Michael KeatonBatman Returns had a lot of hurdles to jump. After Batgirl was cancelled, Keaton’s other characters were rumored to be deleted Aquaman and the Lost KingdomIt appears that the future of the original Dark Knight’s big screen was in grave danger of ending before it even began. but, the light Stop this from happening, and Keaton returns to theaters as Batman this weekend. However, director Andy Muschietti recently revealed that Batman Returns needed a very significant change to his Batman suit to make it all work.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Muschietti explained to the audience at a press conference in Los Angeles how that while Keaton’s 1989 Batsuit was considered visually impressive, it was a nightmare to work with and that meant it needed an upgrade. He said:

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“You know the story. He’d say, ‘That old suit was impossible to handle.'” ” [Michael Keaton] He was so frustrated that he couldn’t move his neck or anything. The fit was perfect, but it’s often in the movies that the better the suit, the more uncomfortable it is.”

in the lightKeaton returns as an older version of his character after being located by Ezra Miller Barry Allen after he “broke the multiverse.” There’s been a lot of buzz around Michael Keaton donning the character’s winged outfit again after 30 years, and it just seems like one of the highlights of what could be DC’s biggest cinematic hit for some time.

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Michael Keaton’s Batman was primary to The Flash.

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Many movie scripts are put together with some ideas that may never come to fruition. For Andy Muschietti, if Michael Keaton turned down the chance to reprise one of his most famous roles, the director really didn’t have a backup plan. He said:

“We wouldn’t have made this movie. We couldn’t have made this movie the way it is. We explained to him the first time we sat down to lunch that if he had said no, it would have been a completely different story.”

naturally, the lightThe epic Flashpoint storyline comes from DC Comics, which itself is a very different story than the one told on screen. Although some comic fans object to the changes being made to the original characters and their stories when they’re adapted for the screen, it’s been made clear that there was no intention of completely copying the Flashpoint story as Muschietti wanted to give fans some surprises even if they knew the story. He said:

“We didn’t want to give the audience a literal comic book adaptation. I think that’s one of the good decisions we made. If you’ve seen the movie, you don’t know where this goes. As much as some people would have liked to see this literal adaptation, I think we did the right thing.” I think they’ll be happy to see that the story takes another direction.”


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