Director James de Monaco revealed that the sixth exit in Cleansing The franchise will find America more broken than ever in the series, with the country now divided into nations based on “ideology, gender, and religion.” Talk to Collider, an innovator Cleansing It teased at the scope of the sequel and revealed that the sixth film would see the country change forever.

Purge 6 is my way of looking at the country right now. I grew up watching Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, John Carpenter, and George Romero, whose social and political messages were inside the movies. They were smuggling ideas into film. For me for 6 years, I’ve been extrapolating the dispute and taking it as far, as far as you can take this idea of ​​what’s going on, I feel, in the country and the political landscape. And America is broken. We’re re-planning. [‘The Purge 6’] It is about redrawing the map of America along the lines of ideology, gender, and religion, so that nations are divided. You have your black country, you have your gay country, you have your white evangelical country. It is truly a broken country.”

DeMonaco’s idea for disinfection 6 Stemming from real life, the filmmaker cites politicians like Republican Marjorie Tyler Greene to spark this notion of broken America.

“The strange thing is that Marjorie Taylor Green – I won’t say more of her name there – has recently wished for an America like this, which for me would be the most nightmare version. It goes against everything that America stands for.”

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The 6 purges happen in one state that continues to purge

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“He grew up in New York, so the cliché of a melting pot is true, and that’s how I’d like to see our country represented by so many different faces, religions, and genders,” de Monaco explains, adding that, unfortunately, “she doesn’t see it that way, so there’s a part The body politic does not want it, and this is what happens disinfection 6 He is.”

“That’s what Purge 6 is. It’s this kind of divided America in this re-mapping process, and then they pick one state that’s still purges, so that’s where it happens.”

While the honorary act remained throughout, Cleansing The franchise has undergone major changes as the franchise has progressed. Cleansing The series first began in 2013, focusing on a family and their home, with the sequel The Purge: Chaos Expanding the range and introducing fan favorite Leo Barnes, played by Frank Grillo. The Purge: Election Yearreleased in 2016, continued to turn things around, bringing more politics and rebellion into the fold.

The series was expected to end by 2021 Cleansing foreverbut James de Monaco clearly still has a lot to say about the state of things.

while disinfection 6 No release date set yet, reports have revealed that the sequel will be set a decade after the events of the series Cleansing forever. Take inspiration from Escape from New YorkAnd disinfection 6 You will find the character of Frank Grillo being sent on a mission across this “broken America”. Which honestly seems like it might be the best movie in the series.


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