the horror type Movies have been around since the inception of cinema, which makes them a very important genre as well as one that can be very difficult to pull off.

Horror is also a very popular genre with hundreds of movies coming out every year, and not everyone is able to climb to the top because of the huge amount. Here are 10 who didn’t get the love they deserved at the time of their release, plus some forgotten classics.

10 Patrick Schwarzenegger – Daniel Isn’t Real (2019)

Samuel Goldwyn Films

A disturbing psychological horror, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, that will keep you guessing what’s real and what isn’t. The film is about a young boy named Luke who witnesses the aftermath of a traumatic accident and invents an imaginary friend to help him cope. The imaginary friend, Daniel, must be locked up figuratively after Daniel convinces Locke to try to kill his mother. As an adult, Luke is aimlessly and anxiously trying to bring back his imaginary friend to help him figure out his life. Daniel, also now an adult, is played by a charismatic and aggressive character Patrick Schwarzenegger, who constantly wears the best fashion. By gaining confidence and getting better grades in school, Daniel seems to be helping Luke with his life again.

This movie quickly takes a dark turn once Luke realizes what Daniel’s true intentions are. Schwarzenegger, on a coin flip, turns into a malevolent, manipulative maniac and delivers a terrifying, Oscar-worthy performance. Schwarzenegger stars in this Cronenberg-esque horror flick that will make you question reality’s fascinating take on mental illness and toxic masculinity. Daniel is not real.

9 Mark Duplass – Creep (2014)

Mark Duplass in Crepe

Patrick Price is directing this limited-budget and starring found-footage horror film Mark Duplass Like the titular crawl. Price also stars as a videographer who answers an online advertisement to help film a dying man’s last words to his family. It turns out that things are not what they seem when Duplass, as the dying man, taps Bryce for increasingly darker messages. Starring only two men and a video camera, it is set in the middle of an uncharted lot in an architecturally bewildering home.

crawlingis a deeply unsettling movie because of Duplass’ creepy performance as a deranged, lonely man who doesn’t want Price to leave. Impressively, Duplass also walks a fine line between being incredibly scary and strangely sympathetic at times, which is a huge testament to his performance. Although this short only stars Brice and Duplass and takes place mostly in one location, they both give compelling performances, crawling A psychological black comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

8 Lakeith Stanfield – Get Out (2017)

Get out
Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele’s masterpiece that launched his amazing career directing horror films, gave him a lot of goodwill in Hollywood and made him a critical darling. Daniel Kaluuya plays a young black man who visits his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, which starts out relatively normally, then takes several unexpected turns when he discovers the true intentions of his suitor. This movie is very much about the black experience living in America and it’s very evident in the movie’s great opening scene Lakeith Stanfield. Get out It opens with Stanfield walking alone at night through an upscale suburban neighborhood and being followed by a sports car with completely tinted windows.

Just being black in America can be terrifying in and of itself because of the possibility of being killed just for “looking suspicious” and walking down the street at night can be enough to fit that description. Stanfield and Bell demonstrated this very well, using only visuals, which is very challenging. Stanfield is also the focus of the film because he’s Kaluya’s first clue that something more serious is going on in this house when he freaks out at the family gathering, grabs Kaluya by the shirt, and yells his signature catchphrase at him: “Get out!” In two scenes, Stanfield steals the show with a subtle yet incredibly emotional performance in this fantastic horror flick.

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7 George C. Scott – The Exorcist III (1990)

Twentieth Century Studios Distribution

This criminally underrated sequel to the classic of the same name was released nearly 20 years ago and stars its great George C Scott. Scott plays a police lieutenant who investigates a series of gruesome murders that has the same modus operandi as the Gemini killer who was caught and executed fifteen years earlier. He is then called by a patient in the psych ward of a hospital who claims to be the second coming of the Gemini Killer.

Scott gives a stunning performance as a stoic, jaded senior detective who realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew when things go wrong with his investigation. The movie takes unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing as the mystery unfolds. Scott gives a truly terrifying performance in William Peter Blatty’s play The Exorcist IIIAnd which was an unfortunate box office flop on par with anything from the original Exorcist.

6 Nicolas Cage – Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

Nicolas Cage in Vampire Kiss
Hemdale Film Company

you can say Nicolas CageIn his most deranged performance, he plays a literary agent who believes he is turning into a vampire after meeting and returning home with a strange woman he met at a nightclub. One year after Cage’s breakout performance in The Coen Brothers Arizona hike and Norman Jewison absent-mindedCage is already going for the full cage we all know and love, even though he was only 24 at the time. He totally commits to the character, wearing fake vampire teeth and screaming the entire movie. Once upon a time, Cage was running through the streets of New York City shouting “I’m a vampire!” And eat a live cockroach.

