After the award-winning premiere season, The bear He’s back on Hulu with a list of guest stars. The critically acclaimed series’ sophomore season once again welcomed its core cast, led by Jeremy Allen White as Chef Carme Perzato, and welcomed in Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, and Gillian Jacobs in guest roles, with Molly Gordon joining To the cast in a recurring role, Jon Bernthal reprises the role of Carmi’s brother, Michael.

In a recent conversation with IndieWire, The bear Director Jenny Bacharach discussed the casting and casting process for the second season. The sixth episode is titled fish, saw the acclaimed guest stars, along with White and Bernthal, get together for a raucous family dinner where Curtis appears as Donna Perzato, the matriarch of the family; Odenkirk is “Uncle” Lee Lin. Paulson and Mulaney portray Cousin Michelle and her boyfriend, Stevie; And Jacobs shows Tiffany, Cousin Richie’s ex-wife. Bacharach explained:

“We’ve heard about these characters, especially Donna (Curtis), a little bit about Uncle Lee (Odenkirk). So it wasn’t a ‘let’s go get a lot of celebrity,’ it kind of happened in place that way because we just needed an appearance.” These characters very much and understanding who Carmy is, why Carmy, why Michael (Berthal) was Jamie Lee was one of the guys again on our initial list, but there were a lot of people we talked about and yes, she’d be great, but the woman is about to win We found out about some other people, but ended up going back to her, and then when we talked to her agent, she was just a huge, huge fan of the show — going back to when the show was so successful. The heart of this show is really the people in these characters, and the ideas about love and family and healing Forgiveness and grief have affected people very deeply.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis calls Donna Perzato the role of life


Bacharach says that while they were exploring other options for the role of Donna, they eventually landed with Curtis. In an Instagram post, Curtis shared the news of her casting, saying she knew from the first episode of the series that she would end up with the role of Donna, adding: “Don’t ask me how. I just knew.” A year later, after the huge success of the great first season, Chris Storer offered me the role. the age “.

For Odenkirk, Bacharach says it sparked an idea Better Call Saul According to series creator and co-director Christopher Storer, since Odenkirk is from Chicago, she knew Storer placed importance on “having people who really embody that world.”

Perhaps the most incredible thing about the episode, which has already been heralded as one of the best of the season, is that none of the guest stars read together before they were cast. According to Bacharach, this was thanks to Storer and co-director Joanna Calo’s understanding of “who fits” and those who were looking to spin-off the series “for the right reasons”. She said:

“It wasn’t anyone’s big paycheck, it wasn’t about the money for anyone. It was really about wanting to be a part of this show. So I think you just take a leap of faith knowing what you know about these actors and how they’re going to come and land in this world.” Chris and Joanna were both talking about how just the first two days of shooting that episode, it was magical. They were there to deliver the piece, they were excited to be there and ready to go. It wasn’t about, ‘I need my moment.’ I need to shine. I need the spectacle to be around me. ‘I think it’s just about people with heart coming in to tell the story.'”


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