David Bowie sang “We Can Just Be Champions For One Day”. Now, a new thriller from writer-director Jordan Gertner suggests that four friends with certain skills could be, if only for one day…champions. It’s a fun title that matches the equally entertaining vibe of this Thai popcorn movie starring Isabelle Fuhrman, Sasha Luss, Wallis Day, and Skai Jackson.

champions Simple premise: A group of four projects out for a fun-filled weekend, which soon goes awry after the baggage gets mixed up. Soon, drug lords are after them…and one of them gets kidnapped! From there, you’ll find all the swanky nightclubs, bangs, and an epic phone call taken Superstar Liam Neeson is proud…

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We recently caught up with Luss and Day and Jackson for a group interview found themselves agreeing on a lot of points, including their favorite moments on set and the general “friends forever” feeling behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

“to be with these wonderful ladies”

With such an exciting journey championsIt must be hard to pinpoint the most fun scene to shoot. For leading actresses, this was the reality. “It was my favorite thing, just being with these beautiful women on set and having this amazing time together. We got to shoot in Thailand!” Jackson shouted. “Everyone was fun to work with. So I would say those are my favorite memories, just being with them.”

“Just being with these amazing ladies has been so much fun on and off camera,” Luce echoed. And there was one moment in it [my character] Diamond’s house, it’s a gorgeous beachfront house, so we talked to our manager, and we’re like, “We want to sleep the girls over and talk about what Diamond and Ezra and Daisy are going to do together.” They eat sushi, gossip, and watch a movie. And it was like one of the best nights.”

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And it certainly helps when the cast and crew genuinely enjoy each other’s company. After speaking with the writer, director, and then the cast, it certainly seems like that’s the case champions. “On and off camera, we were glued together,” Day added. “We really, really made the whole experience better. And that camaraderie ran through the entire cast and crew as well.”

As mentioned earlier, there is no denying that champions It’s an attractive title. And since this first movie establishes the exciting world of butt-wielding female action stars, one can’t help but wonder about a possible sequel. “I guess we shouldn’t speak for everyone, but we absolutely love to do Heroes 2She said today.

We love the characters, the story, and every bit of it. I think all of these characters have more and more of a story. I think it might be a cool place like Thailand, maybe Bali? Or I think Cape Town would be a great place.

“Special Skills” and future projects

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Early in the movie – the moment when “sh*t gets real” to paraphrase Martin Lawrence Bad Boys II – Ezra (Foreman) communicates with her friend’s kidnappers on the phone and can’t help but read taken Star Liam Neeson’s epic line about “a certain set of skills.” So, we couldn’t help but ask the other three stars about their training so they would be properly equipped for such an intense film.

“Well, the skill I had to learn was to pilot a boat,” said Luce. “Obviously, we realized I didn’t know how to steer a boat the day before I did that. So they said, ‘Okay, we’re going to be cool, it’s going to be cool.'” And I’m like, “Sure, we’re going to be cool.” And it was one of the sweetest moments of my life, because I was with my girls on a boat, driving off into the sunset with a bunch of people yelling at the next boat. They were freaking out because I was going too fast. But This is a really cool thing, and I’ve already used it [the skill] newly. I was like, “I know how to do that!” Being an actor, you learn all these amazing things.”

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Looking ahead, ladies champions She always keeps busy with other Hollywood projects in the works. “The next big thing I’m going to direct is based on a Marvel character Red Sonyawhere I play the villain,” Day said.

“I have a post-Cold War drama that’s coming out soon, and it was a very different experience,” Luce added.

In addition to her acting, Skye Jackson has written a book that shares insightful lessons she learned along the way in her career. So we had to ask: Which do you prefer writing or acting? “I love doing it all,” Jackson said. “I like to get my hands on different utensils and try whatever counts the most. So, this isn’t one thing I like more than the other. But I also will always say ‘acting’ because that was my number one passion.”

From Paramount Global Content Distribution, champions It will be in select theaters and on digital from June 23.


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