In recent decades, the superhero genre has grown exponentially in films and has proven conclusively just how popular and lucrative these characters can be. Far from the meager $65 million budget that 20th Century Fox put out X-Men With the fear that the film would fail, the massive success of the film and the franchise it went on to create became one indication that Bryan Singer could work nearly three times that amount by the time he directed it. X-Men: Apocalypse. The rise of the MCU and DCU since then has seen stars and filmmakers clamoring to get on board the superhero gravy train.

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The incredible reach of the genre has resulted in household names and huge stars among its many actors, often becoming the roles they end up most closely associated with. Very controversial Ezra Miller He is one of those actors. While they’ve been in many other high profile movies and been around for much longer than people might realize, since signing on to the DCU, they’ve become synonymous with their biggest role to date. Miller’s fame for playing the world-famous character, The Flash, has only been topped by increasingly troubling off-screen controversy. Despite that, there is no denying that Miller is a very talented actor. With this in mind, and their other antics aside, here’s a look at Ezra Miller’s best performance to date.

10 Beware Gonzo!

Tribeca movie

Ezra Miller has been acting since she was a teenager and made a string of impressive film and TV appearances long before she was introduced to the DCU. Back in 2010, Miller starred in the lead role in the teen comedy-drama Beware Gonzo!. Miller played Eddie “Gonzo”, a teenage student whose expulsion from his school newspaper leads him to start an underground publication instead.

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Using the platform to help give unpopular and marginalized students a voice, Gonzo and his friends end up getting the attention of other students and working on uncensored articles that end up causing a lot of drama and trouble. Eventually, Gonzo learns why journalistic integrity is so important, and faces a difficult journey of redemption when his efforts have unintended consequences.

9 City Island

Miller on City Island
Angkor Bay Films

In a great supporting role, Miller played a teenager from a dysfunctional family who keeps secrets City Island. The then fledgling actor’s career didn’t stop them from holding their own in a movie helmed by veteran star, Andy Garcia. Miller played Garcia’s son, whose crush on a neighbor leads to a sweet and comical subplot in a movie centered mostly around the father.

Although he was not the lead actor in the film, Miller’s role in it was an early indication of the extent of their talent and was certainly a sign of their success as an actor. With a solid 7.4 IMDb rating, the movie was also one of Miller’s best rated movies as well.

8 he asks for it

Miller requested it
Redwire Pictures

Photographed by Ezra Miller by Mark Vanderhell in 2021 he asks for it It was an atypical role that was actually a great role for the star to shed any stereotypes their personal lives might have into their careers. Although Miller often acknowledged personal lifestyle choices and opinions that seemed to place them on the political left, they played the leader of the far-right group known as the First Men Movement in the independent film.

The film elegantly portrayed how polarized society has become over the years and how identity politics can often shape us. It features a direct feud between the men-first movement and the Cherry Bombers, an all-female gang, he asks for it He bravely tackles some dark issues, while Miller is an electrician in them.

7 Stanford Prison Experiment

Miller in the Stanford Prison Experiment
IFC Films

In one of the darker and more disturbing roles of Miller’s career, they played a “prisoner” in the 2015 thriller documentary, Stanford Prison Experiment. Based on an actual study of the same name that was quite controversial, the movie followed the activities of a psychology professor who designed an experiment to prove the hypothesis that different power or roles in society can influence a person’s behavior more than their personality can. .

Eighteen students were used in a mock prison setting and were designated as either prisoners or guards. The experience soon takes a dark turn as the “guards” become more abusive, while the “prisoners” are subjected to stressful and traumatic situations that cause them real psychological and emotional damage. The film featured a great young cast that also included Tye Sheridan and Michael Angarano along with Ezra Miller. Miller was exceptional in the movie playing Daniel Culp, also known as Prisoner 8612 in the movie.

6 We need to talk about Kevin

Miller in We Need to Talk About Kevin
Oscilloscope Labs

Dark and disturbing are themes that often appear in the films of Ezra Miller, W We need to talk about Kevin He was no different. In the film, Miller plays Kevin Khatchadorian, a very troubled juvenile who displays extreme animosity towards his mother whenever she tries to visit him. His mother’s concerns about Kevin’s antisocial and often psychotic tendencies drive a wedge between her and his father, who believes him to be a good child.

In the end, Kevin’s actions proved just how annoying an individual he had always been. In a terrifying twist, the movie also takes a very tragic turn. A blockbuster movie with some amazing acting from Miller and Tilda Swinton who played their mother in the movie, Miller was nominated for Best Young Actor at the 2012 Critic’s Choice Movie Awards for their role in it.

