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Weird things It’s coming to a close with its fifth and final season, but there are still plenty of questions to answer about the origins of the Upside Down and especially about the story’s main villain, Vecna. And it seems that some of these answers will not be shown on the screen, but on the stage.

While Netflix is ​​currently working on the next installment of the show, though production is still on pause due to the writer’s strike, the world of… Weird things Ready to expand away from the streaming platform. On the other hand, fans will be able to learn more about Eddie Monson’s past in a novel written by one of the series’ creators, Caitlin Schneiderhan, titled Icarus escape. But he won’t be the only character telling more of his story.

Weird things He will take over the London Playhouse later this year with Stranger Things: First Shadowa play in the past, features the events leading up to the disappearance of Will Byers, the event that begins the main plot.

Netflix has released a trailer for Wednesday’s play, with expected ties to the series’ final season:

“#StrangerThingsOnStage will take you right back to the beginning of the Stranger Things story – and may be the key to what happens next…”

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What’s Stranger Things: First Shadow?


The trailer begins by showing the events of the fourth season of the series on an old TV screen like the one we’ve seen several times in the show. But then it goes back in time and takes viewers to Hawkins in 1959.

The play would focus on several characters, but one of them would be Henry Creel, who would eventually become Vicna, Jimmy Campbell Bauer’s character and the true villain of the story from the beginning, without even appearing.

Just as Season 4 took the time to show glimpses of Henry’s life and his transformation into Vecna, the play will introduce much of his past so fans can learn more about the great enemy that must be defeated in Part 5.

But Henry wouldn’t be the only well-known character to be a part of Stranger Things: First Shadow. Younger versions of Hopper and Joyce, as well as Sean Astin’s character Bob Newby, who died in the series’ second season, will also appear on stage.

In the final season of Weird things, the mighty pioneer group must find a way to permanently eliminate Vecna ​​and his army, now that the Upside Down has begun taking over Hawkins at the end of the previous installment. For this reason, clues about Henry’s past that the play can give away may prove very important in order to defeat him.

Stranger Things: First Shadow Directed by Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin, and a great team behind it, which includes the Duffer brothers, creators of the series, and Shawn Levy, one of the main producers.


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