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rings of power Season 2 prepares fans to return to the captivating world of Middle Earth. The mysterious world created by JRR Tolkien It is inhabited by equally mysterious figures such as the Mouth of Sauron. Even after only appearing for a short moment the Lord of the Rings, he made a lasting impression. The upcoming season could shed light on his origins according to Screen Rant.

It is known that the character is the Númenórean Black, a faction within Númenór that served Sauron during his reign. These men are the enemies and loyal followers of Elendil, having established and built strongholds along the eastern coast of Middle-earth. They remained servants of Sauron until Isildur cut the One Ring from his hand. The Númenórean Black faction took refuge in the kingdom of Umbar, located south of Gondor, after defeating their overlord. Despite their decline, their inherited animosity towards Gondor leads them to ally themselves with Sauron during his resurgence.

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Interestingly, while the first season of rings of power He does not explicitly name the black Númenóreans, but rather skillfully formulates the foundations of their narrative. These men were distinguished by deep resentment and envy of the elves. They flatly refused their death and continued to achieve infinite life and Eldar power through magic and various methods.

There was palpable tension during the first season of the series between the inhabitants of Númenór, Galadriel, and the Elves. Númenóreans have a deep disgust towards them. However, Elendil appeared as the voice of reason, representing a group within Númenór that aimed to reconcile their people with the Eldar. These underlying tensions hinted at the looming civil strife between the followers of Elendil and the black Númenóreans. As Season 1 begins, Season 2 is expected to delve into the story of the Black Númenóreans, focusing on Pharazôn’s influence on people’s opinions of Elves. As this feud escalates, the Black Númenorians are poised to gain notoriety, and perhaps herald a greater role for the Mouth of Sauron.

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The man behind Sauron’s mouth

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Not much is known about the involvement of the Mouth of Sauron in the fall of Númenór and the early days of Sauron’s rule over Middle-earth. This may change like rings of power He begins to explore the story of the Black Númenoreans. Fans expect the Mouth of Sauron, Sauron’s most ardent follower, to disintegrate before his defeat.

This narrative would challenge the writers of the series to transcend applicable law, as even Sauron’s mouth lost memory of his original name. Besides the Mouth of Sauron, the series hinted at the introduction of other Númenórean followers of Sauron. Notably, when Sauron forges the nine Rings of Power intended for kings of men, some of them are expected to land in the hands of the island’s leaders, and are destined to transform into the Brawl of the Rings. the Lord of the Rings. One such possible figure could be Kemen, son of Pharazon, who is destined to become prince upon his father’s ascension to the throne. The identities of these minions, including the Mouth of Sauron, are eagerly awaiting revelation rings of power.


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