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while the light The superhero movie garnered massive hype before it even hit cinemas, and the superhero movie underperformed at the box office. It opened to just over $55 million with nearly $130 million worldwide, and considering how hundreds of millions were spent on budget and marketing costs, those numbers were disappointing for Warner Bros. Discovery. What’s worse for the film is that it’s looking at a very steep decline with its second weekend in theaters, which is among the lowest a big-budget superhero movie has ever seen.

At TheWrap, the light It’s expected to drop more than 70% in theaters compared to its opening weekend, and is expected to draw around $14-16 million domestically. You expect some estimates the light It would end the weekend down 72%, making it the second worst weekend drop since then The end of Halloween It saw an 80% drop last fall, despite this horror film notably being released on Peacock the same day as its theatrical premiere. the lightHis numbers will also make him sharper than low Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich saw a 69.9% drop in its second weekend.

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the light You may also hold the record for the farthest fall if you can see a drop of more than 73.8%. That’s what Jared Leto is Morbius It saw its disastrous run in theaters last year. However, Morbius Also the opening was worse than the lightwhere it debuted at $39 million. the light She is also looking forward to losing her first position to either of them racist or Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse to the weekend box office.

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The Flash Falls Short is in theaters

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What happened with the light? There’s been quite a bit of excitement for the movie, especially with the impressive return of Michael Keaton as Batman. But the movie also has some factors that may have led to its disappointing performance at the box office. It should be noted that lead star Ezra Miller generated massive controversy with the film in post-production, and although the actor has largely kept a low profile over the past year, the damage may have been done, with some moviegoers saying they wouldn’t. . be seen the light with them in it. It can also be assumed that superhero fatigue is somewhat pervasive with moviegoers, making many of these films not quite as must-sees as they once were.

Anyway, there are possibilities the light You won’t get a sequel with such box office numbers. This likely means that this is the end for Miller as The Flash. Prior to the movie’s release, it was a concern that a sequel could happen with Miller reprising the role, but that would obviously depend on the movie doing well. There are rumors that A.S Batman next The film will be tentatively produced the light Performing well, it has now been canceled as a result of its box office performance.

the light Now showing in cinemas.


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