In a world surrounded by superheroes, gods, insane titans, mutants, aliens, and celestial beings, MCU He takes pride in telling deeply personal stories, with characters many of us can relate to and empathize with. These otherworldly, super-powered characters have faced their fair share of tragedies in their journeys to becoming better people and characters. Whether they lose their parents, love their lives, or the entire universe forgets they ever existed, these MCU characters have the most tragic backstories and superhero journeys in the franchise.

10 Eric Killmonger

Walt Disney Studios

Eric Killmonger (Michael BThe journey to becoming one of the MCU’s best villains has certainly been a tragic one. At a young age, Eric watched as his father, the Wakandan prince N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown), was killed by his brother, King Taka (Atandua Kani), after N’Jobu attempted to kill Zuri (Denzel Dominique Whitaker) for revealing his plan to use Wakanda technology to help the descendants of African from persecution. T’Chaka then left Eric to fend for himself, sparking Eric’s wrath and vengeance against King T’Chaka and the entire nation of Wakanda. Eric joined the Navy SEALs, acquiring skills he later used to enact mercenary jobs for money, while he waited patiently to enact vengeance and take his place as the new leader of Wakanda.

9 Drax

Dave Bautista Drax
Walt Disney Studios

drax (Dave Bautista) may be among the MCU’s funniest characters, yet his humor makes no secret of his tragic backstory. Before he joined the Guardians, his wife and child were brutally murdered by Ronan the Accuser, sending Drax on an unstoppable rampage across the galaxy, giving him the name Drax the Destroyer. Fueled by a vengeance, Drax searched high and low to avenge his wife and daughter and kill Ronan. Fortunately, Ronan was defeated with the help of his new family, the Guardians of the Galaxy. While we knew how much anger his family’s death meant, we never knew the true pain he felt, until Mantis (Boom Klementieff), an empath, collapses when he senses the pain Drax is carrying.

8 Black Widow

Black Widow
Walt Disney Studios

While being one of the deadliest killers in the world is an impressive feat, it also comes with its fair share of consequences. As a child, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) in the Red Room, where she is taught to master hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics, weapons training, and tactical skills. The Red Room used psychological conditioning to make the widows obedient, including forcing the widows to quarrel with each other, and the widow who loses to be killed by their opponent. Given Natasha’s survival, we can imagine that Natasha unfortunately killed many of her fellow widows.

Likewise, widows are handcuffed to their beds while they sleep, forced to perform ballet routines repeatedly to make them unbreakable, and their ability to bear children horribly diminished. Natasha has a lot of red in her ledger, fueling her ambition to be done right by the world, save it many times, and even sacrifice herself because of it.

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7 Loki

Tom Hiddleston As Lucky Marvel (1)
Walt Disney Studios

To be kidnapped at such a young age, and to have your whole life to be a complete lie, by your father no less, would guarantee the creation of a villain out of anyone. give loki (Tom Hiddleston) This tragic backstory made fans sympathize with the villain from the very beginning. Loki has constantly lived in the shadow of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), forcing his hand on world domination and villainy, only to be stopped by his brother. Furthermore, Loki was also responsible for his mother’s death, filling Loki with insurmountable amounts of guilt. After cementing his brotherly bond with his brother, Thor, Loki continues to sacrifice himself in order to save his brother’s life.

6 Star Lord

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord MCU (1)
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peter quill (Chris Pratt), a volleyball game in the galaxy, sadly lost his mother in a deadly battle with cancer when he was only young. Moments later, Quill is kidnapped by a group of kidnappers who wanted to eat him, but he is soon persuaded by their leader Yondu (Michael Rooker) to instead teach him the ways of a predator. Years later, Quill met his real father, who wasn’t exactly who he said he was, as it was soon revealed that Ego (Kurt Russel) actually killed Peter’s mother. During the epic battle with Ego, Yondu sacrifices himself for Quill, and Quill learns that Yondu is the father he never had.

