Season 3, Part 1, from Netflix the magician Ends June 29, 2023. The second half won’t premiere until July 27, and we’ve already seen some significant changes. For those who may not know, the magician is adapted to the magician A series of novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. His novels have also been adapted into a video game series of the same name. In this case, we’ll talk about some of the major changes to the Netflix show compared to the books.

Now, this isn’t the first time changes have had to be made when adapting a book into a movie or TV series. In most cases, this is due to differences in creative direction. This can be said privately the magician series. Some of the differences are subtle and can be hard to notice for first-time observers reading the books. But here are some of the striking differences that changed the story of the Netflix series compared to the books –Warning: spoilers ahead.

The importance of witches


This change for season 3 (and the series as a whole) is one of the biggest changes made. It is also one of the most important because it affects the story.

Since the beginning of the first season, witches have had a prominent role in the world the magician, The first season focused primarily on the Aretuza School of Sorcery. Because of this, we get a more fleshed out backstory for Yennefer, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers’ Council of Wizards, etc. Sorcery continues to play an important role in some way, shape or form throughout the series. This is particularly the case with Season 3.

Unlike the Netflix series, the books don’t really introduce the significance of the wizards until the second book contempt time. In the second novel, the Mages’ background, organizational structure, and Thaned Coup (the Magical Civil War) are revealed. The Wizard Council is mentioned in the short story collection Elves’ bloodbut other than that, don’t get too carried away with the books on the magic side.

With the third season of the adaptation of contempt timeObviously, the Council and other mages were known in previous seasons. Since the Netflix series is already progressing in the fleshing out of magic, they have good ground to build on for the second part of the third season. Maybe there could be more expansion of other wizards or magic in upcoming seasons.

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Radovid’s character change

Netflix The Witcher Jaskier and Radovid Kiss

Another major difference concerns Radovid’s title and his relationship to King Wezemir. at Netflix’s the magicianRadovid is Vesemir’s younger brother as well as his right-hand man. He tends to be a prince who likes to party rather than the usual soldier trope. He is also very flirtatious towards Jaskier. But he is far more cunning than he lets on, and it shows him that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Some characteristics of the book (and even the game) have remained the same for Radovid in the series. Mostly cunning and strategizing. Other than that, Radovid’s character changes dramatically for the plot of Netflix’s The Witcher, which includes his romance and kiss with Jaskier.

In the books, Radovid is the son of King Vizimir and Queen Hedwing rather than the king’s younger brother. However, he is the youngest child with two older sisters named Dalimira and Milena. When his father died, he could not inherit the throne because he was a twelve-year-old boy at the time.

When he became king, he became known as King Radovid V Stern. In the books and games, he becomes the future tyrant of Redania. He is a cunning and manipulative strategist who hunts down witches. It has totally turned into a Netflix series! But this could lead to Radovid becoming more subtle about the book as the series progresses.

The fake Ciri

Freya Allan as Ciri in The Witcher

This change was one of the more shocking performances of the third season. It is revealed that Vilgefortz has been kidnapping girls from Aretuza (a magic academy for young women) and experimenting on them. Talk about a sudden and alarming turn of events. He did this to try and hone his mind control skill so he could manipulate Ciri.

Geralt managed to save one of the girls from the clutches of Vilgefortz, but the girl considered herself Ciri. This is when Geralt and Yennefer realize that Welgevortz is the culprit. He was basically trying to create fake versions of Ciri in order to use the real one.

In the books, Felgevortz does none of this. He didn’t kidnap the girls to turn them into fake Ceres. However, there was a false Ciri. In the book, Rience kidnaps an orphan girl from Cintra to pose as Ciri. He takes her to Nilfgaard to present her as the real Ciri to White Flame.

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So while the concept of kidnapping Ciri remains the same, the villains and methods behind it have changed dramatically. More than likely the idea of ​​kidnapping young girls from a school of magic and experimenting on them is funnier. Or at least more dramatic to provide that shock factor.

These are just a few differences/changes between the Netflix series and the books. So far, the changes have been promising for both the story and audience reactions. While die-hard book lovers may be upset by the recent changes, Netflix at least delivers the magician With more background information and full stories in the world of magic. While we’re sad to see Henry Cavill leave after this third season, we’re already anticipating what will happen in season four.


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