The Big Bang Theory Introduce the world to a group of science geniuses and fun-loving nerds. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, and Amy become a fantastic mix of characters in a format that highlights the family dynamic at hand. With Penny, the only one without a real science background, her love of acting, the entertainment industry, and pop culture helps anchor the show with a character who is more relatable to audience members who aren’t as fascinated by scientific discoveries as the rest of them. The main characters.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t relate to the audience as well, showing off the group’s love of comic books, chaotic group of friends moments, and brilliantly funny stories.

When searching for another show to watch that shares a few qualities The Big Bang TheoryThere are many shows that show similar traits, be it through the comedies of a select family unit or the science approach displayed in science fiction and fantasy shows. Whether you use these shows to better understand the jokes made The Big Bang Theorywant to watch a show with similar characters or comic catharsis, or enjoy the sci-fi that Sheldon was so fond of, there are so many shows that could be your next binge-watch.



Another series that shares the eclectic family dynamic, no one is more important in the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Chandler than each other. They rely on each other for glamorous and passionate moments. They watch each other up and down. They are present at each other’s weddings and childbirths. There is never a moment small enough to bring the gang together, and the mix of characters and romance found within the group keep things funny and interesting.

the desk

The cast of The Office

In a series you rarely see the central characters leave the workplace, the desk Brilliantly messy as it depicts the love-hate dynamic portrayed between many of the show’s main characters. Old rivals, Jim and Dwight eventually form a love-hate bond. They drive each other crazy, but their friendship creeps up when neither of them is paying attention.

Likewise, Michael Scott’s habit of going too far and not noticing how his actions affect his colleagues, who don’t have the courage to hate him, is also similar to Sheldon’s effect on his friendships. Along the same lines, both Michael and Sheldon belatedly admit that they care about the rest of the group.

the light

The Flash Grant Justin
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Consider how often comic books and superhero movies are mentioned in The Big Bang TheoryIt will be a great show to see the light. There have been many references to the comic book character over the years, from Sheldon’s shirt to Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, and Howard all dressed up as The Flash. the light Fits with the science fiction element The Big Bang Theory He loves to play a lot, as the show follows Barry Allen, a man whose life is changed forever after he is struck by lightning.

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Mom Kristi and Bonnie

Bonnie and Christie’s striving to stay level-headed is at the heart of most of the series. Along the way, the show shifts. Initially, the show focuses on portraying Christie and Bonnie’s dynamic as a mother. As Christy tries to raise her children, she must deal with her mother’s constant presence in her life after years of complications between them. But with the passage of time, Mother It turned away from Christie’s children and instead focused on the mother-daughter relationship between Bonnie and Christie and their group of friends who strive to stay sober and the circumstances that might interrupt it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn99 Jake and Amy

The scattered group of detectives are smart and know what they’re doing, but they don’t always act that way. From the earnest and direct Captain Holt to the charismatic, childish Jake Peralta to the devious Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Filled with many vivid characters. They bounce off each other in wonderful ways, from the comedy and back-and-forth romance that Jake and Amy portray to the friendships and relationships that develop along the way.

Young Sheldon

Ian Armitage as Sheldon Lee Cooper
Warner Bros. Television

For anyone who loves Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon It is the place to experience his background firsthand. While the show misses out on the range the adult counterpart would experience, the adventures of a younger Sheldon follow his life starting in high school and moving on to college. while Young Sheldon Doesn’t quite match The Big Bang Theory Raw interpretations of Sheldon’s past, he still brings a lot of heart and comedy to the characters and storylines.

The good place

The good place

Instead of science, this group focuses on philosophy, ethics, and ethics as they try to figure out a way to get to The Good Place. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael, and Janet are a mixture of a human, not a girl, and a demon. They’re not the most unlikely team, but they are the group that gets the job done. They play off each other perfectly in their personalities and in their narrative. The good place It features numerous plot twists over its four seasons, and completely wraps up its story in the series finale.

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Weird things

Stranger Things why the series has to be set in the 80's
21 Laps Entertainment

Whether it’s the fantasy elements inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, the reliance on the science the central characters must use to save Hawkins, or how the main group of characters trust each other without anyone else, Weird things Delivers an emphasis on the science fiction and fantasy genres while mixing in a coming-of-age story. The group must constantly save their town from the Upside Down, especially when Vecna’s arrival threatens the townspeople as well as the central characters.

Phineas and Ferb

Oh, there you are, Perry Phineas and Ferb

This sexy group of friends always knows what they’re going to do today. Science-and-engineering-loving Phineas and Ferb spend every summer day building crazy inventions with their best friends, Isabella, Baggett, and Buford, while inviting the rest of the kids in town to join in on whatever large-scale invention they come up with. With episodes also tying the series to Marvel and star Warsa show about young engineers and scientists that has an unexpected and delightful sense of humor for all ages would be very appropriate.

Star Trek

Nimoy in Star Trek

Given the number of times The Big Bang Theory Direct references Star TrekIt makes perfect sense to watch the show, which has inspired so many references. Star Trek It is a pure sci-fi show with various spin-offs. Star Trek It offers a different look at the future of humanity, and although the series has a lot of comparisons star WarsThe two franchises have a lot of differences in presentation. The Big Bang Theory Even featured several guest stars from the show’s cast.


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