Although the screenplay, written by Joseph Mignon, may lack a coherent narrative, Cage delivers one of the most insane performances ever that should be admired and studied by acting students everywhere. There is also no real confirmation whatsoever if this is a horrific story about mental illness or if Cage is actually turning into a vampire. The former is the most interesting, with Nicolas Cage giving a massive performance in the character study which is fantastic Vampire kiss.

5 Bill Paxton – Close to Dark (1987)

Bill Paxton holding a gun
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

The late great Bill Paxton Stars in the cult horror classic Kathryn Bigelow near dark. After a young man named Caleb is bitten by a woman he met at a bar, he becomes involved with a group of vampires who travel to the southern United States. Once Caleb finally transforms, he refuses to kill people in order to feed on them, which sets him apart from the other vampires in the group. Paxton gives a charming yet psychotic performance as Severen, one of the members of the vampire group.

Severen is a vampire who enjoys killing more than the rest, which immediately puts him and Caleb on opposite sides. In the end, Caleb tries to stop the vampires, and one of them who fights the most is Paxton, who refuses to die, showing how much he enjoys being a vampire. Incredibly bizarre, beautifully shot, and intensely violet, Bill Paxton steals the show in the ensemble cast of one of the best vampire horror films ever made.

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4 Jeffrey Combs – Re-Animator (1985)

Empire International Pictures

wonderful Jeffrey Combs Stars in Bloody Stuart Gordon re-animation, which is the classic combination if you’re looking for a great horror movie. Combs stars as Herbert West, an overzealous medical student who wants to find a way to bring the dead back to life. He kills many people on his journey to cheat death, including his professor, and gets his unwilling roommate to participate in his schemes. Combs goes wild on this one which makes you fear how far he’s willing to go in his scientific endeavors because we see he’s willing to kill and doesn’t care who’s involved.

Things get out of control very quickly when the people resuscitating them become bloodthirsty monsters and they have to figure out how to stop them. Combs displays West’s obsession with not wanting his creations destroyed, while realizing that he has gone too far and that it was the right thing to do. Jeffrey Combs is an amazing actor who gives an exceptional performance in Gordon re-animationplus all the horror movies he was in throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

3 Margot Kidder – The Sisters (1972)

A woman in sunglasses and a man in a towel in Sisters
American International Pictures

He is best known for playing Lois Lane in Christopher Reeve Superman films, Margot Kidder She was also in many horror films early in her career. Her first big movie was Brian De Palma Sisters She plays the twins, one of whom is a cold-blooded killer and the other her partner who helps her clean up the murders. One day, the killer twins kill a man in the other’s apartment and one of them sees him from across the street, and they try to prove that Margot Kidder’s character is a killer.

Kidder deftly plays two very different characters with the help of De Palma’s classic split screen which not only adds tension but makes everything feel incredibly urgent. Kidder is terrifying in this movie when she is the killer’s evil twin in this early slasher film. Kidder gives a commanding performance in the early De Palma classic that solidified both in the horror genre.

2 Colin Farrell – Free Night (2011)

Fear Night Colin Farrell
Dreamworks Images
Walt Disney Studios

A remake of Tom Holland’s (Not That) 1985 horror classic of the same name, Colin Farrell He plays the smoldering neighbor of Charley Brewster, played by the late great Anton Yelchin, who suspects he might be a vampire. Farrell has a lot of fun playing with Brewster because he knows no one will believe him to be a vampire. Farrell is evil all along trying to kill Brewster’s mother and girlfriend, but he’s not going to stand by and let it happen.

Brewster prepares to battle Farrell to end his reign of terror in the small town. So much more than a horror comedy, Farrell knows exactly how to strike the right tone with his character, never acting too serious and never acting silly so the stakes are kept high without being overdone. Terrifying night Incredibly violent, Colin Farrell leads the pack with a deeply enjoyable yet deeply intense performance in this underrated classic that’s arguably even better than the original.

1 Gael Garcia Bernal – Old (2021)

Old Star Gael Garcia Bernal leads Marvel's Werewolf by Night Halloween Special
Universal Pictures

One of M. Night Shyamalan’s recent classics, old is an exaggerated horror movie in which a group of families are taken to a beach where time is sped up so that an hour there equals several years. Gael Garcia Bernal He plays Jai, a husband and father of two, who is currently discussing the possibility of getting a divorce with his wife. Once they reach the beach, he has to deal with the fact that his family is rapidly aging in front of him. Jay finds himself in a terrifying scenario, where he is unable to see his children grow up properly over the years instead of within a few hours. Eventually, when he starts to get old too, he loses his sight so he won’t see his children grow up anymore.

Garcia plays this tragic horror movie really well because the devastation of the character is on full display and makes the audience understand how important time is and that we should cherish every moment we have with our loved ones. Garcia delivers a powerful performance in one of Shyamalan’s best films in a long time which was criminally underrated and was an unfortunate bomb at the box office.


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