One of the most famous voice actors is Tara Strong. Whether or not you realize you’ve heard her perform before, she’s given performances that have helped entertain and shape many childhoods over the years. Here we’ll take a look at the best performances by Tara Strong, and provide important information about the characters she played and the impact on the series those characters appeared in.

10 Pickled Dill – Rugrats

Paramount Pictures / Nickelodeon Movies

One of the most endearing roles Tara Strong played early in her career was that of Tommy Bickle’s baby brother, Dale. First introduced in Rugrats movie (1998), Dale won’t have as many spoken lines, though Tara still provides plenty of interaction despite her limited speech.

Dil would remain in the series for the rest of his life, maintaining as strong a voice as his voice even as the franchise transitioned They all grown up!giving Strong more dialogue to work with and adding more depth to Dale’s relationship with his older brother.

9 Sari Samdak – Transformers: Animation

Sari Sumdac using controls
Hasbro Entertainment

the transformers The franchise has seen many iterations in both television and film. in Transformers: animatedTara Strong provides various voices but is primarily known for voicing Sari Sumdak, the main humanoid character of the series. Sari will act as the group’s healer, using the AllSpark Key to help repair any wounds the Autobots have sustained.

Surrey also becomes a close friend of Bumblebee’s. As the two youngest members of the team, they often encourage each other to get into all kinds of mischief. Tara Strong also voices Slipstream, Daniel Witwicky, Strika, Red Alert, and Slo-Mo, among others.

8 Truffles – chowder

truffles with a mug;
Cartoon Network Studios

Truffles is the wife of Chef Maung Dal Ph Chowder He is often seen to intimidate anyone who crosses her path, including her husband and young protégé Chowder. While Strong is known for playing younger characters, Truffles allows her to show her range, often speaking in a gruff old tone.

Some of the show’s best solo performances come from Truffles, due to Strong’s excellent delivery of the tough insults Truffles uses. Although not a common occurrence, Truffles does have moments of vulnerability where she cares deeply for Chowder and her husband, allowing Strong to show more emotional depth in such a character.

7 Omi – Xaolin Showdown

Omi grabs Shin Gongwoo
Warner Bros. Animation

to Xaolin confrontationTara Strong will play Omi, a young monk who is tasked with teaching and learning from three new students while working with them to rescue the pieces of Shen Gong Wu from the clutches of Jack Spicer.

Strong is able to communicate that Omi is young and has a superiority complex, often trying to prove himself better than his fellow students. Over time, Umi learned to care for them as friends, often looking to them for comfort or guidance, even his rival Raimundo. Strong’s inflection and tone performance help viewers learn about Omi’s character growth.

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6 Batgirl – DC Superhero Girls

Batgirl is ready to hit someone
Warner Bros. Animation

Tara Strong has had several notable roles in the superhero genre (with one, in particular, earning a separate spot on this list), but one of her best performances is Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. First, take the turn in New Batman Adventures and reproduced several times, we are focusing on a more recent iteration in DC Superhero Girls.

This show is more focused on a younger female audience, so Tara Strong has a more prominent role than in previous projects. This version of Barbara has more focus on school, bonding with her friends, and stopping crime. Batgirl is often seen as the strategic leader of the group, though the show also respects every member of the team who plays an equal role. The show stands out because it not only gives Tara Strong the opportunity to play a well-known character, but also allows her to impart important lessons to young girls through her work.

5 Melody – The Little Mermaid II: Back to the Sea

Melody becomes a mermaid
Walt Disney Home Video

While it may be a straight video, Tara Strong can say she had the honor of performing alongside a Disney princess. As Ariel’s daughter, Melody is the next generation of The Little Mermaid, though due to a war with Morgana, Ariel chooses not to share Melody’s heritage with her.

As such, Melody spends the film discovering her identity, becoming a mermaid, and meeting all of the sea creatures. The naive girl will eventually fall for Morgana’s tricks and allow the sea witch to rule the ocean, though working alongside her family, she will ultimately save the ocean. Melody would then break down the barrier separating related people, allowing both sides of her heritage to co-exist.

4 Bubbles – The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls series
Cartoon Network

Another notable character for Tara Strong to take on, Bubbles, is the kind and light-hearted Sister The Powerpuff Girls series. Often referred to as the “crybaby” of the trio, Bubbles is underestimated by the enemies, though they usually realize their mistake when she proves to be as good a fighter as her sisters.

Bubbles has also been known to be the first to try to talk things out, a diplomatic approach that has proven to work sometimes, though not always workable. Strong’s work with Bubbles helped spotlight the Cartoon Network lineup in what was arguably its debut, with the series returning in 2016, albeit without the original voice cast. There were also plans for a live-action adaptation, though this was recently cancelled.

3 Timmy Turner – The Rather Odd Parents

Magic parents

From Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon, Tara Strong has voiced iconic characters on both channels, this time playing an unlucky 10-year-old boy who is given fairy godparents to help make his life better with wishes. Strong would work in this role for the next 16 years, helping to craft incredible stories about Timmy as he tries to make life better for himself and his loved ones, even though his desires usually have devastating consequences.

Tara Strong’s performance in this series adds to her resume and the argument that she was the voice of a generation, contributing to several performances that an entire generation associates with nostalgia for their own childhood.

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2 Ben Tennyson – Ben 10

Ben 10
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Speaking of 10-year-old boys with unusual gifts, we see a little boy who grabbed the Omnitrix on his wrist and used his abilities to transform into ten different aliens. Ben Tennyson will work alongside his grandfather and cousin, Gwen, to save the day on their wild ride across the country.

Whether he’s getting into arguments with his cousin or standing up for the innocent, Tara Strong gives Ben the voice of a naive yet enthusiastic young boy. This would fit the character and allow room for growth over the original series’ four seasons.

1 Raven – Teen Titans

Raven of the Teen Titans
Warner Bros.

Easily the best performance from Tara Strong, and also the most different from everything else on this list, is Raven from the Cartoon Network show that’s a huge hit with kids and adults alike, Teen Titans. The demon’s daughter, Raven, is often careless, constantly monitoring her emotions for fear of losing control of her magical powers.

Sometimes her teammate, Beast Boy, can get her angry, though she has shown that she cares deeply about her team and will go to great lengths to protect them, even if she feels she has to protect them from herself. Just like the rest of the main cast, Tara Strong will be asked to reprise their roles in the alternate universeTeen Titans Go!although many still say the original series is the better show.


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