During a recent interview with Variety, star Jon Bernthal Discuss returning for the second season of The bear and the “tense” dinner scene with Bob Odenkirk. In “Fish” (6th episode of the second season of The bear), viewers go back to the Perzato family’s previous Christmas. The episode features Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Odenkirk, John Mulaney, and Sarah Paulson, and sees Bernthal return to play Carmy’s (played by Jeremy Allen White) brother Michael.

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While sharing his thoughts on the relationship between the Perzato brothers, Bernthal said, “I think the things we don’t know are almost as interesting as the things we do. I think that’s the great thing about creating characters that are super complex and nuanced. This show is very personal for these creators. These It’s really their story. It’s, in my opinion, the only way to make really beautiful television, and that’s why I’m so honored to be a part of it.”

He continued, “I only know a few bits of information and we know, obviously, what Mickey’s fate is. A lot of times, when we really love people and realize our toxicity, our hopelessness, his being in the state he’s in…it feels like this shop and the way He runs with it and everything around him was this enormous Albatross, a kind of run down to the ground. He is shrouded in desperation, and wants to keep his brother away from him. He wants to keep his brother pure, and he would sometimes show that in jealousy and jealousy.”

the reckless The star added that he can show a different side of his personality. He said, “What I was so grateful for on this run with Mickey is when you look at the perspective and you look at what happened last season with that little scene that they had, Karem was almost looking at it from a pedestal. [about] He remembers his bravery, what a beautiful novelist he was, his charm, how larger than life he is, how he could walk into a room and have everyone in the palm of his hand. Through the lens of memory, it was such a sweet celebration of this man.”

He added, “But this year, they’ve really shown the other side — his ugliness, his damage, his hurt, his pain, the parts that aren’t quite in sync. And to get a little glimpse into just how hard the world has been for him, it’s a daring storyteller. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to dig in.” In the wound of their personal history. I think you really had to see his wound and his pain and his damage, and they don’t want his brother to be a part of that.”

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Jon Bernthal said that every take of the dinner scene was “completely different”.

Later, when asked how he and Odenkirk managed to create such an explosive dinner scene, Bernthal said, “The tension builds up in the room. Every time we went and did it, it was completely different—someone new showed up and did this new bubble of intensity or dread. It was intense.” The tension is there, because everyone has come to play and everyone really knows what they’re doing. And the material is so great.”

He added, “With Bob, I’m a huge fan of him. I thought he was a perfect choice. He was just so frustrating to come to me, and vice versa! When you have an environment like that, everybody’s willing to be a little bit dangerous, because there’s a lot of confidence there. Lots of love and everyone is so loyal.The goal then begins,Okay,how can I shock this person?How can I scare this person?How can I do something they will never expect?How can I lose myself in this?When you create an incredibly creative atmosphere And incredibly safe, the danger isn’t that hard to find. It was really fun! It was such a great stage act, and it’s really rare.”

the fury The actor also mentioned that every take he shot was different and noted that there were definitely some improvements built into the scene.

He said, “Oh, turning the tables definitely wasn’t scripted. But it’s still a testament to Chris. I was like, ‘Hey, man, you gotta let me get crazy at least once!'” “I do a lot of hands-on stuff and realize how huge the reset is, the food is neatly laid out and it’s very specific and a character in itself.”

Bernthal added, “It definitely gave me the green light. It’s funny when you work with directors, especially in TV, because sometimes they give you the green light, but then it’s like, ‘Maybe just save it ’til the end.” Chris was like, “Go, Are you.” I think the most fun thing for me really, in that scene, is to be off camera and just to maintain that intensity, keep fighting with Bob and see everyone else’s reaction. It was a pleasure to do so. “


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