directly to the video Action movies, also referred to as direct-to-video (DTV) action films have been around for a long time. Cannon Films made them popular throughout the ’80s, and once they left, PM Entertainment picked up the slack throughout the ’90s. Although there is no single official production company doing it today, there is one man single-handedly keeping the genre alive: Scott Adkins. He is the star of some of the best DTV action movies and has been helped a lot by the popularity of action movies like John Wick And Raid: Redemption.

Adkins and Keanu recently shared a screen together in John Wick: Chapter 4, showing their respect to each other for revitalizing this kind of movement, which has kind of gotten old for a while there. Although there are about 1,200 DTV action movies shown each year, here are 10 of the best.

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10 Revenge (2019)

Samuel Goldwyn Films

It starred distinguished actor Scott Adkins as the brother of a crime boss who lands him in prison and is looking for revenge. Jesse F. Johnson revenge It is the best DTV action movie to come out in recent memory due to its greasy and beautifully shot sequences.

Johnson is one of the most prolific directors in the genre due to his impeccable skills with the camera and the assistance of Adkins. Adkins is one of the greatest martial artists working today and is the star of several Johnson movies and many other DTV action movies. revenge is a triumph of action cinema that may not have the most narrative chops but makes up for it with some really cool fight choreography.

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9 Drive (1997)


Not 2011 driving Starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, this driving Stars Marc Dacascos in his prime and Kadeem Hardison from different world. Dacascos plays Toby Wong, who has a bio-device implanted in his chest by the Chinese government that allows him superhuman abilities to escape their control, but they want their product back. Dacascos goes on an escape trip with the help of Hardison, whom he meets on one of his many adventures to escape from the Chinese government.

Dacascos, known mostly in the United States as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Iron Chef America and zero in John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumAt peak performance he performs the best fight choreography and stunts ever. driving Is a very funny movie, a must see for any fan of the action genre.

8 Universal Soldier: Judgment Day (2012)

Universal Soldier 2 movie review

Unlimited insight
Magnet launch

John Hyams’ second film universal soldier The franchise is a direct sequel to the original 1992 film as well as the previous one Universal Soldier: Regeneration, ignoring the two TV movies that came before. More than an action horror movie, due to the impressive POV sequences and extreme violence, Universal Soldier: Judgment Day is a high water mark in the world of DTV. It has rightly been compared to the works of David Lynch for its surreal stance and unsettling atmosphere.

This also stars Scott Adkins, who will appear a lot on this list, as the man who is out to get revenge on the man who killed his family. Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) was the original hero of the franchise and is now the leader of a terrorist group. Stunningly directed and sometimes disturbingly violent, Universal Soldier: Judgment Day It is unlike any other movie of this kind.

7 Boyka: Undisputed (2016)

Scott Adkins - Boyka
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Another DTV hit starring the great Scott Adkins, this time reprising his role as the titular Yuri Boyka from the previous Undisputed The movie in which he accidentally kills a man in the ring makes him wonder why he’s fighting in the first place. In an attempt to pay for his sin, Boyka goes to visit the man’s wife, who is having financial problems with a local crime boss.

Boyka offers to fight for her freedom, but in order to free her he must endure a series of hardships Game of DeathStyle matches with each opponent stronger than the last. Once again, Adkins’ martial arts skills are on full display as he takes down one enemy after another, expertly directed by Todor Chapkanov, who shoots in wide shots with minimal cuts to make sure you know Adkins is the one doing the choreography.Boyka: Undisputed A great addition to Undisputed franchise and the world of DTV that has a lot more interest in it than most.

6 Action: USA (1989)


Like all great action movies like John Wick And Atomic blondeAnd Work: USA Directed by stuntman Jon Stewart (no, not that). A woman is placed under the protection of two FBI agents after her boyfriend is murdered by gangsters in revenge for stealing their diamonds. A masterclass in stunts that will keep any action movie fan on the edge of their seat because all the stunts in this movie are one hundred percent real.

