If anyone calls someone the “next big thing” in Hollywood, most individuals will face some pressure to conform to those lofty aspirations. but, Jenna Ortega She proved herself worthy of this title. Ortega has already achieved several major career benchmarks since she began performing as a child. As a teenager, she voiced the character Princess Isabel Flores on the Disney Channel Elena of Avalor and starred alongside Penn Badgley in the hit Netflix drama You. She became a major scream queen and had the biggest success of her career with Netflix Wednesday.

Update July 6, 2023: This article has been updated following several recently announced Ortega projects.

Ortega’s career shows no signs of slowing down. She is set to star in a Paramount + thriller the finest kind, He was cast in Lionsgate Miller girl. You will be starring and producing the romantic drama Winter, spring, summer or fall And a new movie by Tree Edward Schultz. Ortega will star in and produce A24’s Alba Next to Riverdale star Camila Mendes. It will be her highest profile role beetle 2Where she will play the daughter of Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder). With all of that in mind, here’s a look back at Jenna Ortega’s best performances.

11 Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)

Warner Bros. distribution. Television/CBS Television Distribution

when people think about it Jane the Virgin 100 episodes, they assume someone who has appeared in 30 of them won’t play a significant role. However, the appearance of Gina Ortega in the popular TV series is very important for the plot.

Ortega played the younger version of Jane throughout the show. In critical flashback scenes, she has performed more than almost any other artist who has entered the role over time. during its operation, Jane the Virgin She has received many honors and has established Gina Rodriguez as a household name.

10 You (2018-2021)

Jenna Ortega

Gina Ortega is probably best known for her performance in You. The sitcom debuted on Lifetime but flopped there before finding new life on Netflix, where it became one of the digital giant’s most popular shows and received more seasons.

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In the second season, Ortega appeared as Eli Alves, the neighbor of a violent serial killer to Joe. Together with Ellie’s sister Delilah, they created an interesting friendship. The second season garnered the series’ strongest ratings and helped propel Ortega to superstardom.

9 Fallout (2021)

A girl and a guy are sitting in the car.
New Line Cinema

Ramifications is the film to see if visitors want to get a true sense of Gina Ortega’s acting abilities. It aired on South by SXSW in 2021 before premiering on HBOMax in early 2022, and the performance and first writer/director Megan Park drew high praise.

The story follows two teenage girls who create a terrible relationship while hiding in the restroom after the school massacre. as a coming of age movie, Ramifications It highlights the trauma of school shootings. Maddie Ziegler and Ortega both give visceral performances, and the movie is great, but the wistful nature of it makes it hard to see many times over.

8 Caught in the Middle (2016-2018)

Jenna Ortega in Disney
Disney Channel

This energetic comedy follows the Helter-Skelter beat of its fresh-faced central hero, mirroring the frantic goings-on in the massive Diaz household. Ortega’s role stuck in the middle She works as an engineer who uses her inventions to live as an average child in a house of seven children. As she navigates the daily shenanigans that accompany someone as part of a large family, her unremarkable status seems to be both a blessing and a pain. Ortega is a natural in the segment, stressing her status as a long-suffering middle child while finding humor in the various misfortunes that plague her attempts to shine.

7 The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

The Babysitter: The Killer Queen

Ortega first appeared in the horror genre as a supporting character in insidious 2 Before she played Phoebe in Netflix’s The Babysitter: The Killer Queen. It was her first major role in a Netflix movie Supernatural, which helped her gain widespread recognition and exposure. Phoebe, a gothic high school student striving to escape the wrath of the demon nanny of the heroes and other cultists, demonstrated Ortega’s acting, versatility, and talent for performance in many genres.

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The Babysitter: The Killer Queen The star says that filming the “magic” houseboat scene was very electric. Despite the bad reviews, fans have appreciated Ortega’s inclusion in the film and are eager to see her again in future horror films. While Gina Ortega’s performance as Phoebe marked her first appearance as a scream queen, it won’t be her last.

6 X (2022)

Jenna Ortega
A 24

Jenna Ortega had a breakout year in 2022, one of the highlights being Ti West’s sensual thriller X. Ortega plays Lorraine Day, a young woman who accompanies the flight to help her boyfriend, RJ, shoot a pornographic movie. While she is seen as an innocent member of the crew, she is shown to have a desire for thrills that surprises everyone and shocks her boyfriend. It’s clear that the star is on the right track, having watched her career evolve and expand in the direction it has taken since her Disney Princess days.

5 Scream (2022)

Jenna Ortega
Paramount Pictures

It will be Jenna’s next major horror movie Scream, which relaunched the franchise and helped Ortega establish herself as the Queen of Scream. Ortega amazed with her acting talents in the role of Tara Carpenter, the sister of the protagonist, Sam. Tara is repeatedly in great physical pain in the movie, those who have watched it know that, and Ortega sells that pain like crazy. Gina Ortega seems to have understood the thrill and pressure that comes with showing up ScreamThe film’s opening sequence since her starring role in the new film has received wide acclaim from reviewers and fans alike.

4 Scream VI (2023)

Jenna Ortega Scrimfy
Paramount Pictures

Sixth scream Clearly capitalizing on Gina Ortega’s recent rise to fame in 2022, she had a much larger role in the sequel. Now a member of the “Core Four”, Tara is now trying to adjust to her new life as the survivor of Ghostface’s recent murder while also dealing with protecting her overbearing sister, Sam. Ortega really shines, and her expanded presence in the sequel is much appreciated as she provides a real sense of unwavering attachment for the rest of the cast to bounce off of.

3 American Carnage (2022)

Jenna Ortega, American Carnage

American massacre is another 2022 horror comedy that showcases more of Jenna’s talent for gothic and terrifying. Director Diego Halavis does a great job of bringing out the potential of the actress by giving her a more energetic role than her previous roles in horror films. It’s not just a teenager screaming in terror and running away from danger. In this movie, she actually fights back. To put things in context, you play a teen among a group of illegal immigrants who is given a choice between arrest or accepting hospice care.

During their stay at the Enterprise, they discover that a larger, more dangerous agenda is at work. The film is not only about battling malicious employees who want to turn these teens into edible meat but also tackles more serious issues such as racism and discrimination against minorities. Jenna does a great job of conveying the horror and political class behind it.

2 Movie Saving Flora (2018)

Jenna Ortega and the Elephant Save Flora
Mill Creek Entertainment

Save Flora It’s a rare film for Jenna but certainly a worthy addition to her already stellar film career. It is rare because it is not a horror movie but in fact an adventure drama that shows a different side of her acting skills. The story begins when the father of a young girl named Dawn prepares to kill his old elephant, Flora, who can no longer perform in the circus. Refusing to say goodbye to the elephant she grew up with, Don sneaks up on Flora and takes her on a journey into 200 kilometers of jungle to find shelter and safety. Hunted by hunters and people everywhere looking for her, Dawn takes the audience into an exciting world of adventures. Gina took the entire film on her own shoulders and succeeded in conveying the timeless message of the true value of animal companionship.

1 Wednesday

Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Wednesday How can be considered Ortega was forever etched in the public’s memory. Her performance in the Netflix series is the highlight of her career as an actress. She steps into the iconic role of Addams Family’s Wednesday. Her aloofness, unemotional attitude, and inability to relate to her colleagues all contribute to the unique aura of her personality. Wednesday’s unprecedented success has made the series and star a cultural phenomenon.


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