Spoiler alert: based on a true season 1 storyJust when you think Based on a true story It will be about couples coming together for laughter and tears. Like any friendship, the plot turns into a winding road towards the city of murder. The series follows Ava and Nathan Bartlett, who appear to be an ordinary, happy couple. They have friends with whom they share a lot of time, and they participate in normal activities as most adults do. Ava has her podcasts and Nathan is, well, demoted, but together, the two are strong.

Although life is going well for Ava and Nathan, they become strangely obsessed with The Westside Ripper, a serial killer who is believed to have killed a local woman after a night out at the pub. Nathan and Ava instantly blame someone new in their life. They offer not to turn them in if they participate in a podcast about murder.

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Nathan is approached by the cops, and he is caught in a lie about knowing the dead girl. Fearing they will be blamed for the murder, Ava and Nathan devise a plan to stay as innocent as possible. They still believe the killer is who they think he is, and are waiting for them to respond to their suggestion. In the end, they take the bait, but things are not as easy as they seem.

With every episode there is a mystery. Who killed whom? Cast Kaley Cuoco as Ava, Chris Messina as Nathan, and Tom Bateman as Matt create an eerie tone in between the ordinary happy times. They make you wonder who the killer is and if this murder is related to The Westside Ripper. Let’s take a look at some of the standout moments from the show.

Murder in the mind


When Nathan loses his job, it starts spinning in his wife’s head. She, a pregnant realtor who listens to crime podcasts, is already engrossed in a murder, so the tale of The Westside Ripper has crossed her mind several times. With more time on his hands without a job, Nathan and Ava create a podcast about the local serial killer. They plan to take in Matt, their plumber, who they believe is the killer. However, Nathan and Matt were seen together on the night of the final murder, so Nathan may know more than he is first led to believe.

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Matt takes the bait

Based on a true story

When Nathan approaches Matt to be a part of his and Ava’s podcast, Nathan walks away without a word. Days later when the police question him about his whereabouts the night of the murder, he says he was with Nathan. Since the police were already on his tail, Matt decided to be a part of a podcast about his 20+ murders as The Westside Ripper. Although he deals with the truth behind a fake voice on the podcast, Ava and Nathan don’t know that Matt is a murderer.

Can Matt keep his promise?

Chris Messina and Kaley Cuoco based on a true story

In exchange for Ava and Nathan not turning Matt to the police, Matt had to promise never to hurt anyone again. However, he comes across one of his only surviving victims, so she claims, the foam at his mouth begins to loosen. He approaches her arrogantly. He chose to blackmail the alleged victim into using her money for personal affairs. Fearing what will happen next, as Liar is now revealed, she jumps from upstairs at the party at which they crossed each other’s paths. Although Matt didn’t kill her, he did drive her to suicide, which leads to more problems down the road.

Ava gets caught in a big lie

Based on a true story

When Ava runs into her friend Ruby who Nathan and Matt overhear talking about being the creators behind the podcast, based on a true story, Their secret is far from being kept. Not only that, but she finds her blazing phone that comes out of her pocket which contains all the text messages about Matt being the serial killer. Ava denies everything in a panic. However, she cannot linger long in lies. She tells Ruby that she and Matt are devastated and had to confront Matt about faking murder stories in order to make money. Ruby believes her at first, but not for long.

The podcast is cancelled

Based on a true story

since Based on a true story Containing murderous and outrageous content, the podcast is pulled from every platform on which it was released. Then Nathan comes up with a plan to get around the rules of their scary, honest stories. This leads Matt to ask if he can kill again, as he misses cuteness. He sets his sights on Ruby, and becomes closer to her. But it gets worse than that. When Matt disrespects her on her date, Ruby returns and decides to blackmail Nathan for what he said to her when he was high on drugs. What was said is not revealed, but all clues to the first murder begin to lead towards Nathan.

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Nobody is safe

Based on a true story

The end of Season 1 is one of the biggest thrills, leaving viewers eager to know what happens next. Before the end scene where Robbie’s husband Simon walks in on Ava and Nathan to clean up her blood on their kitchen floor, Matt’s new relationship is revealed. Not only will Ava and Nathan have to worry about what to do with Simon, they’ll have to come up with a way to save Ava’s sister Lianna before her new boyfriend, Matt, kills her.

Based on a true story It may not be based on a true story, thankfully, but the cast makes sure to make every scene as realistic as possible. The comedy thriller was released exclusively on Peacock in June this year. A second season has yet to be confirmed, as the producers likely waited for the overall success of the series when it was released recently. However, if Based on a true story approved for a second season, there are so many ways the plot could go, which makes the anticipation even stronger.


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