In an age where CGI can’t be used, especially with such a low budget, Work: USA Incredibly nervous for their process and will make you wonder how they managed to pull it all off. with explosions galore, RoninGreat car chases, guys flying off buildings left and right, what more could a DTV fan ask for?

5 Ninja (2009)

Scott Adkins Ninja 2009-62
The first sight

This time Isaac Florentine teams up with Scott Adkins, who plays Casey, a Westerner who studies ninjutsu in Japan, and is tasked with protecting a crate of ancient weapons after Sensei is killed by transporting it to New York. Once in New York, he is soon accused of murder and must run from the police. very violent, Ninja It has a distinctly comic book vibe due to Zack Snyder’s bright red CGI blood splatters 300.

Once again, Adkins does his best to do some stunts and hand-to-hand combat, confidently helmed by a Florentine, who knows exactly how to make these scenes look easy. One of the best Adkins games, Ninja A perfect team up by Florentine and Adkins is a must see for any action movie fan.

4 Accident Man: Holiday Killer (2022)

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Adkins returns once again teaming up with directors George and Harry Kirby, both brothers and stuntmen, in this sequel to the first Accident man Directed by Jesse V. Johnson. We find Adkins in Malta, trying to start over after the events of the first movie, and he has a duty to protect the ungrateful son of a mafia boss who beat him up in exchange for the mafia boss not killing him. friend. Also with a comic book feel due to the neon lighting and extreme gore, Adkins has to contend with a real cast of characters who are all looking to kill the spoiled son.

From a real ninja to a killer clown wielding a sledgehammer. If that description doesn’t get you excited, this probably isn’t the type for you. Accident Man: Holiday Killer It is the culmination in the world of DTV action shows that Adkins hasn’t lost a step since the beginning of his long career.

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3 Ip Man (2008)

Ip Man - vs. Black Belts
Mandarin Movies

Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen are Jesse V. Although yip ip man I got a theatrical release in China, it was straight to DVD here in the US. A biographical film in which Yen plays the titular Ip Man, the legendary Wing Chun master who went on to teach Bruce Lee. Set in 1938 when China is occupied by Japan before the United States enters World War II, a man Ip must figure out a way to survive and keep his family safe.

Excellent choreography from both Yen and camera work, this movie spawned three more sequels and a spin-off, making this the beginning of an amazing franchise. Incredibly loyal and arguably Donnie Yen’s best performance, both emotionally and physically, ip man is a must-have for any self-proclaimed fan of the genre.

2 Rage (1995)

Rage Gary Daniels 2

The exact definition of a DTV movie from the ’90s, Joseph Merhi anger He hits Earth by having a schoolteacher taken in by corrupt government agents who decide he is the perfect specimen to start their “Super Soldier Program”. He inadvertently wakes up in the middle of these experiments and instantly knows how to kung fu his way out of these government laboratories. is similar to Work: USAThis is just a 90 minute showcase of some impressive stunts.

Clearly inspired by the films of Jackie Chan, with plenty of bangs, Merhi made one of the most iconic American action films of all time. With cars exploding on impact and people hanging from helicopters, anger It is a classic movie in the DTV action movie collection.

1 Flashpoint (2007)

Donnie Yen Flashpoint
Mandarin Movies

Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen team up again for this epic Chinese action movie that was also only released on DTV in the US but received a theatrical release in China. Yen plays a young, impulsive detective who single-handedly deals with a Chinese-Vietnamese gang. Arguably Yen and Yip’s best work yet, based on stunts alone, not to mention the impressive hand-to-hand combat.

Yip shows off his impressive skills over the course of this tight 90-minute show, by having Yip run along walls and shoot men out of the air. Plus, this movie ends with one of the most technically impressive and brutal fight scenes in the DTV genre. flash point It has some of the most exciting and exciting fight choreography ever, aided by Yip’s superb camera work, making this one of cinema’s best action movies.


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