For 10 years, fans have followed his adventures Harry PotterRonald Weasley and Hermione Granger. We watched the trio get into some serious trouble, fall in love, nearly die, and everything in between. While Harry was always the brawler, and Hermione the logical thinker, Ron often stole the spotlight with his one-liners and facial expressions.

played before Rupert GrintRon is the goofy sidekick and best friend everyone wants in their lives. He is often outwardly afraid of going on adventures with Harry and Hermione, but he doesn’t let his fear stop him from helping. When it comes to the need for a voice of reason, whether it’s due to the group encountering a three-headed dog or just the simple fact that time travel is still an insane phenomenon even in the wizarding world, Ron is sure to point out what others gloss over. He may be a wizard, but his reality checks towards the rest of the group make even the muggers laugh.

These are the funniest Ronald Weasley moments all over the world Harry Potter series.

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First time meeting Hermione

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When Harry and Ron first met Susser stone, Harry is in awe of all that deals with magic. Before his eleventh birthday, he had no idea about wizards, wands, and spells. When Ron asks Harry if he wants to see him do magic, Hermione sticks her head in the train car. Judging by her face, she tells Ron to continue his spell unsupervised, but as expected, it doesn’t work.

Hermione then introduces herself and casts a spell on Harry’s broken glasses. Ron’s entire demeanor during this interaction was a mixture of annoyance and defeat. He gives Harry the who-do-it-girl look, but little does he know that the three will become inseparable.

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His defense of his kidnapping of Harry

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Ron’s mother, Molly Weasley, was out for blood when she found out he and the twins weren’t home, the car was gone, and there was no mention of their whereabouts. However, once Ron started talking about “starving” Harry at his aunt and uncle’s house, Molly’s attitude changed.

Ron knows his mom shows her love through knitted sweaters and food, so by telling her Harry needed to cook for her at home, it came easy. Ron took notice of the threat to put bars on his windows, but Mama Weasley probably forgot about it because she made a dish for her favorite non-red-haired kid.

Fear of spiders

Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe with Aragog
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Almost in every Harry Potter Movie, it looks like Ron encounters a spider, and he absolutely hates it. in the second movie Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid tells Ron and Harry to “follow the spiders” to help him clear his name for a crime he did not commit. Ron half-jokingly asks why they can’t follow after a series of butterflies, but he pulls off the task anyway.

Already uneasy about pursuing the eight-legged creatures, the boys find themselves in a den filled with huge spiders. They end up running for their lives from the “children” of Aragog, and Ron’s fear never diminishes.

Lockhart shut down

Lockhart, Harry and Ron in the Harry Potter movie
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Not all teachers are noble at Hogwarts, and both Harry and Ron learned this early on with Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Professor Lockhart. A wizard’s scam attempts to erase the boys’ memories while in the Chamber of Secrets, but his spell backfires. Instead it wipes his memory.

Lockhart begins to ask Ron who he is, where they are, and what’s going on. Annoyed by the teacher’s constant questions and finding his mental state to be completely useless in the given situation, Ron takes a rock and hits Lockhart over the head. He knocked the professor unconscious, and Harry could continue on his mission without unnecessary noise and chatter.

Afraid of Buckbeak

Buckbeak the Hippogriff & Professor Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Anyone would be smart to beware of Hagrid and his creatures; He is, after all, responsible for sending Harry and Ron home to a huge spider in the Forbidden Forest. When the students come to Hagrid’s outdoor classroom Prisoner of AzkabanEveryone is curious and hesitant when Buckbeak, Hippogriff, introduces himself.

The students, with the exception of Harry, collectively back off when asked who would like to introduce themselves to the magical creature. When Harry realizes he looks like a volunteer for the mission, Ron pushes him forward with a frightened expression on his face. Why are true friends if they don’t push each other out of their comfort zones?

Sobbing through the pain

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Physical comedy is always great when it’s happening to someone else. While Ron is recovering from a broken leg, Dumbledore nonchalantly pats Ron’s leg while talking to Harry and Hermione. Instead of getting the professor’s attention or simply telling him to stop touching his mutilated leg, Ron sits in bed and quietly whines in pain. Fans can see the grimace on the young man’s face as he reaches out to hope the tender touch will stop, but we couldn’t help but wince with Ron.

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Embarrassment drowsiness

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No one likes to feel vulnerable in front of their crush, so when Hermione surprises Ron and Harry by waking them up first thing in the morning. And the goblet of fireRon covers himself with his blanket. By the look on his face, he feels exposed to the idea that Hermione saw him sleeping in his pajamas.

Hermione never again thinks about his reaction and instead furiously tells them that Mrs. Weasley is having breakfast downstairs. She promptly leaves the room while telling the two they need to hurry up and get ready. The embarrassment was brief, but the cute reaction caught fans’ attention.

Admire his formal attire

Ron Weasley in a Yule Ball costume (Harry Potter)
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When it comes to looking sharp, Mrs. Weasley knows just which uniform to send Ron and which ones will turn heads. Unfortunately for Ron, people will stare in amusement rather than in admiration. Mrs. Weasley sent a traditional robe that Ron wears while attending the Yule Ball, and his three siblings couldn’t be happier that his name was on the package and not theirs.

Ron doesn’t hold back how much he hates his clothes; He even says he smells like his Aunt Tessie, and by the sound of it, that doesn’t mean anything good to him or his dates.

Check out ladies

Girls' school from Harry Potter (1)
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When the ladies from Beauxbaton Academy walk into the mess hall, Ron can’t keep his eyes off them. Then, throughout his time at Hogwarts, Ron finds himself staring for far too long as pretty girls walk by. At some point, Ron is sent back to the Gryffindor common room because he’s too weak for his attempt to talk to Fleur Delacour.

As he recalled the incident to Harry and several others, Ron said, “There she was, walking by. You know how I love it when they walk.” Fans can’t swing fast enough from his admiration. Watching Ron make a fool of himself in front of a young woman he barely knows is bad enough, but for him to openly admit that he’s smitten with how she and her classmates slip up is hysterical.

Hermione blows it away

Hermione in Harry Potter
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While training as Dumbledore’s Army Order of the PhoenixStudents will bump into each other with certain spells to make sure they produce them correctly and drop their target. When Ron and Hermione find themselves opposing each other, Ron tells Hermione that he will go easy on her.

With all eyes on the two of them, the Ron brothers were already betting. Hermione didn’t hesitate a bit to hit Ron with a numbness A spell he released from his position. While flying in the air, Ron let out a high-pitched squeal and landed with a loud roar. Several students cheered for Hermione as she laughed at her friend’s defeat.


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