5 after school

Miller at Afterschool
IFC Films

Although Ezra Miller has had a great acting career thus far, their immense talent is often overshadowed by their problems off screen. The full extent of the young actor’s controversies is already troubling and seems to be talking about someone who has been going through some pretty complex issues for some time now. Their penchant for roles that sometimes seem to reflect the supposedly dark sides of their off-screen persona has been present for a long time.

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In another of these types of roles, after schoolIt saw Miller star as a private school student who becomes involved in the disturbing case of two young girls who die of a drug overdose. The movie once again saw them brilliantly portray a sadistic and complex character in some very dark ways. Sadly, given the sheer number of allegations and controversies surrounding the Millers off-screen, it seems that their knack for nailing dark roles sometimes goes hand-in-hand with a self-destructive path in reality, too.

4 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Miller in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Pictures Warner Bros

As Credence Barebone, Miller once again played a variation of their famously abused or troubled character. Only this one has some awesome magical abilities and aside from the intense drama, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald It was a blockbuster fantasy movie with plenty of action, quirky characters, and dazzling special effects.

While the movie and its sequel, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, were both critically panned, being part of one of the most iconic franchises in the world was still enough to command a great cast, a big budget, and be a box office hit. While the film may have left critics underwhelmed, Miller’s performance as a tragic and powerful antagonist is remarkable. Unfortunately, their role in it, and not the likes of brilliant actors like Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law, were enough to save it from the scathing reviews. Here’s a little bit of what Variety’s Andrew Parker had to sayI must say about it.

“The movie throws in plenty of plot twists, loud noises, and multicolored magic nebulae, but there’s rarely much tension, sense of adventure, or any real longing, just the feeling of watching one chess piece after another being moved into place.”

3 Justice League

Miller, Affleck, and Gadot in Justice League
Pictures Warner Bros

Ezra Miller has appeared as the iconic character, The Flash, in a few cameos now but Justice League It was the first movie where we saw them completely fall into character. The movie itself, and the DCU in general, have not yet been able to muster the same brilliance, critical acclaim, and massive box office returns as its main competitor, the MCU. However, seeing some of history’s most iconic superheroes finally reunite in a live-action movie is still a huge thrill for fans.

Miller gave these fans a proper first glimpse of their vision of the character, who turns out to be a funny and adorable version of the famous Speedster. While the character always seemed destined to play second fiddle to the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Miller Flash was able to hold the screen well alongside them and add some great comic elements and beautiful effects-driven scenes. In the process, the world was set for the upcoming standalone intense character film.

2 the perks of being a wallflower

Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The pinnacle of entertainment

Ezra Miller’s real-life relationships and his statements that he is a non-binary person who likes people of different races also related to the characters they played. in the perks of being a wallflowerAnd Miller played Patrick, an eccentric teen who is in a relationship with a popular but closeted high school football star named Brad. While Patrick and Brad’s relationship woes are a subplot, their story proves to have some complex underpinnings that showcase the full backstory of what made this movie so good.

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The film mainly revolves around a kid named Charlie Kelmakis, whose troubles with abuse and mental illness make it a multi-dimensional meditation on the complexities of trauma and adolescence. Famed film critic Roger Ebert himself gave the film a glowing review, which he begins by saying, “All my former self is still alive somewhere inside of me, and my former teen would have loved the perks of being a wallflower. Ezra Miller’s role in it earned them a slew of award nominations and wins and became another shining example of why the actor has earned such a reputation for his talent.

1 the light

Miller is like the flash
Pictures Warner Bros

As the latest and most anticipated entrant to the center console, the light It was a movie that finally gave fans the first stand-alone take on the legendary superhero in modern cinema. The movie itself proves to be an exciting ride, packed with plenty of entertainment, some great effects, a layered plot, and enough memorable cameos to satisfy even the most ardent comic book fan. Now that acclaimed filmmaker James Gunn has been tasked with helming the future of the DCU, the light It’s set to be an important movie because it resets the DCU’s future timeline and provides a foundation moving forward.

Miller certainly did a great job in the role, bringing a mix of fun cheesiness, plenty of humor, and a likable personality to the character. Sadly, the actor’s off-screen drama and struggles with mental illness have left their future as a character in doubt. While it has not been confirmed if Miller will continue to play the character, there has been much outrage and calls for the beleaguered star to be replaced in light of the differences between them.

This argument seems to have only escalated since then the light, which was set to be a smash hit but unexpectedly flopped at the box office – with many blaming Miller’s legal troubles and his claims for it. Only time will tell if Ezra Miller is able to get the help they seem to need and reach the potential they have clearly shown as a fantastic actor, or simply fade away like another talented self-destructed star.


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