What Janelle Monae Accomplished in less than 10 years her acting career is quite impressive. It started at the bottom where most actresses start, quickly obliterating the “musicians can’t act” mentality. On the contrary, her early roles proved she could handle any genre, and she soon began paving the way for more high profile figures in Hollywood.

Today, the singer/actress has a solid foundation for her career in film, elevated by her very good screenplays with few exceptions. We mention this because, as you’ll see below, this is a relevant point in Monáe’s most famous roles prewar. The curious thing about the later part of her career is how perfectly she portrays characters who demand mystery and duality.

These are the best performances that Janelle Monae has been on at the moment.

Today’s movie

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7 Glorias

Roadside attractions

In a character-driven bio GloriasMonáe plays revolutionary leader Dorothy Bateman Hughes as she accompanies Gloria Steinem in fighting the regime. Her role is a bit too short for our taste, considering Hughes’ importance to the feminist movement of the ’70s, but the young actress does enough to inject originality and substance into the role. In the case of shows that are all about fitness, Monáe does a great job of portraying a fierce woman whose opponents still rage.

6 Harriet

Focus features

He played the supporting character Mary Buchannon in the Harriet Tubman biopic Harriet He was instrumental in getting Monae to get noticed by Hollywood for her skills. She plays a free woman who aids the abolitionist movement and helps Tubman on her journey to becoming the historical figure she is best known for. Seeing Monáe’s version of Buchanon stand up to the man before the tragedy is essential to understanding her acting abilities.

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Tubman’s importance to the African-American community should have been enough for Mona to jump at the chance to play such an important figure, and she’s already proven it by playing the character with unbeatable, dramatic stamina.

5 moon light

Janelle Monae Moonlight
A 24

In Barry Jenkins’ 2016 masterpiece moon lightMonáe plays Teresa, Joan’s friend and possibly the only mother figure to Kieron. Chiron grew up in the shadow of his abusive and manipulative mother, and had none other than Teresa and Juan as leaders teaching him the hard truths of life. Teresa’s influence on Chiron’s journey is crucial, as Juan is out of the picture at one point, viewing only the woman who inevitably “raised” him as her own.

4 Hidden characters

Hidden characters
Twentieth Century Fox

The early part of Monáe’s notable career in drama consisted mostly of roles based on people who were already there. Monáe had enough confidence to handle the shows with a strength that made those characters her own. in Hidden charactersMona emphasized that her presence was essential to keeping the film fresh and upbeat. Every bit of her dialogue is full of wit and resonates even after the movie is over. In the film, she played aeronautical engineer Mary Jackson, who along with her partners was a major player in the space race (Jackson was NASA’s first black female engineer).

3 prewar

Antebellum Review: The Thriller of Brutal Slavery Falls Short

fact that prewar It’s a terrible movie that doesn’t mean the performances are bad either. On the contrary, Monáe’s role as Aiden, or Veronica if you prefer, is very interesting. The challenge is keeping the character fresh after the movie’s inconsistency ruins the narrative from start to finish. In the end, it won out when Eden became one of the few good things about the film that was concealed but decent enough to have the industry trust Monáe to be able to lead in every possible genre.

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Let’s give prewar again in two years. We can’t get past the fact that it didn’t have the impact it should have with such a good premise.

2 Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery

Onion Glass Helen

The stakes are raised for Monáe as she attempts a new genre and plays two completely different personalities in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery. Fortunately, she gets a lot of help from an exceptional script that has just enough mystery to keep her character relatable along with a solid cast of supporting characters. Not that we needed this movie to confirm it, but Monáe’s performance was so good that she proved Hollywood can count on being the lead in an important movie (a very good and interesting one, too). It’s only a matter of time until offers to play the main characters hit their doorstep. We are sure of that.

1 homecoming

Janelle Monae Homecoming
Prime Video

Janelle Monáe’s best performance to date is on television. homecoming Released in 2018 with Julia Roberts As the main character in Season 1, the follow-up won’t be easy, and Monáe does a great job playing a victim of a government program with the ability to mess with people’s minds. Jacqueline, or Alex if you prefer, wakes up in a boat without knowing who she is. The second season of the show consists of her search for her identity and the shocking truth behind the programme.


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