At just 32 years old, she’s already had a more accomplished three-pronged career than most she’s known for. As a model, writer and actress, Time to challenge the contract they have on the transfer She initially found it a little more difficult than most until she landed a role on a popular teen sitcom. Although she has continued to appear in episodes of other TV shows, music videos, and movies over the years as well, her biggest success has come from her modeling career which has made her one of the most desirable women in the world.

She has been the spokesperson for famous brands like DKNY and Paco Rabanne and has been a model for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. She identifies as a feminist, to be named once Respected Woman of the Year, and she was later named one of the Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World FHM. With over 30 million followers on Instagram, she has become a marketing phenomenon and one of the most sought after models due to her reach. As an actress, she recently cited misogyny as the main reason for her stunning ad. Since it’s now unlikely that we’ll ever see her in a movie again, here’s a look at Emily Ratajkowski’s best performances over the years.

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10 iCarly


While still a teenager barely entering adulthood, in 2009, the popular children’s sitcom iCarly Emily Ratajkowski gave her major debut as an aspiring actress. The Nickelodeon show was a huge hit and was one of the network’s most popular shows, aiding the many stars who have appeared on it over the years. It has also been restarted and remains popular, even in its current form.

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Between 2009 and 2010, Ratajkowski appeared in two episodes of the show, playing a character named Tasha. While she had appeared in a short film and a small film production years earlier, it was this role that opened the door for her to a bigger role later on.

9 footnote

Ratajkowski at Entourage
Pictures Warner Bros

By 2015, Emily Ratajkowski had already made a name for herself as a model and was quickly becoming one of the most sought-after figures in the industry. footnote It was a popular show with such a large following that the movie continued to run after it ended. In the film version, Ratajkowski appeared on it as herself. The show, and the movie that followed, centered around the professional exploits of an A-list actor named Vincent Chase and his team of friends and therapists.

footnote She often had cameo appearances by celebrities and sports stars. In the movie, another character named Travis is infatuated with Emily Ratajkowski. However, he learns that Vincent is secretly dating her. Although the movie did not receive much critical acclaim, it was still a huge hit among many fans and followers of the show. Other celebrities who have appeared on the show include Christina Aguilera, James Cameron, Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, and Eminem.

8 spoils before death

Ratajkowski's The Booty Before Death
International Finance Corporation

Early on in her acting career, Emily Ratajkowski proved that despite being a model, she had a greater acting range than most give her credit for. As a character named Agent Day, she appears in the comic series spoils before death. A funny show that also starred a bunch of comedy heavyweights like Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, Ratajkowski appeared in three episodes of it. The show was hilarious, and unexpected because it packed so much SNL members cast in it. Ferrell saw her break into the lead as Eric Jonrush, an author and filmmaker who lives a life of outrageous excess.

7 The girl is gone

Ratajkowski in Gone Girl
Twentieth Century Fox

Only Emily Ratajkowski appeared in The girl is gone Briefly. However, due to the massive success and acclaim the film achieved, it remains the biggest film she has appeared in to date. The movie also came at a time when her fame and popularity were growing so it was another great launch pad for her career.

In the movie, she played a woman named Andie Fitzgerald. While her appearance was brief and her role short, she played it to her credit. Ratajkowski basically played the mistress of Ben Affleck’s character in a movie where his wife (Rosamund Pike) makes a man’s life a living hell because of his marital indiscretions.

6 easy

Ratajkowski's Plain

With her fame and popularity boosted by that point, Emily Ratajkowski has gone on to appear in comedy-drama anthologies, easy. The Netflix show was a little gem as each episode followed different stories that included recurring themes showcasing a variety of recent relationships.

The show ran for three seasons and saw the appearance of many other famous stars such as Orlando Bloom, Aubrey Plaza, and Dave Franco. It has also been popular and acclaimed, with an impressive 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ratajkowski appeared in an episode of Art and Life in the first season, playing a character named Alison Lisowska.

5 I feel beautiful

Ratajkowski in I Feel Pretty
stx entertainment

Emily Ratajkowski has often been a very vocal person about her political views and her status as a female role model. Her views on issues such as feminism often permeate her success and she’s told whoever she’s been outside of her modeling and acting career. When Mallory played in I feel beautifulAnd The role was something moving for her. As a stunning woman who main character Renee Bennett looks up to, Mallory served an important purpose because the movie was meant to be a comedy about female empowerment.

