Gal Gadot She has already played some tough female characters on screen and in stone heart She adds another action heroine to her list of impressive roles. Her role in Intelligence Rachel Stone is one that has already been compared to that of a “female James Bond,” but while there may be similarities between the two, Gadot doesn’t fit in with the Hollywood trend of taking on a man’s role and sex-swapping it. Because of this, she wanted to make sure that Rachel Stone was a character built on her “DNA.”

Speaking with Total Film ahead of the action movie’s release, Gadot talked about the way Hollywood constantly takes male movie characters and swaps them between genders without considering how the characters have to be different from just their gender. She said who stone heart:

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“I wanted to show a great story about a female character doing this in the action genre. Right? It’s thriving. But at the same time, how often do they change their gender? They take a story that’s about men and they change it into a woman, and then they fire it up? For me, that was very important.” It’s in my DNA to make Heart of Stone a little different, because men and women are different. They’re built differently, they function differently.”

Having spent so many years as Wonder Woman, it’s no surprise that the actress feels passionate about bringing strong female characters to life on screen in her own right. With so many films taking what many see as a lazy choice to mute the success of a male-led franchise but replace the lead or leads as females, Gadot’s perspective is one Hollywood should try to hear.

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Heart of Stone is inspired by male action heroes, but it stands on its own merits.

Despite her comments, Gadot is the first to admit that it was growing up with the likes of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt that made her want to do it. stone heart. However, she did not want to repeat one of their stories, instead wanting to turn it into a female perspective for a male-dominated series.

In throwing herself into the role, Gadot was more than happy to take on as many action sequences as she was allowed. one thing stone heart Trying to do this is to ensure that the big stunts are also established in the sense that there is a “science” behind the possibility of them being achieved by someone and it is not entirely unreasonable. Of a scene atop an exploding balloon, Gadot said:

“It was a much crazier scene, at a higher altitude, and we scienceed it and wrote it down so a human could do it. That was something I really wanted to make sure of. It can be done by people. What I can do as an actor, I’m always going to work towards and.” .. I fight with intention and really do it. Crazy, crazy stuff, I can’t, they won’t let me!”

stone heart It will be released by Netflix on August 11th.


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