In a TV show that involves a huge amount of lore and world-building, it’s safe to assume that many strange storylines will be explored. That was certainly the case with The CW’s long-running fantasy show, supernatural. It has attracted an incredibly dedicated fanbase over its 15 years on the air that has been dutifully invested in every messy storyline. The lives of the Winchester brothers and their encounters with whatever happened in the night have become a staple of the week for many viewers. The boys always faced some kind of threat, whether it was a monster of the week or a world-shattering disaster, we were always on our guard.

Whether an episode made us cry or made us laugh out loud, there was always something in every episode that made us react. While there were certainly many sad or devastating moments on the show, there were just as many, if not more, funny ones that are still funny to this day. The show has focused less on the horror aspects as the seasons have gone on and has instead perfected its own unique brand of quirky humor. On top of that, the show was very self-aware, making for some of the best comedy on the show. With 327 episodes in the catalog, there are plenty of hysterical moments on the show, so here are ten of the series’ funniest episodes. supernaturalRank:

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10 “Wishful Thinking” (Season 4, Episode 8)


Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are visiting a small town in Washington state in this episode when they learn of a woman who has seen an apparition and instead of being haunted by the ghost, it helps her. Then the brothers are visited by a little girl named Audrey who claims her teddy bear is still alive. They are skeptical at first, but then Audrey opens her bedroom door to reveal a giant teddy bear sitting in front of the TV and then yells at them to close the door. Dean opened the door again for the dolls crying about how awful the world was and wondering if he was only there to attend tea parties. Dean was completely afraid of the suicide doll, and his facial expressions were priceless. The rest of the episode followed the boys running around town trying to stop people’s wishes from coming true.

9 “Bad Day at Black Rock” (Season 3, Episode 3)


There was something really special about the previous seasons supernatural. In the third season, the brothers are at odds with skilled mercenary Bella Talbot (Lauren Cohan). So, when they got a call about the theft of a storage unit in upstate New York that belonged to their dad, they scrambled to get there. While there, Sam found a rabbit’s foot that would provide luck until the owner lost it, which would then lead to that person’s death a week later. Sam soon loses his footing, thanks to Bella picking it up from him. Sam’s luck was awful throughout the rest of the episode which made for some hilarious scenes.

From planting the face on the floor to Sam telling Dean “I lost my boot” in a defeated voice to Dean announcing “I’m Batman!” The episode was laughable from the start. It ends up on a funnier note when Dean realizes that Bella stole the winning lottery tickets he won while in possession of a rabbit’s foot.

8 “Dog Dean Afternoon” (Season 9, Episode 5)

Dean the supernatural afternoon dog

By the ninth season of supernaturalSomething completely strange was expected to happen to the Winchester boys, usually Dean. In the fifth episode of the season, Dean experiences his Eliza Thornberry moment when he gains the ability to communicate with dogs. With the help of their loyal, prophetic friend Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), Dean cast a spell to be able to talk to canines when a German Shepherd was the only witness to a murder. Dean and his friend bond with the dogs throughout the episode by sticking their heads out of the car window and playing fetch. By the time Dean starts barking at the mailman with the dog, he’s starting to become more like a dog than a human.

7 Fanfiction (Season 10, Episode 5)

Supernatural story

Unsurprisingly, the tenth episode titled “Fan Fiction” wasn’t the show’s first time, nor was it the series’ most self-conscious. The episode followed Sam and Dean as they visit a high school theater program to investigate a tragedy. Much to the brothers’ surprise, the production the teens were putting on was a musical version of their lives based on the books Chuck had written.

The boys had hilariously uncomfortable reactions to whatever high school students were portraying in the musical, with Dean infamously declaring “There’s no singing in Supernatural!” Sam and Dean had to listen to kids dressed up as various people from their lives shouting things like “Idjit!” while also talking to the teens who are in their costume. It was a ridiculously comedic episode that basically saw everything from previous seasons made fun of.

6 “Mystery Spot” (Season 3, Episode 11)

Super hot moment

The eleventh episode of Season 3 is undoubtedly one of the most memorable episodes of the entire series. when supernatural Fans listening to Asia’s hit song “Heat of the Moment” immediately thought of this episode. Thanks to Trickster (Richard Speight Jr.), Sam is forced to live the same day over and over while watching Dean die in a different way each day. About halfway through the episode, an incredibly frustrated Sam sits down at the same diner as Dean and repeats literally everything Dean was about to say in a hilarious sequence that basically roasts Sam. Dean’s various deaths become more bizarre as the days go by, with even a piano falling onto his body Looney Tunes style.

