Ashley Johnson She is an actress who started out as a child and has had a very diverse career. Although not all child actors make the decision to commit to the job when they grow up, there is no doubt that these early days influenced Johnson’s career. In fact, she’s made quite a name for herself, mostly in co-creation and co-popularity Dungeons and Dragons web series decisive role.

From the Ashley Johnson movies and TV shows, we see that she isn’t afraid to branch out into new things. She has been seen in several different mediums, be it live action or animation. It’s also in a lot of genres, including fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and crime drama. No matter what you know about her, she excels at playing the role that was made for her, and she’s thrilled to be involved in a project.

10 Jumanji


After the release of the famous movie with Robin Williams, Jumanji It became an animated TV show. Using the film as a basis and inspiration, the show follows children Judy and Peter Shepherd who find the clay painting game. They are given a clue each turn before being drawn into the game itself and forced to solve it, and keep coming back to try and free Alan Parrish, another player trapped in the game without any clue to solve it.

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Johnson voiced Peter Shepherd, which showed her acting prowess from a young age as not many people were chosen to play the opposite sex. His immaturity and the problems he causes due to cheating run rampant throughout the show, and Johnson’s voice really helps convey those traits across the screen.

9 growing pains

The Seaver family of growing pains

comdian theater growing pains It is all about the lives and mishaps of the Seaver family. With a family of six at its peak, there is definitely a lot of chaos going on. Dr. Jason Seaver, a psychiatrist, works from home and takes over child care to allow his wife to return to her job as a reporter. This means he’s often in the middle of whatever shenanigans the current ring has in store for the family, and his work gets interrupted a lot.

Johnson entered the show for the past two seasons, playing the younger, Chrissy Seaver. Despite still being so young during these seasons, both in character and in real life, Johnson brings their youngest daughter to life in ways no one else can. From getting into her own trouble to letting her brothers influence her and getting involved in some of their problems, there isn’t a moment when Johnson won’t enjoy being on screen.

8 blind spot

Ashley Johnson at Blindspot

blind spot It is a crime drama centered around the appearance of a heavily tattooed woman who does not remember anything from her past. When FBI agent Kurt Weller’s name was found among the tattoos on her body, he was called, and they began examining the tattoo further. It is revealed that her tattoos actually contain various clues to the crimes they have to solve, and as the seasons go on, more and more are revealed about who this woman is and how she got to this position in the first place.

Johnson plays a leading role in the show as Patterson, the head of the FBI’s forensic unit in charge of studying and identifying tattoos. She’s an important character in the plot’s resolution process, and it wouldn’t be the same if Johnson wasn’t bringing the role to life.

7 recess

The main group of children at the holiday

Show animation recess It brings an elementary school to life, from classes to regular teacher interactions to an entire community created within the confines of a playground during recess. The main characters are six fourth graders who simply live their lives, but this amazing group of friends actually tends to rebel against the rules, King Bob, a sixth grader, tries to impose them on the school and its students, but they don’t do it without getting into trouble now and then. and the other.

Johnson voices Gretchen, one of the six main children. Smart but naive, Gretchen is a clever kid who seems out of place in the rest of the group but is actually an invaluable part of the team. At the same time, she feels that her friends are more important than finding someone on her intellectual level. Johnson brings her to life so well, perfectly showing her empathy and intelligence so we can really understand the character.

6 Ben 10

Gwen from Ben 10 Alien Force
Cartoon Network

the Ben 10 The franchise has seen as many shows, movies, and actors as it has gone on over the years. It follows Ben Tennyson throughout his young life, often as a child or teenager, and his struggles to protect Earth and, occasionally, various places around the universe. To do this, he wears a watch-like device called the Omnitrix that incorporates alien DNA and allows the wearer to not only transform into these aliens but gain their abilities as well. While the original had ten aliens, his options expanded as he added more DNA to the machine.

Johnson joined the cast Ben 10: Alien Force He went on to portray Gwen Tennyson, Ben’s cousin and an important character in the shows. She is a strong girl whose character is only helped by having Johnson behind her as she offers her assistance to fend off alien threats.