After falling in love with Peter Quill, Gamora (Zoe Saldana) tells Peter to kill her if she is ever captured by her father, in order to hide the location of the Soul Stone. Inevitably, Gamora is captured by Thanos (Josh Brolin), and after failing to kill her himself, Thanos kills Gamora himself, leaving Peter Quill without Gamora.

5 nebula

mcu nebula
Walt Disney Studios

nebula (Karen Gillan) is a criminally underrated MCU character, whose tragic backstory is often overlooked in favor of others. Being the daughter of a mad giant is something we would not wish our staunch enemy, especially not knowing how he treats his daughter. Constantly trying to prove herself to her father, Nebula gets torn apart again and again, each time gaining upgrades and new mechanics to be able to become a better warrior like her sister, Gamora. Thanos’ chaos over the crazy giant galaxy prompted her to adopt a strange human being after killing her family, just like Gamora.

4 The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes - Captain America the Winter Soldier (2014)
Walt Disney Studios

In the beginning, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) had a rather wonderful life. He enlisted himself in the army and eventually fought alongside his childhood best friend, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). However, after he is injected with the super soldier serum and falls off a train, his life spirals out of control. Forced through rigorous psychological manipulation tests, Bucky soon came under Hydra’s control and, with his new powers and a mechanical arm, was forced to assassinate anyone Hydra told him to, including Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) parents. After Steve relinquishes his mantle as Captain America, Bucky works tirelessly to forgive himself for his past sins.

3 bull

cries of thor dark world thor
Walt Disney Studios

The entire life of the Norse God of Thunder is filled with tragedy, especially after she becomes a member of the Avengers. Thor has sadly lost many important people in his life, including his brother who he watched die many times, his mother and father, and his best friend, Heimdall (Idris Elba), who was snatched from him by Thanos. Furthermore, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the love of his life, broke up with him after a few years of dating, and guilt from losing to Thanos forced Thor into a pit of despair. Recently, Thor held Jane Foster in his arms as she took her last breath, after fighting a deadly battle with cancer.

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2 Wanda Maximoff

Death of Wanda Maximoff Petro
Walt Disney Studios

Love forces people to do many terrible things, just ask Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). When she was a child, Wanda’s parents were killed in a bombing in Sokovia, and a few years later, she and her brother Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were subjected to genetic testing by Hydra, during which they both gained their superpowers, namely Hydra and later Ultron (James). Spader) used against the Avengers. After joining the ranks of the Avengers, Wanda went on to find love with Vision (Paul Bettany), but sadly lost her brother when she killed Ultron.

Years later, when Thanos sought the Infinity Stones, Wanda was forced to kill her true love, her Vision, and destroy the Mind Stone trapped in Vision’s head. After killing the love of her life, Thanos used the Time Stone to bring Vision back to life, with Thanos then going to rip the Mind Stone from Vision’s head, forcing Wanda to watch Vision die again.

However, Wanda’s tragedy doesn’t stop there, after saving the universe from Thanos, Wanda went on to create Westview, a town Wanda’s had corrupted. Wanda has finally created the perfect small-town life, with her husband, Vision, and two children, Tommy and Billy, plus her brother. Sadly, none of this was real, and she later had to remove her clan, saying goodbye to Vision once more, as well as sadly losing her children, whom she had gone off to explore the multiverse for.

1 Spider Man

Tom Holland Spider-Man Peter Parker
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The MCU’s Spider-Man origin story follows roughly the same as that of every other Spider-Man (Tom Holland) Kiss. He was bitten by a radioactive spider and unfortunately lost his Uncle Ben to a criminal. A tale as old as time. However, it’s Spider-Man’s journey through the MCU that brings tears every time. First, Peter Parker lost his mentor and father figure, Tony Stark, and then his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). But the real kicker was when Peter Parker told Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a spell to make everyone in the multiverse forget who he was, sending the bad guys and other Spider-Man back to the universes they came from. This means that Doctor Strange, Happy, Ned, and MJ have forgotten it ever existed. Peter Parker now lives in a world all alone.


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