A decision has been made about the future Superman and Lois And Gotham Knightsafter weeks of rumors and suspicions, fans can finally get some peace of mind when it comes to continuing Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s love story.

Unfortunately, the loyal army of followers of Gotham City’s heroes isn’t running as lucky, and only a few days later the lightThe DC house’s recent run has fallen into The CW’s black hole along with recently canceled shows like Walker: Independence.

Crisis hits hard at the network, but Man of Steel seems to have managed to survive albeit with a few cuts. Deadline reports that Superman and Lois It will see a fourth season, but it will only last 10 episodes. And that’s not all, there will also be a decrease in the number of cast members for upcoming episodes, although the main stars of the show will not be affected.

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All Americans: Homecoming Also revamped, joining the list with walker And All Americanswhich was part of the first wave of renovations that came a few weeks ago.

Gotham KnightsOn the other hand, it will not continue beyond its first season as expected, as it was launched amid chaos, and did not deliver strong numbers like Superman and Lois or any of the others.

Later this year, one of the network’s other great logos will also come to an end. RiverdaleWhich has become one of The CW’s most successful series, will end with its seventh season, which premieres in August.

So, after the end the lightmany cancellations and many other series endings, the CW is going to look very different in the near future.

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Tyler Hoechlin celebrates the idea of ​​a new Superman

Tyler Hoechlin’s future as Superman is closed for at least one more season, but the DC Cinematic Universe is getting a new Man of Steel very soon in Superman: Legacyand the first Teen Wolf The star couldn’t be happier with it.

At Superman Celebration (via Agrl4god80) the actor showed his support for the new actor taking on the role in the upcoming DCU movie, expressing genuine excitement:

“I’m sure whoever comes over [for Superman: Legacy]… It’s so funny, people quickly jump in to say “That’s not all, that’s not all!” When they get someone, but I would just cheer everyone on whoever else they end up with [cast as Superman] Give them a chance because I’m sure they will be awesome. I think anyone who does this has a huge love for him and really cares about the character, even me, who didn’t grow up with the character – you know what Superman means to people, and I think it’s just something you don’t mess around with unless you really care about him. I’m excited to see who the next person is.”

Hoechlin first appeared in Supergirl season 2, and came under fire when The CW picked him up for the part. Now, seven years later, the actor is receiving nothing but praise for his interpretation.


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