the James Bond The series has owned 25 movies, full of amazing stunts, unique villains, adventures around the world, and hundreds of martinis, shaken, not stirred. The films also delivered some great performances that anchored the action and made us care about Bond and the people around him. Here are the top rated shows in the James Bond film series.

10 Ursula Andress as Honey Rider – Dr. No (1962)

United Artists

Ursula Andress She was the first Bond girl in Doctor no, and those that have formed the staple that have come since. She was one of the best Bond girls in the franchise for a reason; She was beautiful, yes, but she was also tough and resourceful, and she wasn’t just there to be seduced by Bond. Andreas had to be dubbed because of her heavy Swiss accent, but you can still feel every moment the characters share together and how her Honey Ryder was more than just a pretty body.

9 Desmond Llewellyn as Q – many movies

Desmond lewin bond movies
MGM/UA Distribution Company

Desmond Llewellyn Q played in every Bond movie until he stopped under Brosnan (17 movies). He was replaced in the story during The world is not enough By his assistant R (John Cleese). As Q, he was the man who gave Bond all his tools, but he was also a great sparring partner, someone who seemed annoyed with Bond, but also enjoyed his presence and the conversations they had. He even left the lab for an assignment in it License to kill!

8 Roger Moore as James Bond – many movies

Live and let them die Roger Moore
United Artists

Roger MooreBond’s opinion was much more into the joke. He was so much funnier and knew he would always end up on top. It was a different interpretation than all that had come before, and made for an even more malicious client with a license to kill. Moore had some great moments as 007, and he was the best with the cheesy Bond of his time; With every single one of them, he seemed amused by what he just said. He may have stayed too long in the role, and in his later films he almost couldn’t move, making it clear he had stunt doubles, but he still represented Bond for an entire generation that preferred a funnier, drama-free Bond.

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7 Michelle Yeoh as Colonel Wai Lin – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh on a motorcycle in Bond Tomorrow Never Dies
MGM Distribution

Michelle Yeohperformance in Tomorrow never dies unique. Her Colonel Wai Lin is just as cool (or even more so) as Bond, making her not a damsel in distress, but a female Bond herself. Her character is much more to actions than words, and that’s nowhere more proven than the scene where she and Bond are handcuffed together on a motorbike. This moment is great as a measure, but also the beginning of a seduction between them, getting to know each other, and how to work together to achieve a better outcome. The fact that they can defeat a freakin’ chopper also helps.

6 Eva Green as Vesper Lynd – Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale James Bond Vesper Lynd

Eva Green He only appeared in one movie, Casino Royale, but she created a unique character that Bond (and the audience) loved, and her death continues to reverberate through the rest of Craig’s era. Green’s Vesper is beautiful, but he’s also very smart, saves Bond’s life, and shows a different side of 007; One where he’s a little more playful and sensitive. On why she did the film, Green told MI6: “She’s more down-to-earth, less well-known. She’s not just a pretty bimbo. She’s also, very smart, very witty, very funny. It’s evolving. It’s not like [Famke Janssen’s supersexual, aggressive character from GoldenEye, Xenia] unatop. It opens up and blooms and is more vulnerable.”

5 Tele Savalas as Ernst Stavro Blofeld – in Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Savalas telly
United Artists

Savalas telly It was as good and symbolic as Blofeld in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that his version of the character was parodied in Austin Powers franchise, and returned in the final era of films (played by Christoph Waltz). He might have returned had Lazenby kept the role, since he was the man who killed his wife Tracy, making him Bond’s archenemy. Savalas knew how to project evil, madness, and be an egotistical conceit, while also being kind of intimidating, making him one of the worst Bond villains he’s faced.

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4 Judi Dench as M – many movies

Judi Dench in Skyfall
Sony Pictures launch

When Pierce Brosnan started his run as Bond, a few other things were updated, for example, the fact that M would be a woman. Who decided to cast Judi Dench Since M is Worth All the Money in the World, it was such a hit that the actress was the only thing left between the Brosnan and Craig era. Dench has always endowed the role with a grit and realism, which made her indispensable. The character may have known her duty, but the best part is that she always has a soft spot and blind trust in 007. About working with Dench, Javier Bardem told The Guardian: “When she opens her mouth and looks you in the eye, you’re like, ‘Wow!’ That’s a big deal. “You feel the force of nature against your chest.”

3 Daniel Craig as James Bond – many movies

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Eon Productions

Daniel CraigBond is a little different, and it’s a lot more modern than the ones that came before. Tougher and stronger, he may be the first Bond that can be a boxer, yet he’s also the most romantic of them all. Yes, he keeps women, but he falls in love with two of his five films, and in his latest film, he gives new meaning to the term Bond girls, as in this case (spoiler) the term refers to his girlfriend and daughter. Many people hated Craig’s casting, and through brilliant acting, surprising adventures, and understated charisma, he proved all those doubters wrong.

2 Javier Bardem as Raul Silva – Skyfall (2012)

Javier Bardem in Skyfall
Sony Pictures

in sky fallAnd Javier Bardem He played the villain, and gave a great performance right from the start. There aren’t many better character introductions than his long run to Bond while he talks the story of mice and coconuts, and from there, his performance soars. To play a Bond villain, you have to be in on the joke, and Bardem is totally there. His Silva has some problems with M, seeing her as a mother, but also enjoying watching how the whole of MI6 keeps falling into many traps. . Bardem is elated and pleasures himself with every sentence he reads, giving it as much ketchup and mustard as possible.

1 Sean Connery as James Bond – many movies

Sean Connery as James Bond in a scene from Dr.
United Artists

Sean Connery He was the first Bond, and without his charisma and lightheartedness, there might not be any franchise, as he made the character eternal. The actor had many amazing moments as Bond, and he was the blueprint for everything that came next. He loved to spar with Moneypenny, seduce women, survive all sorts of stunts that had to kill him, use the tools Q gave him, enjoy amazing cars, and have as much fun as possible while doing the job. He was kind, resourceful, stern, knew how to order a martini, and looked good in a suit. Every other Bond is measured against Connery, and with good reason, because he was the first Bond, who gave the best performance in the entire history of the franchise.


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