documentaries We have a way of uplifting us by providing real-life inspiration that the imagination can only dream of. While it’s fun to watch fantasy movies when you’re feeling blue, they don’t have the same impact as documentaries, because of their narrative representation. In addition, documentaries also act as a continuous flow of information, presenting facts and statistics, enriching our knowledge and making watching productive and active.

Whether it’s been a gloomy day, or you’re feeling a little gloomy, a feel-good documentary might work for you. Here are 10 of the most uplifting documentaries that will improve your mood, leaving you with a positive aftertaste.

10 Senna (2010)

Universal Pictures

This documentary is based on the life of Brazilian National Champion and Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, highlighting the three-time champion’s racing career and his untimely death at the age of 34. Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia, Cinnamon tree It’s fast paced like a race car and will make you feel a whirl of emotions from elation to sadness in a couple of hours.

9 Octopus Master (2020)

Craig Foster in My Octopus Teacher.

My octopus teacher Widely considered one of the best documentaries of 2020, it is about director Craig Foster’s unusual relationship with an octopus.

Explore this extraordinary bond between human and animal, My octopus teacher He transcends the language barrier that normally inhabits us from animal communication as he intricately plots Foster’s relationship with the octopus, evolving from curiosity to admiration.

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8 Pepsi, where’s my plane? (2022)

Still image from Pepsi, Where's My Plane
Corridor photos

In documenting the fight between David and Goliath, Pepsi, where’s my plane? It dives deep into a court case fought by John Leonard and PepsiCo, while Leonard tries to win a fighter jet in the Pepsi sweepstakes.

On the surface, this might look like a tense courtroom drama-documentary, but that’s not quite the case. While working within the courtroom drama, Pepsi, where’s my plane? It is also educational and informative in its approach, which makes the docuseries uplifting and hilarious watch.

7 Three Identical Strangers (2018)

Three identical strangers

A bittersweet exploration of the influence culture and nature have on individual upbringing, Three identical strangers It tells the story of identical triplets separated at birth and reunited as young adults. Their reunion was a highly anticipated global phenomenon that also came under the scanner of the moral implication of separating siblings to study the impact of their upbringing.

Moral concerns aside, Three identical strangers It is essential viewing, as it has provided us with clear insights into the direct influence of nature and surroundings on nurturing.

6 20 feet from stardom (2013)

Still 20 feet from stardom
Tremolo Productions

Oscar-winning Morgan Neville is a love letter to the music industry, with an active focus on the backup singers who contributed songs by Rolling Stones, David BowieAnd Elton JohnAnd among other things. 20 feet of stardom Filled with nostalgia and heartfelt moments from lives on both sides of stardom, Neville isn’t shy about asking and tackling tough questions like exploitation and manipulation in the music industry.

5 Dancing with the Birds (2019)

Screenshot of Dancing with Birds

dancing with birds It is a pure and light documentary that explores the courtship dances and rituals of different species of birds around the world. The movie is an essential show for nature lovers especially bird lovers, as it goes into tremendous detail about different aspects of bird behaviour, making it both educational and entertaining.

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4 Chef’s Table (2015)

Massimo Bottura at the chef's table

Diving deep into the world of culinary magic, David Gelb’s docuseries shine a spotlight on some of the world’s most famous chefs and the secrets behind their style and inspiration. From Dario Cecchini’s Tuscan butcher to Demigod Massimo Bottura’s gastronomy, this Emmy-nominated chain is a total delight for foodies from around the world.

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3 Looking for the Sugar Man (2012)

Screenshot of looking for sugar man

Looking for a sugar man More a journey than a movie, it follows two South African fans who set out to discover the fate of their musical hero, against the backdrop of the 1970s. While he is a revered demigod in South Africa, back home in the United States, mysterious rock and roll singer Sixto Rodriguez was on the verge of giving up his music career.

Malek Benjelloul’s documentary is simple, yet full of substance. It tells the story of a man who played music because he loved it, believing in its magical power, rather than focusing on the frivolous nature of the fame it brought with it. Upon the film’s release, it won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary Feature, along with the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

2 Stranded: I Came From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains (2007)

Still stranded
Independent television service

Stranded: You have come from a plane that crashed on the mountains It is based on the true story of the horrific plane crash that saw two players of Uruguay’s rugby team stranded in the Andes Mountains. Cut off from the world and stranded in the middle of nowhere, the survivors have resorted to gruesome acts of cannibalism, violence, and blood.

Despite being a harrowing tale, the documentary has a bittersweet ending, brilliantly illuminating humanity’s fighting spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

1 Gyro Dreams of Sushi

Gyro Dreams of Sushi
Magnolia Pictures

A perfect blend of food and art, Jiro Ono is a chef in his eighties whose perfectionism has catapulted him to international fame. Documentary filmmaker David Gelb documents Jero at his three-Michelin-starred restaurant, capturing the culinary creations of the Japanese master, while also discussing everything from food to creativity and everything in between.


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