Deadline has released an exclusive trailer for the second season of Great friends. The travel series segment offers glimpses of the magical adventures that await Harry Potter stars James Phelps And Oliver Phelpsknown as the Phelps twins and their pals.

The first season, which was celebrated as a huge success, saw the brothers team up with different guests each episode for unique and intimate experiences. With the promise of continuing this great format, season two promises to quench audiences’ thirst for connection and adventure.

However, it’s time to set aside any fanciful fantasies, as the trailer bluntly tells us that the Phelps twins are neither real redheads nor real witches. Instead, the siblings are seen engaging in various adrenaline-filled activities such as flying upside down in a miniature airplane, exploring sea wonders through snorkeling, and even operating locomotives.

The new season isn’t just marked by a comeback Harry Potter stars like Matthew Lewis, Stanislav Yanevsky, Mark Williams, Natalia Tena, and Alfred Enoch, but also introduces viewers to a new roster of special guests.

Trailer highlights Alfie Allen from game of thronesFrom Genesis Rodriguez Umbrella Academyand Corey Millcrest from Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story. The trailer offers viewers a snippet of the camaraderie between the cast members, suggesting that bonds were forged during the filming of the movie. Harry Potter A series that has continued to this day.

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Season 2 teases thrilling rides with star-studded guests

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Inaugural season Great friends Showcasing many familiar faces, incl Harry PotterBonnie Raitt, Luke Youngblood, and Ivana Lynch, along with Maisie Williams game of thronesFrom Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Senseand Sophie Skelton of A stranger from home.

Speaking of his experiences from the previous season, Oliver Phelps shared, “Seeing the world with your brother and some friends is the perfect combination.” He also expressed his goal to make the audience feel part of the exciting ride.

“One thing we’ve always wanted was for the audience to feel like they’re on a journey with us. We wanted to show not only the great parts of travel but we felt it was important to include the parts that people might forget—early starts, long days, getting lost—it’s all there.”

Twin James added,

“Fantastic Friends was Oliver’s brainchild, but we immediately figured out that our friends who joined us in Season 1 were totally behind it. We always wanted their input on activities and places we went.”

Although the official release date and broadcast information for Great friends Season 2 hasn’t been announced yet, and fans can expect it to arrive based on the distribution of season 1 across several platforms including The CW, Crave in Canada, TVNZ in New Zealand, and Max in EMEA. Daniel Sharp, known b Billy and Dom eat the world And Vikings: The Rise and FallHe brings his expertise to this project, producing and directing alongside Dash Pictures in the UK.

The charming trailer invites viewers to embark on an interactive game, challenging them to identify as many familiar faces as possible. More details about upcoming episodes of the series will be available, ensuring that fans can plan their next visual reunion with the “Fantastic Friends” cast.


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