From campfires on the beach to long nights spent talking while the warm breeze blows, it’s summer romantic Movies practically write themselves. The summer season is a nostalgic time for many adults when they think back to the simpler times they had going off school, getting their first job, and desperately waiting to be invited to those parties that brought everyone together. For teens, it’s time to relax and forget about the troubles plaguing their school corridors. There’s just something about the warm rays of the sun on the skin and the sound of crickets in the distance that grips many of us.

Summer is also a time for bold moves and honest conversations. Confidence seems to increase in warm weather, and people are taking chances they never thought they would. Some become reckless to show off to a crowd, and then others become more intimate with a specific individual. Either way, there are a lot of encounters that happen, and sparks start to fly. If you are like the majority of people who crave simpler times, check out the best summer romance movies to watch Netflix.

10 along for the ride


The summer between high school and college is a crucial time in a young adult’s life. They want to cling to the simplicity of childhood, but the excitement of moving forward and becoming independent is very exciting. to oden west in along for the rideThen, she decides that this is the perfect time to reinvent herself by moving in with her estranged father and risking things she’s never tried before. While out for the night, she meets a man, Ellie, who likes Auden’s style with her carefree summer. The two go on adventures together, Eli introduces Auden to many new things, and secrets are shared during the Long Nights.

9 last summer

last summer

From treating love as a business proposition to hooking up with some older women, the band caught on last summer No dull moment is allowed during pre-college summer break. Couples like Phoebe and Griffin, Erin and Alec put their relationships on the line as they allow other people and things to come between them. Then, Audrey does her best to focus on herself and figure out her future while a boy named Foster has the ultimate goal of sleeping with several young women before the sunny season ends. Finally, Chad and Rhys simply want to maintain their “business-face” with the ladies. The stories intertwine, but in the end, everyone knows they have to do what’s best for themselves in the moment.

8 endless love

endless love
Universal Pictures

Nothing makes two people want to be together more than someone telling them they should break up. by Jade and David in endless loveJade’s father will be the one desperately trying to tear them apart for Jade’s future. The two do their best to be together, and Jade’s mother, Anne, tries to help David and Jade make it work. After Jade’s father successfully separates the two with a restraining order, the rest of the family begins to unravel and show how much he has ruined their lives. Jade and David eventually get together, but it’s not without an almost horrific tragedy that leaves two people on fire.

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7 the choice

the choice

People either love their neighbors or hate them, and for Travis and Gabe the choice, both of which were correct. At first, Gabby finds her bachelor from a neighbor impulsive and rude from his loud music to his healthy dog ​​who carried hers. Travis initially tried to push her away from her and claim to his sister that the new neighbor was “bothering” him, but he couldn’t hide his smile as he uttered the words. From disagreement to friendship, this pair eventually grew fond enough of each other to start a relationship. Then, when Gabe’s boyfriend returns to the States, their love story is disrupted, but Travis still believes she is a woman worth fighting for.

6 after a week

after a week

Summer camp is where kids go to make memories, Will Hawkins after a week, he found himself in a situation where he had to choose either camp or juvie. While at camp, Will takes an immediate interest in an outcast girl named Avery. To get her attention, Will does his best to stand out from the crowd. The two hook up, and end up sharing how they both feel like they’re living a lie. Will hides the extent of his hurt from his past, and Avery feels she has to please everyone at the cost of excluding her true self. From musical numbers to the summer games we all miss, this summer romance was destined to happen.

5 Hello, goodbye, and everything in between

Sparks Light Friends Group.

During their senior year of high school, Aiden pursues Claire, but she puts a stop to his affectionate behavior because she can’t let herself believe in high school love. Clearly hurt, Aiden proposes a unique resolution: They only date until the end of the summer when they have to break up for college. They will have a fast and fun affair, and their results are already known. Claire agrees to this, and when summer comes, Aiden wants his words back. He tries to show Claire what a great time they had as a couple, and she even reconsiders her feelings for a brief moment. At the end of Hello, goodbye, and everything in betweenThey both become clear about their intentions and feelings.

4 Dear John

Seyfried and Tatum in Dear John
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Starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Severind Dear John As two people who absolutely love each other, but timing never seems to be their strong suit. When John (Tatum) and Savannah (Seyfried) first met, there was an instant connection. They spend their days and nights together learning about each other’s desires and history. However, since John is serving in the United States Army, duty calls for his return abroad. The couple choose to continue their relationship through letters, but after years of separation, the relationship naturally takes its toll.

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3 Rib Tide

Rip Tide 2017

Debbie Ryan stars in this upcoming summer movie as a young model named Cora Hamilton. After posting a video and some photos of Cora in a very vulnerable situation, she decides to leave her whole life behind in New York and move to Australia to live with her aunt. Finally, in a place where no one knows her and where there are no set schedules and stressful expectations, Cora feels free. A local surf instructor catches Cora’s eye, and sparks begin to fly with their new relationship. Cora learns a lot about herself, her family, and her own desires Rib TideBut she also learns what it’s like to love someone without expecting things in return.

2 Love and Gelato

Love and Gelato

There is just something about young Americans in European countries that makes the perfect romance mixed with a little quirky fun. in Love and GelatoLena Emerson feels she needs to do something big with her life the summer before she heads off to college, so she books a ticket to Rome to learn about her late mother’s upbringing. While there, she goes on solo adventures, makes friends, and falls in love with two very charming young men. Lena believes her biggest challenge is choosing between the two, but eventually discovers that there are more important things to consider.

1 resort to love

resort to love

Erica Wilson (Christina Milian) feels as though the entire world is against her when her breakthrough achievement falls flat. resort to love. Single and tired of being dependent, Erica’s best friend makes her to an island resort in Mauritius to forget everything that happened to her. As Erica begins to find her confidence as a singer again, her ex-fiancé shows up on the weekend of his wedding. Erica wrestles with her feelings for him, and ends up confiding in his brother, Caleb. Honest conversations turn into lots of time spent together, and Erica’s desire to win back her ex-fiancé fades away.


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