the light It seems to be setting itself up as a major DCEU event that will reset the comic book universe, introduce a host of cameos and variants that Marvel Studios has been promising but has so far failed to show in their multiverse, and generally makes all the box office woes to Black Adam And Shazam! Wrath of the Gods drifting away. Instead, the film’s lackluster opening weekend and subsequent drop of 70%+ in week-over-week numbers has now left the film as one of their biggest bombs.

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the light It sees Ezra Miller finally getting a solo movie as Scarlet Speedster, but with multiple delays, issues with Miller’s personal life, the ruggedness of the DCEU’s demise, and the arrival of James Gunn’s new DCU, it’s not hard to see why audiences are struggling to really get behind the movie in a meaningful way. Combined with complaints about the film’s CGI effects, less euphoric comments from critics and more than a little campy dissent over Henry Cavill’s treatment, the DCEU seems to be over even though there are two more films coming this year.

currently, the light The movie has taken in just $215 million worldwide since its June 16 release. And with the film’s third weekend approaching, the film now faces new competition from Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinymeaning its third weekend on release is unlikely to extend its run to the top of the box office chart by much. the flash The second weekend came out a little better than Shazam! Wrath of the Gods And the road was long Black Adam. even if the light It could meet current projections of $300-320 million, a reported budget of $200 million, and the $150 million reportedly spent on marketing makes the film a bigger loss than if it had been completely scrapped by Warner Bros. In a similar way to bat girl.

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While the main focus of DC Studios is achieving success with James Gunn and Peter Safran’s slate of new movies and TV shows, there’s no doubt that the lack of interest in anything the DCEU has thrown out in the past couple of years has made any real impact it should be a concern. Even considering all of the above reasons why people don’t really care about the old system, Marvel Studios can put out a movie with a dismal critical rating and still pull in three times the gross that The Flash is looking for.

After being distracted recently by a breakdown the light With low casting announcing David Korensweet and Rachel Brosnahan as the new Superman and Lois Lane respectively, attention is now turning to upcoming versions of blue beetle – a character mysterious enough to have had a struggle on his hands from the start, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom — which spells the downfall of Amber Heard’s legal battle with Johnny Depp and his place as the last installment of DC’s old slate. Whether it’s better to write off the entire finale from the old DC movies is something WBD might really want to consider in hindsight.


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