton is living an ordinary life, dashing off to his dream college and a promising future until the demons of his family’s past return stronger than ever.

Dalton played by Ty Simpkinswho began his acting career at a young age, appeared in Steven Spielberg war of the worlds When he was only four years old. By the age of 14, the actor had already accumulated impressive titles in his biography, incl Iron Man 3 And jurassic world.

Lin Shay as Elise Rainier

Elise from Insidious
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She played Elise Rainier, a famous psychic Lin Shay. Although Elise falls victim to a possessed Josh and dies at the end of the first movie, she is the only character to appear in every movie insidious The film, thus, became the face of the franchise. While she is only a supporting character in the first two chapters, Elise takes the reins as the protagonist of the novel Insidious: Chapter 3 And Insidious: The Last Keywhich takes place prior to the events of the first films.

Shaye is well known in the horror genre, where he makes small but significant appearances in A nightmare on Elm Street Movies and plays Paulina Zander in Ouija films. The actress has also participated in successful comedy films such as There is something wrong with Mary And Dumb and dumber.

Andrew Astor as Foster Lambert

Andre Astor in Insidious
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Foster Lambert, the middle child of the family and Dalton’s younger brother, is now much older, but still plays by Andrew Astorwho was actually one year younger than Simpkins in the first film. Insidious: The Red Door marks the return of the actor after a 10-year absence; Astor took a break from the film industry after that Insidious: Chapter 2. His early career consisted of small appearances in the Hangover, Mad MenAnd how i met your mother.

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Julianna Davis as Callie Lambert

Julianna Davis in Insidious
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He plays Callie Lambert, the youngest child in the family Julianna Davis. The actress is only 13 years old and already has an impressive resume appearing in the Academy Award winning film the postand offers such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit And equalizer. Insidious: The Red Door Not her entry in the horror genre, she had a small role in it She came from the forestbut this could be her breakthrough role when she joins the Lambert family.

Hayam Abbas as Professor Armaghan

Hayam Abbas

Hayam Abbas He has a history of playing complicated women, who Blade Runner 2049Frisa L SuccessionMarsha Roy, an intelligent character and one of the few who really knows how to tame the ruthless Logan Roy. Abbass is also a main cast member on Hulu archerWhere she plays the role of Maya Hassan. The actress seems to have a particular interest in the horror genre, starring in the latest Hellraiser Reboot and now join a team Insidious: The Red Door.


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