Femininity in cinema is an ever-evolving space that filmmakers are exploring, and one that has left a lasting impression on viewers. But how do the notes turn out over time? It has clearly evolved as girl directors becoming the new muse in movies, and rightfully so. With women getting their rights in the movie industry all over the world, it’s only clear that characters need to be written with the same potential.

Leading female characters in films also have a commercial edge, with their popularity growing. Many of these movies and TV shows featuring girl heads have struck a chord with critics, breaking box office records and attaining cult status. This trend is expected to continue with the increase in awareness and viewership of women-led films, to highlight the deeply rooted values ​​of justice in society.

In keeping with the growing spirit of girl heads, here are ten movies that have featured such characters.

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10 Joules in the apprentice

Warner Bros.

Although Robert De Niro has been in the spotlight the ApprenticeAnd One cannot ignore how Anne Hathaway has done her part as a startup with such ease and fluidity. The Intern follows Jules, the founder of a popular e-commerce startup in New York City, who befriends Ben Whittaker, the senior intern at her company. Whitaker, played by De Niro, is an elderly man looking for an interesting party in his mundane post-retirement life. The film captures the personal aspects of the life of Jules, who finds it difficult to juggle her busy career with finding time for her family, but it does very well.

The film explores themes of infidelity and how women find themselves at crossroads in times like these through no fault of their own. In the film, Jules is also pulled between discovering her husband’s affair and a professional hiccup that could complicate her life further. Critics praised Nancy Myers the Apprentice, with many calling it one of the best works of her career. The character of Jules struck a chord with moviegoers as a tough girl boss who excels as a professional multi-tasker.

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9 Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation
NBC Universal

If there is one character who carried the whole show that is called Amusement parks and resorts On their shoulders, was Leslie Knope. The character Leslie stars in the series, playing Amy Poehler, as a passionate employee of the local parks department in the fictional town in Indiana, Pawnee. Leslie can be described as the savior that every citizen needs, but does not deserve.

Leslie’s dedication and meticulous planning in her work while swimming through her humorous demeanor in the office also ends up impressing her boss, Ron, who is a staunch critic of any form of government. Leslie was the glue that held the show together, while forging lasting friendships that stretched far beyond the office. Leslie was a character who defined her agility, hard work, and passion, which were the reasons why the girl manager she is.

8 Mary Sheehan in Mary of Easttown

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown
Warner Bros.

mare east town It was one of the most popular TV shows of 2021, in which Mary Sheehan’s character, a police detective, investigates a murder that took place in her hometown. She deals with the resulting confusion in her personal life, which break out as obstacles during her investigation. Mary’s story is no ordinary cop plot. The show is about the real-life complexities of addiction and abuse, which can have drastic effects on society’s circles.

Creator, Brad Inglesby, threaded Mary’s character around the nuances of such odds, which ended up as a cop story about a competent, independent woman who saves the day. Mary comes across as a tough woman, yet she conveys herself with a subtle, humane approach. Kate Winslet in particular won widespread praise for her acting, which has been named one of the best performances in a TV show of 2021.

7 Marge’s in Fargo

Gramercy Pictures

masterpiece of the coen brothers, Fargo It is this film that can easily go down as one of the many films that concretely portrayed female empowerment. A story set in Fargo, Minnesota, the film sees a local police chief investigate a unique case of triple murders while pregnant. The titular female character was unmistakably inspiring, with pregnant policewoman Marge performing her usual duties without the usual clumsiness of trying to prove a point.

The routine demeanor and lack of personal appeal is what made the film so authentically Marge, played by Frances McDormand. The Coen brothers handled the dark plot of a rural American town deftly, without turning it into a fast-paced flick that would have turned Fargo To just another racy movie. The convincing female lead was just the undeniably rational aspect of the film.

6 Queen Elizabeth in the crown

the crown

The United Kingdom’s royal family has not been a topic that has not been touched upon previously. What makes it different in the crown? It certainly has to do with Queen Elizabeth’s inner perspective of being the head of state of a country that has seen constant disagreements among her people regarding the practicality of the monarchy. Most people miss the woman, the Queen, who withstood decades of such public discourses without missing an inch of her official duty.

the crown It has the same character, with the Queen placing duty above everything else, even family, when the going gets tough. It certainly wasn’t easy for Elizabeth, a mother who had to be a public figure before she took on any other role. She did it well, and so did the three actresses who portrayed her on the show.

5 Erin in Erin Brockovich

Optical fiber
Universal Pictures

Optical fiber It is based on the true story of activist Erin Brockovich, who helped successfully lead a legal battle against a major corporation that was accused of endangering many lives through chemical contamination in Hinckley, California. The case was eventually won by the law firm she worked for, which led to her fame. Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for her role as Irene, and the movie was a box office success as well.

The character of Erin Brockovich is more prominent due to the actual events depicted in the film, as Erin, a single mother of three, was also going through a personal battle in her life. Stories like these are hard to come by, even more impressive, with Erin going on to represent many other groups and communities in court that are likely to be negatively affected by environmental hazards.

4 Julie and Julia at Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep Jolie and Julia
Columbia Pictures

Julie and Julia It is a true story of grit and resilience that has been made into a movie. Living in Paris as the wife of a diplomat in the 1950s, Julia Child had a difficult time learning to cook in a cooking class, being the only woman who was met with skepticism and derision. Played by Meryl Streep, Julia battles the male-dominated cooking industry, and her story is a testament to her determination to publish one of the most popular cookbooks ever.

In a parallel story set in the film in contemporary America in the year 2022, Julie Powell is challenged to cook every recipe from a popular kid’s cookbook. The film weaves between the two timelines, representing the challenges they both faced in different eras, and how their unabashed decision to their goals made them the popular faces they are in popular culture.

3 Gracie in Miss Manners

Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart
Pictures Warner Bros

starring Sandra Bullock as Gracie, Beauty queen is a lighter satirical take on how popular media has downplayed women’s popularity as a staple of beauty. A beauty pageant is under threat and the FBI needs to send an undercover interviewer to investigate the event, Gracie is involved as a contestant and is looking for cruel intentions. Gracie emerges as the typical savior of the day at the end, though the movie leaves a lot to ponder. In an initial flashback scene, a young boy is embarrassed when Gracie saves him from bullies only because she is a girl. This sets the mood for the film, which achieves its goal with a flourish.

2 Madam Walker’s Self Made

Octavia Spencer: Madam CJ Walker
Spring Hill Entertainment

self made is a biographical television show about the extraordinary life of Mrs. Walker, the richest self-made African-American woman in the country at the time of her death. She developed her own line of beauty and hair care products, and had a true rags-to-riches story, along with many other hardships her society faced in that era. Octavia Spencer played Walker with the utmost fidelity, fruitfully adapting the story of an inspiring woman into a TV show character.

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1 Mindy at The Mindy Project


Mindy Kaling is famous for her TV Show Mindy ProjectAnd Where she plays the role of Indian-American Dr. Mindy Lahiri. Despite being a comedy show, Mindy’s character is a testament to the challenging and motivating lives of South Asian women in America. While Mindy Lahiri gained a cult following for her many comedic misadventures, the show was quick to have a generic vibe to remind viewers that the story is what it is because of the main character’s racial history and values, making her the perfect girl. in the show.


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