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Although Renee looks up to Mallory because of her beauty, Mallory later admits to having self-esteem issues and relationship problems as well, which leads to debunking Renee’s perception that her life is perfect. Regardless of the film’s great intentions, it has been criticized and accused of missing the mark and subjected to many opinions as to why. This is one of them from the New York Times.

The film suggests that the only thing holding a regular-looking woman back is her belief that a regular-looking appearance holds her back at all. This attitude places the onus on women to improve their self-esteem rather than criticize societal beauty standards. The truth is, expectations for women’s appearance have never been higher. Go on, it has become taboo to admit it.

4 in the dark

Ratajkowski as Veronique
vertical entertainment

In one of the last films Ratajkowski has appeared in so far, she played Veronique in the 2019 film, in the dark. The movie was a low-budget thriller that saw her star alongside Natalie Dormer (game of thrones), which starred a blind pianist named Sophia Mackendrick.

Veronique is Sofia’s neighbor and they have a friendly relationship despite her being the daughter of a man who appears to be a Serbian benefactor but who was accused of war crimes during the Bosnian War. He is also currently suspected of running a criminal organization. Sofia becomes embroiled in a twisted plot when Véronique gives her a mysterious USB drive before he is killed.

3 welcome home

Ratajkowski's Welcome Home
vertical entertainment

Despite what critics think of the film, welcome home It was definitely an interesting movie. The movie paired Ratajkowski with something of a soulful thriller Too bad The star, Aaron Paul. Playing a couple trying to mend their relationship after she is caught cheating during a drunken encounter with a co-worker, they decide to stay in a remote rental home in Italy.

They soon encounter the handsome and mysterious owner of the property who proves to have sinister motives. What follows is a harrowing journey for a couple as they are manipulated and put in danger by a man who uses his home in ways that make you never want to book an Airbnb again. While the movie was panned critically, it was entertaining and had some sinister moments that gave it a racy edge.

2 blurred lines

Ratajkowski in Blurred Lines Video
Star Trak Recordings / Interscope Records

Emily Ratajkowski has often made headlines for being outspoken about the misogynistic attitudes she faced in Hollywood. The star also caused quite a stir when she mentioned in an essay for her memoir that singer Robin Thicke once groped her on the set of the now famous music video for the hit song, blurred lines. The song itself was controversial and described as misogynistic for highlighting sexual violence and the treatment of women as sexual objects.

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Despite all the drama surrounding it, the music video and Ratajkowski’s now-legendary performance played a huge role in her career. While the raunchy video featured other stunning women doing some steamy moves in skimpy outfits while dancing with Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams, it was Ratajkowski that stood out to many as the cutest among them.

Her appearance in the video opened the doors to her modeling career and helped propel her to the massive success and following she would enjoy. As controversial and mired in other allegations as the video has evolved, there’s no denying that it remains one of her most memorable performances across any medium, nor the fact that she was an outrage in it.

1 We are your friends

Ratajkowski in We Are Your Friends
Pictures Warner Bros

In all fairness, Emily Ratajkowski has always been much better at turning heads for her modeling prowess and good looks than for her acting skills. Although she was a decent enough actress, she was often skewered as attractive only for acting appearances because of her looks and because she was a bit deadpan in roles. Unfortunately, these types of offensive opinions may have contributed to her decision to stop acting.

While no one is saying she’s likely to win an Oscar any time soon, there have been glimpses of the fact that she was perfectly capable of being a leading lady and portraying likable characters in the right context. Romantic drama 2015 We are your friendsWatch Ratajkowski star alongside Zac Efron playing a struggling young electronic DJ in the movie.

Ratajkowski’s character, Sophie, ends up trapped between two best friends while the movie delves into some very dark places like infidelity and drug overdoses. Coming through with its baptism of fire storyline, the film proves to be a compelling watch, with Emily Ratajkowski superbly playing her role in it. Far from just being pretty, she also managed to bring some great layers of charm to the character which gave Sophie a complex but very charming personality.


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