For the past few years, AppleTV+ original series, Ted Lasso, has quite made a name for itself. What started as an expansion of a commercial turned into a beloved three-season series. From their funny moments to their unforgettable and breathtaking quotes, Ted Lasso Rightfully awarded many awards.

The series, which producer and actor Jason Sudeikis didn’t expect to become as famous as he did, is set to end with its third season. Esquire hints at the possibilities of spinoffs that Sudeikis aka Ted Lasso hasn’t closed the door on. Fans have been begging for the series to continue with a fourth season, even though it’s unlikely we’ll see all of our beloved cast members together again. With his final season winding down, let’s take a look at that Ted LassoThe beloved characters and how much we will miss seeing them on our screens.

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9 Beard trainer

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Unpopular opinion: Beard trainer It exists only for obligatory comic support. When he finally got his role in the spotlight, his episode was the lowest rated. Yes, his answers are funny and his friendship with Ted makes for good TV, and his character doesn’t really make much for the series. This might be a little harsh, but we think if the show had focused on his character development a bit more in the first season, he could have ranked higher.

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8 Nathan Shelley

Ted Lasso
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to this writer, Nathan, or Nate, as the best underdog character in the entire show. He earned a spot on the coaching staff and a spot in the Diamond Dogs by just being his own quirky persona, but it turned into an obsession with being likable by the end of the game. Ted Lasso Season two and three ruined a perfect character. Yes, we needed the tension and his story, but we really wish Nate didn’t have to hurt Ted and the rest of the Richmond team like he did (RIP to the sign of faith).

7 Jimmy Tart

Ted lasso season 3
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let’s be honest, Jimmy Tart The first season is a douche. Fortunately, by the end of the series, he has become one of the most beloved characters. Unfortunately, his behavior in Season 1 makes it difficult for us to rank him higher on this list. Where he started out as a cocky ball hog, Jimmy ended up as the perfect teammate and friend. It’s a beautiful ending for a character who deserves to grow.

6 Sam Obisania

Ted Lasso Sam
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Sam, alongside Jimmy, is one of two characters on the football team who have been given more screens throughout all three seasons. In the first season of Ted LassoSam is easygoing and unaware of his talent as a player and as a captain. As the seasons progress, his confidence grows, and he’s able to fully embrace just how influential he is (for the better!).

5 Rebecca Wilton

Ted Lawson Rebecca
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If it wasn’t for the initial reason for hiring Ted (aka getting back at her cheating ex), then Rebecca She would be higher on this list, but unfortunately, the writers had to paint her in a negative light in the first season to give her character the best arc of the series. Not only did she have the best arc, but she’s also one of the toughest characters in terms of the toughness she’s had to deal with in her life.

Rebecca has been through her fair share of tough times, from a cheating husband to being constantly seen as the sole owner of the football club. Fortunately, her friendships with Ted and Keeley help remind her how strong she really is.

4 Leslie Higgins

Ted Lasso
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despite of Leslie He aspected more of the main character later on Ted Lasso Seasons, his lovable demeanor is hard to forget. In Season 1, he goes along with Rebecca’s scheme only to fall victim to Ted’s charms and ultimately stands up to Rebecca about Ted, which we all thank because Rebecca and Ted’s friendship is a fan favorite. Speaking of relationships, Leslie’s role in Diamond Dogs is another thing fans are grateful for, and something we all hope our hardships bounce back from.

3 Kelly Jones

Ted Lasso - Kelly Jones
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since the first episode, Kelly Bubbly joy is personified. She always appears happy and confident in herself and her abilities. While it’s hard to think that an already bubbly character could go through character development, she’s been given a great arc as her character sets out to set up her own PR firm and seizes the opportunity to be celibate, albeit a short-lived one. She is growing as an individual, as a friend, and as a friend. Speaking of friends, her friendship with Rebecca is also one of the best in the series, though that could be a different article in and of itself.

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2 Roy Kent

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso
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TRUE, Roy Kent He uses swear words more than non-profanity, but aside from his language, he is arguably one of the best characters in the series. From his love for Keeley, his soccer team, and even his family, Roy is the kind of guy you’d want in your corner. Roy as a footballer means he was a captain and leader of his team, but Roy as a coach of the same team sheds a new light on his personality which includes more love and guidance for his former teammates.

1 Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

That shouldn’t come as a surprise Ted Lasso He himself sits at the top of this list. Right from the start, Ted is a charming, charismatic, and super relatable person. From his fatherly advice to his American euphemisms, Ted is the kind of man you want in your life. While he appears almost exclusively in happy demeanor, his battle with panic attacks and being a father to a son back home in America helps bring his character to a close.


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