Warning: This article contains spoilers for Blue Beetle.

blue beetle, an upcoming film, introduces Jimmy Reyes, a young Mexican-American protagonist who finds a mysterious scarab of unknown origin. This artifact fuses with Jimmy’s spine, giving him the ability to summon a powerful suit of armor known as the Blue Beetle. However, the scarab’s effect on Jimmy is far from predictable, often resulting in moments when he finds himself being controlled by the beetle rather than maintaining control of himself. Director Angel Manuel Soto recently shared an important detail about the film, highlighting the hero’s emotional journey.

During an interview with MovieMaker Magazine (via Reddit), Soto confirmed that Alberto, Jimmy’s father, who is portrayed by Damian Alcazar, will meet his death at some point in the movie. In addition, Soto shared that the film will contain a sequence in which Jimmy and his father meet in the afterlife. This particular scene was inspired by the classic 1960 Gabriel Figueroa movie Macario. Xolo Maridueña, the actor who portrays Jimmy, stressed the importance of the story’s development. He said:

“Jaime didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his dad. I want people to understand that if you have your parents, just hug them, because you never know when it’s the last time.”

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The Blue Beetle is part of James Gunn’s center console

Warner Bros.

blue beetle is an exciting addition to the ever-expanding comic book universe. Led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, this new vision of the superhero genre kicks off the highly anticipated film, Superman: Legacy. Soto, in an interview with Total Film, stressed that while Blue Beetle exists within James Gunn’s DCU, it is not bound by the events or connections of the previous films. The film acknowledges the existence of superheroes in its world, but charts its own unique path, free from the constraints of past storylines. With the aim of creating a compelling story, the first installment of blue beetle It adopts a traditional three-act structure, laying the groundwork for future narrative arcs.

We’re part of the universe, we’re part of the world, we’re part of the plans they’ve created for future installments of the DCU, but we’re not connected to all the movies from the past. Yes, our movie lives in the world where there are superheroes. But that doesn’t mean that a specific event Or a certain alliance or certain things from the past that dictate where our movie is going.Our first movie, the way we wanted to do it, was always with the mentality that we wanted to do at least two more acts, and taking the traditional three-part structure of the story, we wanted it to be our first movie. Practically the first chapter in the saga.”

Maridueña was joined by Susan Sarandon, who embodies the film’s antagonist, Victoria Cord. They are supported by a talented cast, including Jorge Lopez as Uncle Rudy Reyes, Elipidia Carrillo as Rocío Reyes, Raúl Max Trujillo as The Indestructible Man Carabax, Adriana Barraza, Jorge Jimenez, Bruna Marquezine, Belisa Escobedo and Damian Alcazar. . blue beetle Hits theaters August 18th.


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