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The last of us The series continues to captivate audiences as we gear up for our sophomore season. Craig MazinThe showrunner, playing coy when questioned about the possible fate of Joel, portrayed by the inimitable Pedro Pascal. This reticence isn’t surprising considering how The Last of Us Part II shocked the gaming world by killing off Joel early on.

Fans have been highly speculating as to whether the TV adaptation will go down the same path, especially after the first season’s faithfulness to the game. Mazen’s hard-line stance was fully demonstrated in an interview with Josh Horowitz on happy sad confused Podcast.

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When Mazin was asked if Joel’s death would be a “deceptive explanation” or something they could take creative liberties with, Mazin subtly deflected, emphasizing that he couldn’t reveal anything. However, he does provide insight into the delicate art of adaptation, stressing that while there is an expectation of getting to the main points of the source material, it is the “how” that matters.

He hinted that they may not stick strictly to the game but they are thinking about what is best for the show. Mazen was also questioned about whether there really was a plan in place on how to deal with Joel’s death in the second season.

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Joel’s fate is shrouded in secrecy

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He didn’t reveal any details, saying that the creative crew had a solid plan for the execution, but whether or not that involved Joel’s death has been left vaguely open. One can’t help but wonder how Season 2 will deal with Joel’s fate, given the tsunami of speculation surrounding his character.

The creative team’s silence on the matter hints at the possibility of a major revelation next season. Season 1 managed to strike a good balance between being faithful to the game and including its own spins at specific points. This could very well indicate what’s in store for Joel – an adaptation that takes cues from the game but isn’t afraid to make its own way.

Moreover, if The last of us part two Is any indication, we may see Joel’s death as early as season two. This may also align with ex Bella Ramsey’s teasing about the role of Pedro Pascal in the upcoming season. The truth of the series’ plot is still shrouded in mystery. All fans can do is wait, speculate, and prepare for the exciting journey that awaits them next season.

While followers of the game may crave some confirmation of Joel’s character trajectory, Mazin and the creative team guard this information like crown jewels. Season 2 of The Last of Us promises to be an interesting affair. Whether or not Joel meets his end, and how he is portrayed, is a closely guarded secret, waiting to either break hearts or send them racing with unexpected twists.


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