Gwendolyn Christie She has been a darling to fans ever since her breakout role in game of thrones. Since then, the English actress has been working hard, appearing in multiple movies and series streaming across platforms like Disney Plus and Netflix.

Here, we’ll break down the best projects Kristi has contributed to, using Rotten tomatoes Tomatometer to generate rankings for this list. We’ll also refer to other statistics, such as box office success and commercial response. While other criticisms may be included, the Tomatometer will be front and center, with the critic’s percentage rating appearing in parentheses next to the entries.

10 Lake Peak – 83%

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top of the lake It initially follows a police detective played by Elisabeth Moss on a gruesome mystery, but Christie’s involvement in the show won’t come until Series 2, titled Top of the Lake: China Girl, where she will portray a new detective who is hired as Moss’ partner. The public offering will prove to be a compelling English drama as the two detectives will investigate the murder of a young Asian girl. When delving into taboo topics like child sex trafficking, the show never strays from the horrors humanity is capable of.

9 Phlox Gourmet – 85%

Gwendolyn Christie Flox Gourmet (1)
IFC Films

The first film to make the list, and despite its impressive score on the Tomatometer, Gourmet Flux (2022) is in no danger of becoming Christie’s most famous work. The film follows the performers who come up with sonic sounds of food.

For those who might be curious as to why this movie is loved only by art critics, we’ll refer you to diverseThe words of Peter Debruge in lieu of the trigger warning: “Indeed, Gourmet Flux It might send audiences running to the bathroom, or reaching for a barf sack, as close to triggering a reflex as the movie does without jamming a finger down your throat.”

8 Our friend – 85%

Teresa is backpacking in the Grand Canyon
Gravitas Ventures

Our friend (2019) follows the story of three people, a couple, and their best friend. When Nicole (Dakota Johnson) is diagnosed with cancer, Dane (Jason Segel) decides to stay with her and her husband (Casey Affleck) to help keep up at home.

While Christie wasn’t one of the leading trio, her contributions were still felt in the film, with each member of the cast providing happy moments and bringing tears to the audience’s eyes; Many critics praised this movie. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was such that the film was released in January 2021, failing at the box office to achieve even a tenth of the $10 million budget.

7 Sandman – 87%

Gwendolyn Christie as Lucifer Morningstar

While the latest Netflix phenomenon, Wednesdaywere not on the list (rated at 71% on the Tomatometer), and Christy’s performance in hypnotist It will still bring her some growth and recognition. In this hit series, Christie plays Lucifer Morningstar, the King of Hell.

While he was initially supposed to be the same Lucifer portrayed by Tom Ellis, The CW’s The devil He got so carried away with the plot that the production team sought out Christie in an effort to get the character back into shape. Christie will once again show off her fighting skills, appearing in an epic fight scene against one of the main characters of the series.

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6 Game of Thrones at 88%

Game of Thrones best quotes in the series

The series that catapulted Christie into the spotlight, and it only comes halfway down this list. Known as the Brienne of Tarth, Christie is a lady who will act as a warrior throughout the series, protecting kings, ladies, and prisoners alike. While many fans were hoping Brienne could save Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) from his infatuation with his sister, the duo just won’t be. Although, Jaime would honor Brienne by formally knighting her, a title she had long deserved.

5 Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi – 91% Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi – 91%

Finn faces off against Captain Facima in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Reprising her role as Captain Phasma one last time, Christie’s work in this film will be brief but memorable, with her character arc serving as the antithesis to Finn (John Boyega). Christie’s face is never shown as she constantly wears battle armor, a criticism some audiences have noted.

After a pitched battle with Finn, Vasa eventually falls to her death in the burning wreckage of the ship. With many speculating that director Rian Johnson has made major changes to J.J. Abrams’ plans, there are some who are wondering if Phasma has an intended place in the third act of this trilogy.

4 in the fabric – 91%

Terrifying picture of Enfabrik
Curzon’s eye prosthesis

And now, we’re looking forward to Christie’s performance in a horror movie. in the fabric (2018) is based on a demonic outfit that appears possessed and causes terror to anyone who crosses its path. This film allows Christie the opportunity to briefly showcase her comedic and horror skills, two aspects she is not known for. The movie would be highly praised, if only for it New York timesGlenn Kenny stated that it was “director Peter Strickland’s most impressive, intriguing, and fantastically uninhibited work yet”.

3 Personal history of David Copperfield – 92%

Murdstone in The Personal History of David Copperfield
Scout photos

An all-star cast is set to tell the story of David Copperfield, and Gwendolyn Christie can count herself among them. Christie plays Jane Murdstone, the hostile aunt-wife of young David who constantly bullies him, and has a hand in making him the rebellious young man he is known for.

The film would be a huge hit, but it would not break even, with a box office haul of $14.4 million compared to a budget of $15.6 million.

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2 Star Wars Resistance – 93%

The captain is his name
Lucasfilm Animation

In Journey to the Animated World, Christy will reprise her role as Captain Facima Star Wars Resistance. In this animated project, Phasma is often seen giving orders to the storm troopers and acting as a looming presence that the Rebels fear and aim to sabotage. The character will be seen in person in three different episodes of the first season, and then can be seen via holograms on different occasions. He would end up replacing Christie as voice actor in the second season before the series saw an early end to cancellation.

1 Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (93%)

Gwendolyn Christie Star Wars Captain Physma

Make its big screen impact in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), Christy will make her debut as Captain Vasme and instantly stand out as one of the main villains of the trilogy, seemingly taking on Boba Fett’s (Jeremy Bulloch) legacy of armored and fearsome individuality.

The film will mark the beginning of bringing the franchise back to theaters years later, and Christie will join Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and more to help lead a new generation into a galaxy. Far too far.


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