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The DC animated universe continues to expand with suicide squad isekai, a new series that brings together the group of villains from the comic book company. In 2016, David Ayer brought the Amanda Waller-created team to the big screen, and then current DC Studios CEO James Gunn is back to give them another explosive movie in 2021.

Now it’s Wit Studios’ turn to tell a new adventure for the popular characters, but in the best anime style. During Anime Expo 2023, Warner Bros. Japan and Wit unveiled the first trailer for ISEKAI Suicide SquadJapanese animated series:

Wit Studio has been recognized for working on productions such as spy x familyAnd Osama’s arrangementAnd Vinland Saga And in some acclaimed seasons The attack on the Giants (Shingeki no Kyojin). Isekai Suicide Squad It is directed by Eri Osada, with Akira Amano and Naoto Hosoda as character designers, from a screenplay by Tabei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara.

ISEKAI is actually the name of a genre popular in the anime world which means otherworldly, which means the character is transported to a different reality than the one in which their adventures generally take place. No plot details about the show have been revealed, though the trailer does feature popular characters like Harley Quinn, The Joker, and Amanda Waller.

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DC loves the anime style

Warner Bros. Animation

ISEKAI Suicide Squad It wouldn’t be the only project in the DC universe to transform popular characters from the franchise into the Japanese style. This week, the Man of Steel will also premiere an anime of its own titled My Adventures with Superman Adults can swim.

Series stars boysJack Quaid as Clark Kent, Alice Lee (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist(as Lois Lane and Ismail Saheed)Jury duty) as Jimmy Olsen. Here is the official summary:

In this serialized coming-of-age story, we follow Clark as he builds his secret Superman identity and embraces his role as the hero of Metropolis – and perhaps the world. Lois, now a star investigative journalist, takes aspiring photographer Jimmy Olsen under her wing. All the while, Clark and Lois fall in love, They share adventures, take down bad guys, stumble upon secrets, and discover what it’s like to be Superman and Lois Lane.”

But the history of DC and Japanese animation is more extensive than these two productions. Warner Bros. held Animation partners with different studios to bring animation style stories to the screen. One of the most recent was Batman NinjaIt is a 2018 film produced by Takashi Okazaki afro samurai as a character designer.

Gotham Knight, a collection of stories starring the Caped Crusader, was also produced by various Japanese companies: Studio 4°C, Madhouse, Bee Train and Production I.G. The story was conceived as part of the timeline of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, with its events taking place in between Batman begins And The Dark Knightalthough the plot is not necessarily related to films starring Christian Bale.


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