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5 “Ghostfacers” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Ghostfacers Supernatural

Often a pain in the neck in the eyes of the Winchester brother but a source of pure entertainment for fans, the Ghostfacers were one of the funniest groups of characters in the entire series. Season 3 had many hilarious episodes, and Episode 5 was no exception. The brothers go to a supposedly haunted house to investigate a case their father failed to solve years ago where they unexpectedly encounter the Hellhounds as well. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the boys find themselves stuck in a bar ghosts The pilot episode of their reality show. Sam and Dean had to try to solve the mystery while keeping the bumbling amateur ghost hunters alive.

The episode was filmed in a found footage style and the opening title card and credits were replaced with ghosts Trait. To add to the episode’s absurdity, Dean would shout one obscenity after another obscenity, only for them to fall asleep acoustically as if he were on a reality show.

4 “Scooby Natural” (Season 13, Episode 16)


By Season 13, fans had become accustomed to the other situations the Winchester boys found themselves in. However, the 16th episode of Season 13 was startlingly weird even for supernatural. The episode saw Dean, Sam, and Castiel (Misha Collins) move from the live-action world to the animated world of V.I.E.L.D Scooby Doo. The boys team up with the Mystery Inc. gang. Famous for solving a ghostly mystery. Dean was excited about the entire episode, even excitedly shouting to Sam, “Look how big my mouth is!” He also lived out his fantasy of eating as shaggy. The crossover occurred on a 1970 episode of Scooby-doo where are you!but with little supernatural Swings, including a real ghost and Dean hitting Daphne all the time. The episode ended all the way Scooby Doo The episode ends, but this time with an ecstatic Dean saying the famous catchphrase, “Scoobiedoo!”

3 “Yellow Fever” (Season 4, Episode 6)

Supernatural yellow fever

The sixth episode of Season 4 is the absolutely hysterical episode where Dean was afraid of everything. The episode opens with a terrified Brigadier running away from a “killer” Yorkshire Terrier. Yes, you read correctly. Yorkshire Terrier. It is later revealed that Dean has a disease that literally scares its victims to death. He and Sam scramble to find a cure for the disease, with Sam doing most of the work due to Dean being afraid of everything.

This is the same episode where Dead infamously tells Sam “That was scary!” Right after screaming at the top of his lungs when a cat came out of the closet I opened. Not long after he told Sam he wouldn’t make a left in oncoming traffic because he wasn’t suicidal, leaving Dean very puzzled that he had that thought. This is also the same episode that featured the hilarious Jensen Ackles where he performs the Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger” for the entire cast and crew.

2 “Changing Channels” (S5, EP 8)

Supernatural sitcom episode

After a woman adamantly announces that her husband was killed by The Incredible Hulk, the boys realize they’ve been dealing with the Trickster again. Sam and Dean find themselves caught up in yet another of his elaborate schemes in TV Land. From embarrassing commercials to game shows to lampooning well-known sitcoms, the brothers had to play themselves in various forms of TV shows.

Adding a laugh track to Supernatural and watching the Winchesters pedal happily on a bicycle through a sunlit park was very different from what the show usually was, cementing it as a fan favorite episode. The episode even put the boys on a Japanese game show where Dean miraculously starts speaking Japanese (without knowing what he was saying) to win the game show.

1 “The French Mistake” (S6, Episode 15)

The ultimate French mistake

“The French Fault” is a first-rate episode of supernatural It is considered the best. Quite possibly the most meta show in the series, the episode follows Sam and Dean after they are transported to an alternate universe by Balthazar (Sebastian Roche) where supernatural It’s just a show, and Sam and Dean are not real people. Instead, they had to pretend they were the actors playing the boys, Jensen Ackles, and something called Jared Padalecki. So the two brothers were going around trying to be Jensen and Jared, who weren’t real in their minds. Misha Collins also played herself in the episode as Castiel, and the real Misha Collins even tweeted fake tweets that Misha was tweeting during the live broadcast of the episode. The episode consistently broke the fourth wall, giving us one of Dean’s most memorable lines, “Oh crap. I’m a drawn bitch.”


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