obstacle It’s the new action movie from Paramount. The insane, exploding car movie tells the classic tale of two star-crossed lovers who must fight their way through an entire criminal organization to be together. Director Ben Milliken (BushAnd Run and gun) also stars in this thrilling mile-a-minute mystery. He plays the titular character, who seems to have caught his love so tightly that he will stop at nothing to be with her. There’s just one problem: she’s the daughter of a dangerous mob boss.

obstacle It’s one of those movies that’s determined to grab you and not let go. With an atmosphere similar to the American Southwest sickle or Once upon a time in MexicoYou might think Milliken was the Australian version of the Man With No Name. Screenwriter Brent Tarnoll (Captain Carroll’s Cosmic Quest) takes us through a tense story full of dangers and excitement that gives audiences a contemporary feel Romeo Juliet Full of gangsters and cowboys. Described as a violent modern-day fairy tale, obstacle is a movie that will make you cheer for the young boy because he was really put through the wringer to try and get the girl. obstacle More like a ’90s action movie revived for this era of filmmaking.

The obstacle: the plot

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obstacle Determined to add itself to the list of modern cowboy movies. obstacleThe trailer begins by introducing our hero, Snag, who wanders into a bar and gets into a fight. After he is thrown onto a table, a beautiful young woman slips a knife from him. And like all great action heroes, this is the moment he knows he’s in love. But as he confesses in the movie’s narration, Snag didn’t realize this woman was the daughter of a powerful mob boss. However, our protagonist is in over his head and must find this girl no matter what the danger.

And soon we learn what kind of man this is. Locked in the back of a limousine owned by a somewhat creepy lady, presumably the girl’s mother and the leader of a creepy criminal enterprise, we’re told this boy has been shot, stabbed and blown up but refuses to give up in his search for his true love. At one point, they seem to be together. This does not last long, however, as her mother is determined to separate them again. We’ll have to wait for the movie to fully understand why, but that woman seriously made an exit for our main character.

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But that doesn’t matter to Snag. He is willing to walk through hell for this girl. And with the sheer number of explosions in this movie, it looks like he’s going to have to. Now that things are getting serious so he can save the girl, Snag has to put together a team of particularly violent friends. With two ride-or-die buddies, they hop in the back of a pink limo with enough tequila and guns to blow the limits, and they’re off and on. They admit that they are just a bunch of wild kids trying to take away the one thing that matters more to her than this mob boss. It’s Snag’s last chance to risk everything for this girl, and at some point, he can no longer run, so he decides to fight. He’ll need his friends to be loyal because when asked if this girl is worth it, he replies, “She’s everything.”

Aqaba: Cast and Crew

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obstacle It was directed by the lead actor, Ben Milliken. He also produced the movie with Lamar Billups and Doug Metzger. Milliken is famous for starring in the 2018 movie Sonora, Devil’s Highway, and 2022 Run and gun. He also played Carter in the critically acclaimed series Bush. He’s working with a screenplay from Brent Tarnol, who has written a number of short films and worked on productions like See you in Valhalla And April Apocalypse. of his projects, Barrio Tales Even earned itself a sequel Barrio Tales 2.

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Besides starring Ben Milliken, the movie also features CJ Perry Barnyashev, better known as WWE superstar Lana. Besides her prolific career in the WWE, she was recently seen opposite Bruce Willis in WWE cosmic sin on Netflix. Sofia Castro plays Milliken’s love quest, having appeared in series such as Along came love And Riders: Return of the Warrior. Ana Ortiz, known for her roles in Ugly Betty And perverted maid, She will play her mother, Victoria.

Hitch: release date

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obstacle It will have a limited release in theaters on April 28, but will have a wider release on digital and on demand on the same date.


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