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While DC Studios is undergoing a reboot of the DC Extended Universe (DCU), reports indicate that a possible sequel to the light Still under consideration. Inspired by the Flashpoint comic, the film takes viewers on a journey as Barry Allen attempts to rewrite history and prevent the tragic loss of his mother. However, his noble intentions unleash unexpected consequences, plunging him into a parallel reality where General Zod defeats Superman in the battle depicted in man of steelAll because there are no metahumans. what defines the light Apart from her group of heroes. Joining forces with the Scarlet Speedster are the legendary Batman, portrayed by Michael Keaton, and Supergirl, brought to life by Sasha Calle. Together, this trio sets out on a mission to right the fallout from Barry’s actions.

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Per The Wrap, if the movie proves successful at the box office Batman A sequel could be given the green light. the light It is expected to make a reasonable debut, estimated at around $70 million domestically during its opening weekend. However, for the franchise to move forward, it would need to cross the $770 million mark in global box office revenue. Considering Miller’s troubles, the many delays the film suffered and general flop at the box office, such a feat would be something that simply didn’t really exist just a few months ago.

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What is waiting for the flash?

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Ezra Miller surprised many with a rare public appearance at the premiere of The Flash. Stood on the red carpet in Los Angeles, Miller was joined by co-stars Ben Affleck and Sasha Kali, accompanied by director Andy Muschietti. This was Miller’s first public comments about the independent film, which kept them relatively absent from the marketing materials. Miller’s public image has been tarnished by a series of controversies, which have raised questions about their involvement the light. Many questioned the decision to release the film amid these circumstances, wondering if it would jeopardize the future of the project.

However, despite these controversies, it was revealed that the film was not in danger of being cancelled. Director Andy Muschietti firmly rejected the idea of ​​recasting Miller’s character, highlighting her exceptional portrayal. Muschietti believes Miller brought a unique vision to the role that no other actor could match. While the controversies have undoubtedly cast a shadow, it appears that the filmmakers remain committed to Miller’s involvement in the franchise.

“if [a sequel] It happens, yes. “I don’t think there’s anyone out there who could play this character as well as they did,” the director said. “Other portrayals of the character are great, but this particular vision of the character, they’ve excelled at doing that. And like I said, Barrys — it looks like a character was created for them.”

with the release of the light, The studio’s primary focus is on box office figures despite the film’s early praise. Fueled by the highly anticipated return of Michael Keaton as Batman after years of absence, the anticipation surrounding the film is a significant selling point. Directed by Muschietti, the light It features a screenplay by Christina Hodson and a story by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein and Joby Harold. the light It is scheduled to hit theaters on June 16, 2023.


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