5 The Avengers

Ashley Johnson in The Avengers
Walt Disney Studios

The Avengers is the movie that put the MCU into action. As the first team-up movie of the series, it had a lot to bring these heroes together, and it was ultimately well executed. When the tesseract was stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D. by Loki, they already knew they were bested by their agents alone. So, they choose two heroes and bring them together to take back the tesseract, exposing the threat of an alien invasion in the process.

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Johnson has a minor role in The Avengers, but it’s still very important to the characterization of one person: Captain America. An important part of her performance appears in a deleted scene, where she works as a waitress for Captain America in a New York coffee shop and is unaware that he does not understand the technology she keeps talking to him about. However, we see her again in the Battle of New York, where she is one of the hostages trapped by the Chitauri and is rescued by Captain America. She is also seen on the news talking about how Captain America saved her life. Despite his small size, he still plays an important role in helping to show the human side of these heroes.

4 Teen Titans

Most of the Teen Titans, including Terra
Cartoon Network

the Teen Titans They are a group of heroes, often seen at or younger than most of the other DC heroes. It is often regarded as one of Cartoon Network’s best shows. The show gives us an inside look at these heroes, from some personal details about their lives to their highs and lows in the crime-fighting business. Each of the five seasons has an overarching plot focusing on one of the characters, and all the while they have to deal with the differences in personalities between themselves so that they can work together to save the day.

Entering the second season as the hero Terra, Johnson joins the team while secretly using her position in the Inner Circle to plot against them. She is conceited and somewhat narcissistic, characteristics Johnson has no qualms about bringing to life on screen. She also reprises her role in the spinoff series, Teen Titan Go!

3 infinity train

Tulip Olsen and one from the Infinity Train
Cartoon Network

infinity train It is a rather uniquely positioned animated show. As the title suggests, the show is set on a seemingly endless train as it travels through a somewhat wasteland. However, its vehicles host a myriad of environments that don’t seem possible and are often whimsical. Each season focuses on a specific group of passengers as they navigate through the cars and complete challenges that end up helping them resolve personal issues and traumas so they can live better lives.

Johnson voiced Tulip Olsen and Lake in the first two seasons, and these are the main characters going through their own traumas. With a whimsical setting undercut by a serious story, it’s nice to see Johnson in this piece bringing humor and emotional streaks to help keep everyone interested.

2 The last of us

Ashley Johnson in The Last of Us

Based on the movie of the same name, HBO’s The last of us It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A viral fungal infection has swept the world and started turning people into horrifying zombies, causing the collapse of society as we know it. Joel is a reluctant survivor, whose past trauma has hardened him and caused him to act tougher. That is until Ellie comes by and needs him to escort her out of town and away to the hospital due to her apparent immunity to the virus.

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Johnson plays a minor role in the show as Anna, Ellie’s mother. Although this role is poignant when we see her in flashback, it’s Johnson’s past performance that really counts. In the video game, Johnson is the voice of Ellie, bringing the main character to life with all her charm and wit and turning the game into something people care enough to want to see more. Without Johnson’s involvement in this series, there is no doubt that it would not have been a success.

1 Vox Machina legend

Pike Trekfoot in The Legend of Vox Machina
Amazon Prime Video

Vox Machina legend is an adult animated show based on the original Dungeons and Dragons The campaign, which was broadcast online by the group known as decisive role. These friends, their characters, and the story they built together became such a hit that they turned into their own company, and soon the animated show for their first campaign was born. A group of heroes known as the Vox Machina gets lucky when they come across a bounty dragon. After successfully killing the monster and earning its reward, they soon discover a plot to take over the city which also happens to be connected to one of the member’s pasts.

Johnson voices Pike, the gnome cleric in the series. The casting made sense, since Johnson was part of this group of friends, and Pike was her character in the game. Despite being a holy person, she still has her ups and downs and is willing to do anything to protect her friends and family. This fiercely loyal gnome has a spark that only Johnson could create or bring to life.


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