Stephen Knight has big plans for Poor disguise The film, with the creator and writer declaring that the scope and action of the feature film may end up giving James Bond “Running for his money.” Speaking with The Mirror, Knight revealed that the change in budget from TV to movies would allow for Poor disguise To reach unprecedented cinematic heights, and even compete with 007 himself.

“The biggest difference between a movie and a TV series is the budget. When you do things for TV, you often have to ask people to fantasize about it. But with film, you can really do that. You can blow things up. Will Tommy give James Bond a run for his money? Maybe.” There are similarities. We’ve always thought Peaky was very cinematic, so we’ve finally found a screen big enough for what we want to do.”

debuted in 2013, Poor disguise Follows Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the dangerous leader of the Peaky Blinders, a criminal gang based in Birmingham in 1919. Covering all manner of crime, betrayal, violence and political schemes, Poor disguise The series came to a close last year, ending with Tommy riding, possibly to a new life, with the world believing he was dead.

the so-called Poor disguise The film has been in the works for some time, with Knight revealing back in 2020 that a feature film will replace the seventh season. While there is still no set production date for the Poor disguise Knight has stated that he expects audiences to see it sometime in 2024.

Poor disguise Lead Cillian Murphy was a frequent favorite for a role James Bondbut it looks like he won’t need this iconic franchise to reach the same explosive heights as 007. Instead, he’ll do it without a license to kill like Thomas Shelby.

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The Peaky Blinders universe will expand beyond the movie


Stephen Knight has ideas for a scientist Poor disguise Go beyond just a movie. The creator recently teased plans for spin-offs and other upcoming projects saying, “We could never have guessed how influential this series about Birmingham gangsters in the 20s and 30s will be. Some things seem to have momentum and luck, they stick, and everyone who works on them feels So. What will come after? It will be announced. But it is not the end.”

This is not the first time he has hinted at an expansion Poor disguise franchise, he revealed last year that he’s already in talks with actors to take part in various projects. “There’s a lot of people, a lot of great actors, and we’re already, kind of, in conversation with the movie, and whatever comes next. But I think what we want to do is continue to surprise people, keep breaking out new talent. Because everything is out there, And there’s a kind of consistency — what we do is find really good actors who are kind of working class, and tell that story. That’s what we try to do.”

So, expect it to be Poor disguise Hopefully it will debut sometime in 2024.


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