The upcoming films carry a certain charm that is unique to this genre. The MasterClass defines coming of age as films that “follow a protagonist as she transitions from childhood into adulthood”. However it is much more private than that. They show the tumultuous, devastating moments as well as the quieter moments that shape us in equal measure into who we ultimately become. When searching for coming-of-age movies, you’ve likely come across the same titles. the perks of being a wallflowerAnd The Breakfast ClubAnd recently turns red. 1995 movie Now and later It is often left out of “best of” lists.

It was co-produced by Demi Moore (who also plays the older version of one of the four main characters) and written by I. Marlene King (notorious for bringing teen drama pretty little liars onscreen), this movie is an ode to female adolescence and friendship. Set mainly in the 1970s, Now and later Delivering all the goodness of small town and retro vibes, we come to historic places for: old diners with floral wallpaper, dusty bookstores with stacks of books to do research, local lore and gossip. We follow four friends (Tini, Chrissie, Roberta, and Sam) during one summer. Here’s why Now and later is a noisy, underappreciated film with a quiet legacy.

Both embrace and challenge gender expectations

New Line Cinema

Part of the appeal of coming-of-age films is the portrayal of the pains of growing up as you discover who you are and what your place is in the world. This is hard enough on its own and it gets even harder when you set gender expectations. Girls are often expected to be hyper-feminine, crazy, submissive, the list goes on. It was easy Now and later Either to fully buy into those expectations or condemn them. However, the movie does not. We have Roberta, played by Christina Ricci, who is the classic “tomboy.” She was raised by her father in a house full of brothers, ribbons down her chest, and never runs away from a fight. However, she also has moments of vulnerability, as she is the only girl we see her first kiss in the film, and is devastated by the loss of her mother. It’s high profile.

The film also shows a crazy little boy, played by Thora Birch, who is very concerned about her appearance but not being turned into a demon. She stuffs her bra with milk, and is a bit judgmental, but also willing to risk herself for her friends and keep their secrets. Chrissy is very girly, loves pink and pigtails, and thinks of boys Totally lousyAnd that’s okay, too. None of these girls are “wrong” about who they really are, nor are they just one thing. This film highlights a major theme about coming of age: we all have traditional “masculine” and “feminine” traits within us that make us who we are.

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The differences are less important when we are young

Thora Birch, Christina Ricci, Ashley Aston Moore, and Gabby Hoffman in Now and Then
New Line Cinema

As described above, these girls are very different. This is what makes their friendship so beautiful. Whereas, today, we are all drawn to conversing with those who are just like us through algorithms and curated algorithms, Now and later It reminds us of the times when we were kids when our differences were the last things we noticed about others. For some who had long friendships in childhood, you might think, If we met today, we would never be friends!

Another huge draw to the upcoming films is looking back and trying to draw lessons from past experiences. Traditionally, hindsight as an adult is the one who delivers the lesson. here, Now and later It reminds us that we have wisdom from our youth that we lose for one reason or another. Their differences are celebrated. Even when they become separated in adulthood, they manage to reconnect and watch the next generation of neighborhood kids form friendships of their own.

Focus on friendships more than romance

Gabby Hoffman, Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Devon Sawa, and Ashley Aston-Moore in Now and Then
New Line Cinema

Media consumption can be frustrating for those who don’t like romance or who want to highlight other relationships, as romance is seen as the end of it all. Friendships are just as valuable and impactful as romantic relationships, if not more. Now and later It shows brief romances between Roberta and one of the neighborhood boys, and Chrissie eventually marrying a nerdy kid that they show briefly. These moments don’t take up much screen time, so we can focus on exploring more about the friendship between the girls. For many, when reminiscing about childhood memories, the relationships that affected us the most are platonic.

Now and later He stays true to the experience many young children experience–first a crush, maybe a tad crazy, or not at all interested in romance. The cult following proves that the craving for stories of friendship is out there, just waiting to be capitalized on and fully embraced by Hollywood. Focusing on friendship doesn’t mean ignoring or denying romance, it just means it doesn’t take up the whole story. Besides, the sight of the girls stealing Wormer’s clothes and riding in them is a lot more fun than any hand-holding scene could have been.

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The latter’s impact on the entertainment industry

Thora Birch, Gabby Hoffman, Ashley Aston Moore, and Christina Ricci in Now and Then
New Line Cinema

Movies should not be gender-neutral. However, this notion is still challenged today, especially in the 1990s when this movie was released and the 70s in which it was set. Therefore, it is worth noting how Now and later The void was filled by coming-of-age films for “girls”. The little boys had classics like 1986’s stand by me and 1993 Sandlot. The lack of acting is probably why industry professionals predicted it would bomb at the box office. any. Marilyn King told Entertainment Weekly, “The critics weren’t kind, and it wasn’t expected to make any money, but it came in at #2 at the box office.”

King went to work with a manager Now and laterLeslie Linka Glatter, in pretty little liars. While the genres are different, each work follows a group of four very different teenage girls whose bond centers around. There was also an influx of sorority coming-of-age stories in the following years Now and laterRelease like Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird Or Kelly Fremon Craig Are you with God? I’m Margaret.

you can say, Now and later It continues to affect over a period of years.


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