Decision making can be difficult sometimes. You are faced with so many choices on a given day that by the time you sit down on your couch to watch something, you end up with something you’ve seen about a hundred times. It’s easy, and you don’t really have to actively choose it. Sometimes you want to see what someone else has decided is good for you. Pressure can also help make a decision easier when you have an impending deadline that you can see clearly. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with April’s best movies out Hulu.

This month’s lineup ranges from dark and moving to gritty and action-packed. Not a happy month, except for the peaceful documentary that rounds out the end of this list. Despite their outward appearance, many of them will strike you somewhat unexpectedly. So what’s first new on the chopping block? Let’s dig in.

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Filth (April 14)


This is definitely a weird movie. If you like trainspotting, You will at least like this one. It has a clever plot to it using the style of an unreliable narrator. A film about Scotland by the same author, starring a police officer who tries to get his way to a chief inspector. He will get his woman back and turn his whole life upside down. The only problem that gets in the way of all his hopes and dreams is that the guy is a complete buffoon who is addicted to sex. One of those movies where you wonder if you’re even watching the good guy or just a lonely guy walking around crazy. A clever screenplay that ranges from hilariously irreverent to depressingly dark at any given moment, this is well worth the time if only to watch James McAvoy’s acting.

The Green Mile (30 April)

A scene from the movie The Green Mile
Warner Bros.

Do you feel sad for two hours? We have the movie just for you. This is a movie about the lives of two death row vigilantes as they go about their jobs. But their lives change dramatically when they encounter a man named John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), who has been accused of the rape and murder of two young women. They soon discover that he has the power to heal people and apparently perform miracles. If you are a fan the shawshank redemption, This has the same exit, so you’re at the same time.

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Scarface (April 30)

Pacino in Scarface
Universal Pictures

“Say good night to the bad guy!” This title earned the coveted X rating, a rarity in the 1980s feature films. The exclusive MPAA movie label truly He hates belonging to extended porn and extreme violence. In short, a great movie. This film stars Al Pacino in perhaps his most memorable role as Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who comes to America and wants the world. It chronicles his rise to drug lord during the ’80s, so you already know he’s a certified classic. Al Pacino, a believer in method acting, may or may not have actually been consuming as many drugs as his on-screen counterpart devoted to the role. He’s certainly a staple of the movie, despite being one of the first real big bad guys. When you think of shows like Too bad, It all started here.

FIFA (30 April)

FIFA (2015)
Magnolia Pictures

Continuing the Cuban theme, this is an intriguing film about a young man who finds great confidence in the world of drag. While he loves and is good at work, wrinkles appear when his father comes out of nowhere to express his disapproval of his chosen profession. The strange thing is that the movie was directed by an Irishman despite it being a Cuban film, they speak Spanish. The movie is primarily about their relationship, and how they begin to reconnect after being separated for many years. If none of this interests you, the movie is worth a watch just for the cinematography. The sights and sounds of Havana are brought to life in this movie in a way you don’t see often in movies.

The Cable Guy (April 30)

Carey in The Cable Guy
Sony Pictures launch

Most people will remember Jim Carrey as a funny guy for good reason. Playing Ace Ventura can have this effect on a person’s legacy. But when you’re an actor, it’s important not to get sucked into doing one thing. You can lose your mojo if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone. That’s what Jim Carrey decided he was going to do Cable technician. This movie is a bit like if Jim Carrey did one of his characters, but the part goes on too long. This means that the bizarre anomalies are not funny but instead take a much darker turn. Suddenly a personality from Dumb and dumber It violates your privacy and will not return home. This kind of one-sided relationship is probably even more relevant today than it was when it was released, as it shows a lonely guy desperately trying to make a boyfriend, but doesn’t know exactly how. her shades Ingrid goes west This way it shows the girl who will do anything to have a boyfriend.

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi (April 30)

Gyro Dreams of Sushi
Magnolia Pictures

Finally, this documentary follows a man who many consider to be the greatest sushi chef of all time. He was the first man ever to receive three Michelin stars for his restaurant in Japan. The film follows his life and the legacy he tries to leave behind for his son, whom he eventually has to entrust his life’s work to. It’s quite a journey to watch a man who has spent his entire life striving for food perfection have humility to say he still has room for improvement.


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