Action figure collectors always pay close attention to the details of new releases, and for this reason, there have been few complaints about the design of a new character released for Sasha Kale Supergirl in the light. Per ScreenRant, Hot Toys recently revealed their new version of Calle’s Supergirl character. The problem here is that most fans don’t see the resemblance to the real person, as despite the Supergirl suit she’s wearing, the figure reminds fans more of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man actor. Others see doctor who And Dragon house Matt Smith stars in place of Kaley. By any guess, the design seems to have missed the mark in the opinion of many fans on social media.

You can see some of the responses below.

It’s certainly not uncommon for action figures to be criticized for one reason or another. Sometimes, it’s the actors themselves who have something to say. Another superhero movie actor debuted in early March with Jonathan Majors commenting on his Kang character Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. said the actor to Stephen Colbert on The Tonight Show that his biceps were more “skinny” than he’d like, though he also said he’d do everything he could to get the game if he were a kid.

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This Sasha Cali Supergirl Barbie doll appears to be turning just fine

Sasha Kali/Twitter

Sasha Calle herself has previously expressed how excited she is to receive another collection based on her character in The the light. In May, she took to Twitter to share some photos of herself with an official Mattel Barbie doll designed to look like Supergirl. Kaley also included a video of herself literally playing with a Barbie doll. No word yet on how she feels about the Hot Toys character above, but if nothing else, she’s clearly ecstatic to have her own Barbie.

Tweeting photos of the superhero Barbie, Kaley wrote, “There’s a [Barbie doll] He looks like me.. I don’t know how to act. I’ve been taking it everywhere.. flying around and imagining laser eyes haha. Massive abrazos!! Todavia no me la creo”.

Unfortunately, the light It didn’t live up to the studio’s expectations, and ended up as a box office bomb on its way to losing some big money to Warner Bros. Discovery. For what it’s worth, this doesn’t appear to be due to Kaley’s performance, with many moviegoers and critics calling Supergirl one of the film’s bright spots. A poor performance in the movie could hurt Kaley’s chances of getting the chance to reprise her role in a new DC movie, but if she gets the call, she’s willing to don the suit again.

“I love her so much and feel deeply for her. I think this movie made for a better story line for her,” Kaley said at Entertainment tonight interview. “I just want to get deeper into Cara and her feelings in her day-to-day life. I’d just like to see her in normal clothes, in human clothes. As a fan, the whole time I was filming, I kept thinking, ‘What are you going to wear?'” What glasses will you wear? “

the light Shows in cinemas.


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