In a world where movies are “packed” with gorgeous visuals, dynamic sequences, and beautiful actors, shooting a movie in black and white is a calculated stylistic risk. While many studios are uncomfortable with black-and-white films because of their bleak perception of the market, the monochrome format provides the perfect contrast between where reality ends and where cinema begins.

The black-and-white format is usually favored by authors and artists, as they attempt to create a unique cinematic experience that provides a funky break from traditional films. While color films may be entertaining and engaging in the moment, black and white films are deep and satisfying, and hold a place in our hearts and minds forever.

10 White Ribbon (2009)

Laden movie

Michael Haneke white tape It begins as a children’s story before gradually devolving into a meditation on the genesis of violence and the gruesome shadows it casts on society. Told as an example, Haneke’s film provides a closer look at how evil spreads and where it comes from through still photography and colorless visuals.

white tape It makes disturbing use of the monochromatic approach to add a visual layer to the nature of violence, while being mysterious and observant in its opinion.

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9 Taboo (2012)

Taboo (2012)
Oh som e freya
Complizen movie
Black shellac

Taboo Slow and mysterious at first, but it comes to light as we learn about the “Paradise Lost” part of the movie. Told in three parts, Miguel Gomez’s film explores the realization and loss of true love. Taboo is a moody aesthetic masterpiece that is unperturbed and hazy in its approach as it tells the intense love story between a woman, Aurora, and her adventurous lover, Ventura.

8 Blue Jay (2016)

Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass in Blue Jay

simple yet stylistic, Blue jay is a bittersweet reflection on the love and life shared by two high school lovers who meet each other after 20 years. High school sweethearts Amanda (Sarah Paulson) and Jim (Mark Duplass) reminisce about the good times and the bad while taking a walk down memory lane, while assessing the fabric of their current lives.

Directed by Alex Lehman (who also shot the film), Blue jay It’s a sad tale peppered with nostalgia, choppy visuals, and a tone tinged with maturity and melancholy.

7 Frances Ha (2012)

Frances Ha with Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig
IFC Films

Francis Ha is Noah Baumbach’s love letter to New York. Very reminiscent of Woody Allen’s style of filmmaking and the French New Wave movement, Francis Ha It is a feel-good movie that is sure to cheer you up on a rainy day. Great visuals aside, Baumbach’s film is a melting pot of cultural references that aren’t overly intellectual but are present in abundance.

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6 A girl walks home alone at night (2014)

A woman bites someone's finger in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Media deputy

The idea of ​​a vampire on a skateboard is more sinister than scary. But Ana Lily Amirpour’s film changes that perception and becomes a surprisingly enjoyable watch, mixing romance with horror. Elegant and surreal, raw and real, Amirpour’s film touches on the relevant mysteries of contemporary existence, walking between the lines of spaghetti western and bloody slasher.

5 Mank (2020)

Mank - Gary Oldman
Distributed by Netflix

with MankDavid Fincher wanted to capture the spirit of Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s with a particular focus on Citizen Kane, W Its screenwriter, Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman). Based on a screenplay written by his late father, Jack Fincher, Mank It is a noisy film that uses a dreamy monochrome palette to take us back in time. Fincher’s film is a fermented story helmed by an incredibly charming and suave old man who uses his wit and satire to navigate the underworld of Hollywood’s dark side.

4 The Lighthouse (2019)

A still from the movie The Lighthouse 2019
A 24

Robert Eggers’ film is a deep dive into the madness of the human mind. Fueled by alcohol and lack of company, two lighthouse workers are starting to go insane as they are stranded on a remote island during storm season. As the two men go about their movements, we witness the corrosion of their sanity along with the air curdled with sour moods and sharp tongues, mired in the highs and lows of alcohol-induced possibilities.

3 Torino Horse (2011)

Turin horse
TT Filmmhely

Turin horse is as raw a movie as it can always be. Bella Tarr’s final feature is an apt representation of the legendary director’s career, stripped of any sense of redemption and filled with aesthetics. Tarr’s film is minimal and measured in its approach, focusing more on observing the story than juggling the drama. Turin horse It has fewer shots (30, min.), accompanied by sparse dialogue, as it quietly observes the degradation of man into the oblivion of nothingness.

Turin horse is an existential drama that isn’t easy to watch, but offers valuable insights into humanity and the lengths it can go, too.

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2 Rome (2018)

Roma - Alfonso Cuaron

Rome It is almost like a painting carved out of memory by Alfonso Cuarón. A little story about his childhood told through breathtaking scenes Rome It’s like looking into the director’s past through a large black and white prism that acts as a teleportation device. Cuaron’s film perfectly depicts Mexico during the early 1970s, juxtaposing everyday monotony with extensive cinematography and a series of commendable performances.

1 Cold War (2018)

A snapshot of the Cold War

Set against the backdrop of World War II-torn Poland, cold War Explores the intense love story of upcoming singer Zola and music composer Wiktor. A classic story of inseparable love and eternal romance, cold War Perfectly captures the essence of romance, minus the cheesy bits.

Pawel Pawlikowski’s film is essential viewing for anyone and everyone who appreciates good world cinema, rich in gorgeous black-and-white cinematography and a plethora of cultural allusions.


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