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When it comes to video game adaptations, Gran Turismo It probably wasn’t what a lot of people thought it could be as a potential summer blockbuster. The Neil Blomkamp-directed film looks to change that in August, with an ensemble cast led by Orlando Bloom and David Harbour, plus Midsmar star Archie Madekwe in the driving seat. However, as the head of racing at Film Center, Madekwe didn’t necessarily enjoy shooting the film, as he discovered that the life of a race car driver wasn’t for him.

Gran Turismo The big screen story is based on real-life events surrounding gamer-turned-racing driver Jann Mardenborough, who was one of the 90,000 Gran Turismo players who took part in the spin-off TV series. GT AcademyHe became the youngest winner of the long-running show and went from a racing game lover to a real race car driver. However, to claim the role, Madikwe had to quickly take a driving test, and he went on to find that his experience behind the wheel made a lasting impression. He said / movie:

“You quickly realize whether or not you’re built right for being a race car driver, and I’m not. [I called the car the] Iron Maiden because it really was like a torture device. [Between takes I had to] Open the car door and vomit all over the place. I had to pass the audition in two and a half weeks to secure my place in the film.”

Admitting he hasn’t driven since filming the movie, the actor added that he was “touched” by the experience, which proves the lengths Gran Turismo He went to it in order to maintain realism.

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Gran Turismo could be a late summer surprise.

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While it was difficult to predict which major box office releases would actually do well in the past few years, Gran Turismo It can come as a surprise after a summer of mediocre results for some films that were supposed to crush them in cinemas. Video game movies have certainly been popular, and while at that Gran Turismo Not exactly the same kind of adaptation as we say Super Mario Bros movieits premise is one that can attract a reasonable audience.

Come August, however, there are no guarantees that the movie will be able to pick up a late round for upcoming box office glory in the wake of July’s triple whammy. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Barbie And Oppenheimer. One thing is for sure, Blomkamp’s change of pace looks like a potential winner. The director certainly earned praise from the film’s star, David Harbor, who previously discussed working with Blomkamp. He said:

“Neil is so great and such a good director that it was a real pleasure to work on this movie, and this movie will be… don’t talk about what you expect, with him at the helm there’s an enthusiasm for this movie, for this wonderful video game world. I can’t wait for you to see this the film. “

Gran Turismo Hits theaters August 11, 2023.


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