When it comes to famous weapons in movie history, there is no shortage. Characters have used weapons to achieve their goals since motion pictures were first launched in Hollywood. Some are used as tools for good, while others are used to advance evil plots and evil agendas. Whatever their use and whatever the owner, not all weapons are created equal, and some are far superior to others in terms of sheer coolness.

Exactly what makes one gun “cooler” than another is mostly subjective, but there are a few obvious choices that most people agree on. The following list contains the coolest weapons in cinematic history, and only counts weapons that can be carried, thrown, or worn (without transforming into a full suit like Iron Man).

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10 Indiana Jones Franchise (1981 – Present) – Whip

Paramount Pictures

The inclusion of the whip as a weapon remains unconventional in action films, and no series of films has given the whip a more memorable appearance than Indiana Jones series. In fact, only one character in film history has ever rivaled Indiana Jones’ finesse with leather skin – Catwoman, from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

What prevents Michelle Pfeiffer’s whip from being included is simply the fact that it came second, or rather, fourth in the iconic whip wielding saga (Pfeiffer’s credit, however, did teach her to drive the weapon to remove the heads of four mannequins — all in one fell swoop) . An item notoriously difficult to use, Indiana Jones

9 The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003) – Hierogrim

New Line Cinema

the Lord of the rings This franchise has so many iconic and memorable weapons that it was decided to limit the series’ entries to just one. That’s right, the Ring of Power didn’t make this list, nor did Sting, nor did Anduril. It’s time for Hierogrim to receive some much-needed love and attention.

Its design far surpasses any medieval sword in the history of cinema. Its magnificent golden handle is the stuff of legends and the sword appears to be a perfectly balanced single-armed blade if needed. After Theoden’s death The return of the kingThe mighty sword deserves to be retired and displayed in the halls of Rohan.

8 Green Lantern (2011) – Green Lantern Ring

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in Green Lantern
Pictures Warner Bros

The Green Lantern ring is perhaps the greatest weapon in all of the DC Universe, and it’s definitely the coolest weapon featured in the worst movie on this list (a pretty rough feat, since it’s #9 from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie). Whatever the reasons for it being a weak film, Green Lantern It showcases the ring’s massive power and does a fair amount of justice in showing that it’s a weapon that relies solely on willpower.

It may be a little cheesy, but wielding a cosmic weapon that literally lights up the emerald color of will and the strength of determination and imagination of its owner is an amazing concept. Hopefully, the upcoming TV series will deliver the right story and treatment of legends such a legendary weapon and character deserves.

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7 Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008 – present) – Captain America shield

Spider-Man with Captain America's shield in Captain America's Civil War
Walt Disney Studios

Certainly one of the more iconic items on this list, Captain America’s shield is as good a tool for offense as it is for defense. Its lightweight fiber make-up gives the shield the ability to be cast by whoever wields it, and its bouncy, boom-like movement gives it constant use and mobility.

In defense, he can withstand an attack from almost any weapon (except for something as rare as Thanos’ double-edged blade wielded by the evil Titan in Avengers: Endgame), and is a great close or long range combat repellent. But the best part about this armor? Its simple yet stunning design gives it an edge over any other shield out there.

6 Spider-Man (2002) / Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) – Green Goblin Pumpkin

Goblin bomb
Sony Pictures launch

Yet another Marvel entry (and the first villain to make this list), the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs are undoubtedly one of the coolest grenades in film history. Sometimes, they act as a normal explosive device, capable of destroying anything within a radius of 20 feet. In other moments, they transform into homing blades, giving Spider-Man a constant workout of body and mind.

However, its best function is its breakup feature, as shown in Spider Man Where the Goblin takes revenge on the Oscorp Industries board members. He simply throws an individual pumpkin bomb onto the porch, and every major official in the company is reduced to skeletal dust. It begs the question, why didn’t Ole Guppy use it more often?

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008 – present) – stormbreaker

Thor stormbreak
Walt Disney Studios

Marvel’s final entry (they were allowed to have multiple entries because the MCU and other Marvel movie projects exceed 40 movies), Stormbreaker may actually be the most powerful cinematic weapon ever found within any universe. The Starborn Ax, with Groot’s Bone as its handle, slices its way through the powerful Infinity Gauntlet that already has all 6 Infinity Stones attached to it! It cuts right through Thanos’ defenses and digs deep into his chest (and then decapitates Titan as well).

This certainly indicates that Thor’s new ax is a weapon of almost immeasurable power and potential. In lesser hands, Stormbreaker would be the problem to deal with. Hopefully not, even if Stormbreaker continues to evolve a mind of its own and Thor and the great weapon “disintegrate” one day.

4 Harry Potter series (2001-2011) – Elder Wand

Elder Wand
Pictures Warner Bros

While the Sword of Gryffindor undoubtedly has a case for being on this list, the Elder Wand is the most powerful wand in all of the Wizarding World, and that simply cannot be ignored. Its immense power is on display every time its current owner, whether it be Dumbledore, Voldemort (although he was never a master of the wand), or Harry Potter, himself, uses it to enact any spell.

The Elder Wand also comes with a twist – it’s only loyal to its master, and looks a lot like a Dark Saber The Mandalorian In the star Wars Universe, the stick must also be won in the “fight”. This is clearly the exact loophole that leads to Voldemort’s destruction, adding to the importance and impact of the Elder Wand on the Harry Potter franchise.

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3 Goldenfinger (1964) – bowler hat hat

Oddjob from Goldfinger
United Artists

If the whip is an obscure action movie weapon, where does he put a hat? Oddjob, the iconic henchman of Goldfinger and 007’s great villain himself, James Bond, is capable of decapitating a statue (and later killing someone) with a game of Frisbee as simple as throwing a hat! Even though the bowler hat “only” gets one kill in the movie, it’s still one of the coolest weapons to ever make its way to the silver screen.

The crowd saw parachute guns, percussion bombs, and blaring cricket lasers (men in black), but a hat that could cut a stone statue is something to be remembered forever. As a bonus, it was included in the 2002 video game, James Bond 007: Nightfire, It was one of the best gameplay features any kid from the 90’s and early 2000’s should remember.

2 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) – Saba

Twentieth Century Studios

Please do not think of this entry as a joke. no, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (in film or television form) will never win awards for Best Acting, Story, Reality, or Production Costs. What the movie and series did, however, do was a great concept, tons of heart, and badass outfits, weapons, and costumes for its heroes. Saba is no exception to this rule, a sweet-looking swordsman who is also a sentient life form, capable of offering Tommy Oliver advice (and someone to talk to in his many one-on-one battles).

In the Mighty Morphin movieSaba only appears briefly, as he is called to cut a rope at a construction site. The craziest part of the scene – Saba uses her laser eyes to cut the rope! Yes, the sentient swordsman also has laser eyes, can talk, and can summon the mighty Tiger Zord. This is a great example.

1 Star Wars franchise (1977 – present) – Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Is the coolest weapon in the history of cinema a shocking surprise? of course not. Since its debut in star Wars In 1977, a lightsaber was the obvious choice for a list like this. A retractable sword with a color of choice (or as a representation of a character’s good and evil allegiance) that can cut through almost anything? How could it not be the coolest weapon that ever shows itself in a movie.

Unfortunately, the coolness of the laser sword has also led to its overuse in recent years, with the story focusing on the weapon itself rather than the larger Star Wars universe around it. This overabundance and unfortunate plot lines don’t make Lightsaber any less awesome, thankfully. Maybe it just makes them shine a little less bright.


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