Spoiler warning: outrageouswhile horror Movies can provide a lot of scope for indie directors to prove themselves, and it’s also a very easy way to shoot yourself and get low ratings when a project can’t deliver any excitement due to its small budget. These are just some of the reasons why small-budget horror films often blow up critically and commercially, or fail to wow audiences.

Without a big budget, access to A-list stars, and the kind of special effects that do half the work for you, horror filmmakers have to rely on clever filmmaking techniques and sharp dialogues to resonate with viewers without any ghosts and demons to jump on. outrageous is a recently released independent Christian horror film that aims to hit the mark with a different approach.

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The resulting movie wasn’t half bad at all and actually garnered some praise from a lot of viewers though the critics gave it mostly mixed reception. It features some good acting from Sean Patrick FlanneryThe movie relied more on psychological nuance than anything else to try to get under the skin. The movie and its ending were controversial, leaving many viewers wondering whether or not they fully understood its political ramifications. Here’s our opinion on explaining the end outrageous.

What is outrageous on?

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outrageous It gets off to an inauspicious start from the start. Its main plot takes the form of prison sessions between a psychiatrist, Dr. James Martin, and a serial killer prisoner named Edward, who claims to be possessed by a demon. Despite the superficial insanity of Edward’s claim, we find reason to doubt how obvious this all was early on as it is revealed that Dr. James was only assigned to the case because Edward’s former advisor committed suicide the night before.

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With some of the plots set in motion, what follows is a guessing game. Dr. James believes he is talking to a delusional killer or someone who is deliberately triggering the system to get away with killing. However, viewers are provided with enough skepticism along the way to keep them guessing as to whether Edward might in fact be under the influence of a dark entity. These interesting novelties make for an intriguing movie that uses other plot devices to deliver a story that may not be for everyone but is no less important to those who represent it.

While the movie finished its theatrical release a little while ago, it is, unfortunately, not available to stream on Netflix or Hulu. For now, they can be rented on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, or VUDU.

infamous end

Flannery's outrageous
Soleil Duo Gloria release

outrageous He gets his name from the demon that supposedly possesses Edward throughout the greater part of him. As we pass the various letters between Edward and Dr. James, it becomes clear along the way that either Edward or Satan has written a manuscript that is a manifesto for Satan. It seems Satan wants to spread this book out into the world, so he can corrupt as many lives as possible and tries to use Dr. James to do so.

Despite all the obvious evidence of Nefarious’ existence that Dr. James sees, he declares Edward sane and sentences him to the death penalty in the process. However, the movie ends one year later when Dr. James is apparently confronted by Nefarious again with someone else’s possession.

We also know that Dr. James has already chosen to publish the manuscript. However, rather than Satan’s statement, Dr. James’ experiences had actually changed him, and he chose to rewrite the manuscript as a cautionary tale to try and show that demonic entities exist and how we can better live our lives to get away from their influence.

What does the end of the movie represent?

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Soleil Duo Gloria release

The ending of the film and much of the politicized ranting Nefarious indulges in throughout the film serves a poignant message for the filmmakers. These rants coupled with the film’s ending show that the film is in fact an allegory of good versus evil and a lens through which conservatives believe society’s unchecked liberalism is slowly corrupting it and allowing humanity to be perverted by its own choices to live in sin.

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What is most important in this message, however, is that the evil being spoken of may not necessarily be an actual demon that we can see, but manifestations of evil that society willingly allows to influence us. In this sense, conservatives believe in a nuclear family and faith-based life to guide them away from what they believe to be wrong behaviour. On the other hand, liberal values ​​are often more subversive of traditional family values ​​and provide room for different types of family units, relationships that stray from religious foundations, and more relaxed attitudes toward conservative taboos such as sex and drug use.

Does film politics matter?

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In short, yes! The elephant is in the room when you watch outrageous is that the film clearly contains a conservative right-wing agenda. This led to her being attacked as a Christo-fascist propagandist who used an orchestrated marketing campaign to hide her true intentions.

At least two dozen influencer and meme accounts, including accounts affiliated with the right-wing influencer group Today is America, via Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have been promoted. outrageous, particularly in late April after it received a 33% review score on Rotten Tomatoes. The content of the various posts was very similar, if not quite the same, overall with the hashtag #WokenTomatoes, encouraging followers to watch the movie.”

This is likely an unpopular opinion, however, and the reason his policies matter is not necessarily because of what other media outlets say condemn him as right-wing propaganda. Its politics must really matter because it is only fair that the other side is allowed to have a voice as well. After all, Hollywood is a blatantly one-sided industry when it comes to political opinions. Whether or not the film’s critics agree with it shouldn’t actually matter. Any society worth its salt as a supposed champion of democracy and bastion of free speech should be allowed to tolerate opinions with which it disagrees.

There is no doubt that Hollywood and its big-budget studios have been deeply affected by left-wing agendas in the past few decades. People on the other side of the fence often have no choice but to accept the way such political views are represented in your face or face being left with nothing to enjoy on TV. It’s easy to see why the movies are so popular outrageous It will infuriate the liberal masses. After all, it is a film that quietly tells them, “You live in sin, and therefore it is the cause of evil being invited into society.”

However, while liberal audiences and critics unleash their outrage on conservative views such as those he espouses outrageous By distorting the film, perhaps it is also time to reflect on one fact. Whatever feelings are driving the need to respond and take action against them, it is likely to be the same people who enjoyed them outrageous They feel every time they watch any modern movie or TV show these days. Instead of continuing to perpetuate the “us vs. them” mentality, perhaps an easier way is to accept that an opinion doesn’t have to be set on fire just because it’s wrong.


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