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While his Italian sandwich shop was a direct inspiration for the hit drama series The bearChris Zucchero has his reasons for avoiding watching it. The series was created by Christopher Storer, a lifelong friend of Zucchero’s who got his inspiration from the story of his Chicago restaurant, Mr. Beef. Filming about 90% of the show takes place in a Chicago sandwich shop, and Zucchero also has a cameo in the pilot episode interacting with series lead Jeremy Allen White.

In a new interview with Variety, Zucchero talked about his restaurant, W The bearHe revealed that he has not yet watched a single episode of the show. He says it has nothing to do with the quality of the show, but that it makes him “feel weird” as someone who doesn’t like being the center of attention. While he was happy to help a friend The bear Shot on location in Mr. Beef, Zuichiro says he can’t watch anything related to the real restaurant, until it appeared on TV.

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“This may sound a little presumptuous, but we never paid for any advertising or PR for Mr. Biff, but we were very lucky,” he explains. “Like Jay Leno and his friendship with my dad is really what made Mr. Beef famous. So over the years, I’ve been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel and talked to reporters — but I’ve never read or seen anything that Mr. Beef exists.”

He continued, “It’s more of an embarrassment [than superstition] for me. I just feel weird. Food people are not like actors or musicians. you know what i mean? This is the same reason why I don’t promote anything The bear. I don’t want to be the guy who’s like, ‘Look at me. I’m the f**king king’ bear man.”

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The bear is depicted in Mr. Beef


Zucchero also points out that there are some key differences between Mr. Beef sandwich shop in The bear. While Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy may be trying to bring a “fine food” feel to the joint, Zucchero says that’s something he’d never do in real life. He also says he makes sure to keep the TV series and the restaurant separate as their own separate entities, though he allowed one poster for the show to be displayed on the wall.

“I kind of built a wall in my brain so we wouldn’t lose sight of who we really are,” he explained. “We’re just the place for them. They gave me a bunch of promotional posters, so I just put one up in the corner, so people could see it. Mr. Beef inspired the show, but for the record he said that, not me,” Storer said.

He added, “I try to distance myself from it, because somebody has to get up the next day and make beef. I try to keep everything and myself the same. That’s what I’ve known my whole life. The only thing I’ve ever known is this restaurant.” .

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